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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Nom Noms This Way: Foodie

Hello to you Lovelies! Doesn't Mick look ready for a fancy dinner? I'm not a huge foodie but I do love some variety. In my subscription box searches, I came upon this pretty cool site Its kinda like an online Marketplace where Canadian artisan food makers can advertise and sell their products. And It has just about everything you can imagine: homemade candy, sauces, organic mushrooms, spice blends, and on and on. And yes, they came out with a subscription box! Their main subscription is entitled the Chef's Box. Each month, a guest Chef curates the box and includes a handful of recipes to try. The box will have full sized products. It costs about $50-$60 plus shipping to get one and its not recurring so you don't have to buy every month. Aside from that, they also have Foodie Boxes every once in awhile. These can range in price. For the Holidays I picked up the gluten-free Holiday Brunch Box.

This was the accompanying note. It tells you what the products are, who made them, ideas, and where to get them. You can get them right on the Foodie Pages website too.

Left to right:
1) Amaretti Cookies, Gluten Free by Dolci: These go really good with coffee.
2) Prairie Cherry Organic Topping: I used this on cheesecake and it was a hit with everyone.
3) Full of Beans Gluten-Free Pancake mix: as you can guess from the title, they use whole bean flour instead of regular flour.
4) Vanilla Apple Butter from au couer de la pomme: This was actually kinda like an apple sauce. It was great on toast and will probably be good for baking or desserts.
5) Prairie Cherry Splash Organic Juice Drink: This was so delicious! Real cherry juice!

At the bottom there is Pulses and the Gluten-Free Diet Recipe book. 

The Foodie/Chef box is great when you are looking for some new recipes but I'm not an aspiring chef so I wouldn't get this every month. 

Go check out Foodie Pages and see what's available around your area or on the other coast. You'll never know what food adventures you may have! :)


  1. mick is so cute!

    i nominated you for the versatile blogger award :)

  2. Good post, never seen anything like this before but it was very interesting! Lovely blog too, deffo liking it :)


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