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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April 2013 StarBox and Beauty Box 5

 Happy Tuesday Lovelies! I decided to combine these posts since they tend to arrive at around the same time and they definitely give me the best bang for my buck so far.
For $22/month for international members, StarBox sends you 3-4 full-sized items from their very own line StarLooks. The quality of makeup is quite high.
April looked to be a neutral month from the lookbook sneak peeks. I was so good this time and did not look at any spoilers. So this StarBox was a super surprise for me :)

First at the top there is the Sensation Mascara Primer: Kick a$$! I have been wanting a mascara primer for some time now and voila! You can also apply it before bed. It goes on clear.

Translucent/Nude Mineralized Powder: Now I was a little scard at first because the shade is soo light! But I did a swatch on my hand and it seemed to blend seamlessly. It is appropriate for every skin tone and creates a mattifying, velvety finish.

Tendergloss in Polish: the tenderglosses are one of my favourite products from StarLooks because they combine gloss and lipstick into one product. The reulst is a smooth and colourful pair of lips. Polish is a darker nude colour with shimmer.

StarLooks Mint SPF Lip Balm: with summer coming up, you can never wear too much SPF. You have skin on your lips too.

I'm happy with Starbox and definitely sticking with them. If you'd like to subscribe or take a gander at some of their other lovely products, check them out here

Beauty Box 5 flies under the radar. I do believe that its one of the best subscriptions out there. They promise five samples, no less. Given that premise, I am always delightfully surprised when I receive full sized items. (see the Christmas BB5 here which was all full sized products!)

From Left to right:

Minxxette Brush Hanger: It looks pretty useful for hanging up a brush to dry.

La Fresh Instant Body Smoother: Now I don't know about you, but I am flooded by La Fresh Samples. Sure, they are ok, but a wipe for smoothing your skin? Isn't that what lotion or body butter is for?

Brazen Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Birthday Suit: This actually will go nicely with my other Brazen eyeshadow Suburbia.

Jean Pierre Cosmetics Oil Absorbing Tissue: Going straight into the purse. These are always handy and a welcomed sight.

Model Co Illusion Lip Pencil: Helps make the perfect silouette or pouty lip. Its a nude which will blend nicely with lip colours. 

This has to be the worst swatch picture of all time, but in the middle of my hand there is the lip pencil and beneath that is a swatch of Birthday Suit. 

BB5 has had a good year. Here's to keepin' it comin'! You can subscribe to BB5 here. The cost is $12/month but if you sub for a year, it works out to about $8/ month. 

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Nom Noms This Way: Bestowed March and April 2013

Hi Lovelies! I know you've been missing the Nom Noms. So here I bring you a double helping of Bestowed! Here are my March and April boxes.

Top Left to right:

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts: hemp seeds for munchies (hehe) I was pleasantly surprised by these seeds. You definitely can't eat just one handful! They are also packed with vitamins, minerals, and omegas. So I really don't feel bad about eating 5 handfuls.

Happy Family Happy Squeeze Smoothies: I've received a few of these and to be honest. I don't think they are all great. They aren't bad. But I definitely would choose a piece of fruit over these. 

Nature's Earthly Choice- Easy Quinoa Lentil Soup Mix: I'll have to make this one night :)

Artisana Coconut Butter: made from the flesh of the coconut and a source of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. This can also be used to whip up a pina colada!

Nature's Bakery Fig Bars: These reminded me of Fig Newtons....a lot. And I remembered how much I liked them as a kid.

Oloves Hot Chili Mama Olives: I was a little hesitant to try these as I am not a huge spicy and hot fan. So I braced myself and had a glass of water handy. They were so delicious, I almost ate the whole bag!

Left to Right

Cocomama Quinoa Cereal: This has more of an oatmeal texture to it.

BobbySue's Nuts: These were delicious nuts coated in a speical blend of seasonings. I wish I had 2 bags!

Balance Bar in Dark Chocolate Coconut: This tasted just like a candy bar. I definitely eat one of these over a Mars bar.

Flapjacked Protein Pancake Mix : the name alone is just worth it, hehe

ips Egg White Chips: not only great but fluffy and crunchy and packed with protein.

