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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Making the Cut.......Not So Much

Happy Saturday, Lovelies! Time to do a lot of this:
Acting like a kitty! Haha. Relaxing and taking it easy is what I'm trying to say.

I wanted to take this post to talk about a few subs that, well, I decided to axe. Also, my bank account came crying to me. So I got to ease up a little.
 So here we go! (I have different James Bond Theme songs playing in the background! so imagine how dramatic this feels, lol)

#1: Lip Factory inc.

The idea intrigued me. For every month at $22USD, they send you a beauty kit tailored specifically for you. They do this via a quiz. The beauty consists of samples to create one look in which they send you, complete with instructions and pictures. What's also cool is that they also have a YouTube channel in which they have tutorial videos. Sounds cool, right? Here's my October kit:

Not a bad looking box right? I received lip gloss samples, eyeshadow samples. I did receive a full sized eye liner and a kabuki brush. This box just didn't wow me for $22. I know this is one of their first boxes and they may get better in the future. So I will put this on the backburner for now. You can check them out here.

#2: gfreely

gfreely is a box that arrives monthly to your door containing gluten-free snacks and food products. The service is $19 + $5.95 for shipping. I was intrigued. I also had a coupon to receive half off my first box so I thought I'd give it a try. This was their October box. It arrived fairly quickly.

I did actually end up eating most of these treats and they were delicious. I don't have a problem eating gluten. So really, this wasn't essential to me. It got cut. You can check them out here.

#3: PumpUps

I'm not really sure what I was thinking when I signed up for this. Its a nutritional supplement box. It's for the gym/marathon crowd. I do neither of those things but for $10 I was curious. The price has since gone up to $20 on their website. And the box does look like it will contain more items.
 I actually did cancel before my first pack came in. The pack came in a regular bubble mailer. And it was a bunch of one time use samples. I got protein mix drinks and some supplement capsules. Interesting, but again, not something I would need on a monthly basis. But of course, Exercise would do some good :)

#4: Pairings Box from the Turntable Kitchen

Now this box sounds intriguing, but I immediately was disenchanted when I got mine. The deal: for $27USD, they send you a box with a vinyl record, a code to download a playlist on their website, a whole bunch of new recipes to try, a hard to find ingredient, and a few extras. I thought it might be something new to try. I really enjoyed the playlist. I don't have a record player, soooo......? The ingredient I got was a packet of capers in sea salt. I did get new recipes and a lot of them look tasty to try. The extras: I got two chocolate squares and a recipe to make hot cocoa. I was kinda hoping for something more, like maybe another ingredient. The idea is very cool, but not everyone I guess. Axe.

Breaking up is hard enough. Lovelies, have you let any subs go? 


  1. The only box I have heard of is the lip factory one and I have only gotten Oct and Nov boxes and so far I really like it and like you my ban account is crying so I have to start cutting back on something or somethings.

  2. ooooh interesting post - like Cindy, i've only heard of Lip Factory and even with that one, i've heard very very little about it. the idea behind it is definitely interesting though.
    are there more to be axed?

    1. Glossybox is on the chopping block now. And Julep Might be too.

  3. Turntable Kitchen sounds very interesting...a vinyl record?? For the price I would have given it the axe too!


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