I have lots of eating to do, haha. Bestowed link can be found under the Great Canadian Subscription Box List. Happy Caturday, Lovelies!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Anti-Glymm Box Box from Nail Polish Canada

Hello, Lovelies! I received a delightful piece of news in my inbox and I had to share it with you right away! As we all know, Glymm shut down and sucked everyone's money down with them. Very uncool. I have been seeing if I could get my money back but that seems unlikely at this point. The fine folks at Nail Polish Canada wanted to give back to the Beauty community and put together the Anti-Glymm Box box. Check it out here!
All you have to do is email the address they provide with proof that you were a subscriber of Glymm during the last four months and they will send you a code for a free box worth $25 in product. All you have to do is pay the $3 to ship. But while there, you can pick a few things too and your order could ship for free. Free shipping is available to orders over $25. 
Thank you Nail Polish Canada! 

TreatBox Giveaway Reminder!

The Onyx & Mick TreatBox Giveaway ends in 10 days, Lovelies! Get your entries in!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Fancy Rant

I need to rant for a minute.I'm a Canadian Fancy customer.
I loved my Coco Rocha Box. And was thrilled that there would be no extra charges in duties and such. They have it set up with FedEx that we pay the additional $17 in shipping and fees upfront with our subscription and we will not be charged any duties thereafter. I was promised that in an email response when I sent them a message voicing my concerns.
And then low and behold, I receive an invoice from Fed-Ex charging me $16.45 in extra fees. What?
I thought there must be some misunderstanding and I'll contact Fancy to get them to void the invoice for me.

My first email:
I received an invoice from FedEx stating I owe a balance of $16.45 in taxes and fees. I thought Fancy had already dealt with all this as one of the main reasons I subscribed was because the duties have already been paid with my subscription. So why am I receiving this? I am not happy about this at all. I have already been charged for my next month, so should I expect another $16.45 in fees on top of the $56 I am already paying?! I have not paid the invoice yet as I wanted to contact Fancy first to get to the bottom of this. Please let me know what is going on. If this keeps happening, I will have to cancel my subscription. Thank you
Fancy's first response:
Thanks for contacting us.  I apologize that you were charged additional customs duties.  This was a mistake made by FedEx that we have rectified for all future purchases.  The customs charges should have been charged to us and not you.  If you would please provide us for an invoice we would be happy to refund you for those charges.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
If you would still like to cancel your subscription, please confirm so I can proceed with the cancellation.  However, please note that you will not be paying these additional charges this month or in any future months.
Thank you for using Fancy, please let us know if you have questions.

Me, a little ticked of at this point:
I can get you a scanned copy of the invoice today.
 I think you misunderstood me. I received the invoice but I have not paid it. Are you asking me to pay the charges again?? I did this for my first box and it was highly inconvenient for me. Can you not fix this on your end? I do not wish to drive all the way out to my local FedEx office to pay charges I should not have been charged in the first place. It makes me very angry that you would even suggest that I do this AGAIN. So as your customer I'm asking to find some solution on your end and resolve this with FedEx. 
 I do not wish to cancel my subscription (and I know very well how to do that in my account) nor did I say I wanted to. I simply stated that I would if I continued to get charged extra fees. 


We are incredibly sorry about this situation.  Please send us the invoice and pay the charge, we will then refund you for this.  Again we are incredibly sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Me: really angry now
I still do not understand why you cannot dispute this with FedEx on my behalf since I am a paying customer of yours and it is your company that has a deal with FedEx. To have to go through all the charges and refunds is frustrating and a pain. And the exchange from US to Canadian dollars has to be considered. So in reality, I wouldn't be getting my refund in full at all. I am still extremely angry about this as this is very inconvenient for me. I was promised that this would not happen to me again and it has and I feel your customer service is just giving me the run around. It does not help me at all to have to keep doing all the running around on my end while you seemingly are doing nothing. FIX THIS.
We are very sorry about this situation and yes it is an unfortunate incident and we feel terrible about this situation.  We are only able to refund you for the invoice once you send it to us.  Again I am very sorry about this and this is a situation that we are trying to solve.

Again no answer.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused and we have refunded you for the invoice.  Unfortunately the only we can refund for these charges is by providing us with the invoice.  Please allow 3-5 days for the refund to go back onto your credit card.  We thank you again for using Fancy.

Thank you for refunding me. I was really hoping that you would be able to just communicate with FedEx and have the invoice cancelled or voided so I do not have to physically go and pay the extra charges. NO one has explained to me why this was not possible, only that you needed the invoice to refund me. I don't care about that. I wanted to know why you could not talk to FedEx. I am STILL getting the run around with vague answers and empty apologizes. I'm extremely disappointed in your customer service (more like lack there of) and will be writing a post telling all my blog readers and forum members to be aware of the extra charges and as well as the crappy customer service. I should not have to have written this many emails to have one simple question answered: why could you not communicate with FedEx directly to have the invoice nulled?
I want an answer or the email of someone who will answer me.

Fancy: We are very sorry about the inconvenience caused.  Unfortunately we handling refunding for customs by having you pay the fee and we refund you for the charges.  I am very sorry again for the inconvenience caused by this and this might be something we will change in the future.  FedEx should not be charging you customs fees and again I am incredibly sorry about this.
Ugh, well, it sort of an answer.....

grrrrrr! Am I on crazy pills or should I be mad? They also don't bother spell checking. I had to read the last one twice to understand it. What should I do next?

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bonjour Jolie: A New Time of the Month Subscription Service

Hello Lovelies! How is your Tuesday going? Mick is doing his best impression of me crawling out of bed during the work week. I have to hand it to him, it's pretty accurate!

I just wanted to write a post to alert you about a new Time of the Month Subscription and, yes, they ship to Canada! Now I know a lot of us could use a whole week at the spa to get us through. But having a little package show up that is both fun and functional may bring a small to your face. 

The company is called Bonjour Jolie. The cost is $16 + $10 shipping /month.
You can choose your own combination of feminine hygiene products (up to 30 items) and they will include it with pamper products, such as chocolate, specialty teas, and bath products. You can choose when you want your box to arrive as well. I will definitely be checking out Bonjour Jolie in the next few months. Check them out! 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Fortune Cookie SoapBox Spring 2013

The Spring Fortune Cookie Soap Box came as a pleasant surprise. I almost forgot it was coming. Which I know sounds like I don't care, but really it makes it so much more exciting. I can describe the feeling akin to finding an extra $20 in your wallet you didn't even know you had. :)

We'll do top to bottom, left to right:
Kiss My Vine Bath Salts: Strawberries and champagne. Mine came open and got all over everything. It wasn't a big deal, it smelled great! 

Late Bloomer FCS: A scent of Polynesian hibiscus, ripe berries, white amber, and vanilla. A very fresh scent. I'm a little sad that I've almost used it all up.

The Birds and the Bees Bath Fizzy: sweet and fruity with a honey powder.

Honey-Dew Me Whipped Cream: Sweet honey dew, cantaloupe, watermelon, apple and vanilla bean. This is a quite striking neon green colour. But it smells amazing! The formula blends quickly so you are not neon green but melon fresh :)

Dirty Hoe OCD Hand Sanitizer: Freshly dug earth and dewy grass. It smelled a little more like laundry detergent to me. This was also a great conversation piece at dinner. Anyone need some Dirty Hoe? haha (I am so immature sometimes)

I Wet My Plants Spray Lotion: Melon, jasmine, and baby powder. I liked the scent but it took too long to absorb into my skin. It was really watery too.

A Nod to the Hippies Shimmer Stick: Patchouli, amber, and vanilla. This stick gives you a little highlight and some sweet scent where you need it.

Down to Earth Tea Light Candle: Their very first candle! Lavender and basil.

My downright favourite part of FCS is the fortunes you get in them. Here's mine:

'Freedom of speech is wonderful- right up there with the freedom not to listen.'I think I almost busted a gut laughing because its one of the principle I live on. 

The next box comes for the summer and you can bet FCS is already hard at work with their beach scents. How did you like your Spring Box? Will you be signing up for summer? You can subscribe to The Soap Box here.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Caturday Musings: Boxsome Nostalgia Packs

 Happy Caturday, Lovelies! Today I bring you a cool little monthly gift to indulge your inner dork. Your young little dork :) I find that as I'm getting older, I miss all the things from when I was younger. Like my grandma's Filipino cooking, collecting cards, Care Bears, etc. So everytime I see something that brings me back, I am tempted to just grab it. On top of being a nerd, I'm also a dork. I love my Star Wars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So when I came across Boxsome, I had to get one! Boxsome has Nostalgia Packs that they sell for $7.50 + shipping. Shipping for me was $3.50. This is a non-sub service so if you need to treat your inner dork to a surprise, this is perfect! The deal is you pick two Wax Packs, which are a pack of collectible movie cards. They pack your Nostalgia pack and include some fun surprises. So I decided to throw it back to the early 90's and get the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Special 3-pack. 

Here they are! I actually had all these movies on VHS and then bought the DVDs when they came out. My favorite is the third one where the Turtles travel back to feudal Japan. Do you remember these? Which one was your favourite? Cowabunga dudes!

And now all the surprises! Yes those are pogs there in the middle! And its funny, I think these are all from pog collections I collected. There is also an assortment of stickers from movies I watched when I was a kid.

Nintendo Stickers! :O Mario, Donkey Kong! Another TMNT collecting card and a Star Wars card, Return of the Jedi. I also received a Batman card.

This is a perfect little gift for your inner dork or your friend's inner dork, hehe. Check out the other wax packs at Boxsome.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sweet and Lovely SeasonsBox April 2013

Hello Lovelies! Today I bring you the April 2013 SeasonsBox! SeasonsBox is a monthly subscription in which you receive 3-5 full sized products that coincide with the seasons. The cost is $34.95/month. The box can also be purchased one at a time with no commitment. You can also sign up for the monthly subscription and skip months. To sign up or for more info, check them out here.

This Seasonsbox contains items that help you get into the spring mood with all things sweet and lovely.

From left to right:

Honibe Honey Drops: These little guys are dried honey drops. Perfect for those who love honey in their tea when its not around. 

Crawford Street Skin Care Lemon Deodorant cream: It contains over ten essential oils to help deordorize, are antibacterial and anti fungal. Just a dime sized drop for each under arm will do ya. I'm excited to try this as I have moved away from drugstore deodorants. This also from a Canadian company!

Ecotools Foam Applicator : This reminds me of having a mini Beautyblender on a stick. I'm gonna have to look up how to apply makeup with this little guy. The handle is made of bamboo and the ferrule is made from recycled aluminum. Truly an ecofriendly company.

Connected in Hope Shiromeda Spring Scarf: Its a beautiful handwoven scarf. There is even a tag that lets me know exactly who made my scarf (see pic below)! Connected in Hope is a non-profit organization that strives to empower women in Ethiopia to rise above poverty through sustainable development. 

A sweet and lovely SeasonsBox indeed! A cozy scarf too! This Canadian run subscription box is definitely a winner! What do you think of your SeasonsBox? Thinking about purchasing or subscribing? SeasonsBox 

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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Late to the Game: The Natural Beauty Box March 2013

The March Natural Beauty Box arrived April 11th.....what's wrong with this sentence? Let me show you the box before I go into a mini rant. It is a good box too.

At the top there is Pure Anada's All Natural Lip Balm in Cocoa Mint. I can never have enough lip balms as half always go missing, hehe!

Pure Anada Loose Eyeshadow in Petal: Which is a pink. I have a picture below.

Temptations Bath N' Body Queen Oompabulous Pot of Chroma in Treasure Island. (pic below) I think this is meant as a multi purpose make-up. It can be used as an eye shadow, liner, blush, bronzer, lip colour, etc. I have a pic of a swatch below (unblended) I found the formula quite oily, not something I would want on my eyes :P. I would use this as a fun highlighter though.

Natural Luxury Frangipani Extra Moisturizing Facial Exfoliant. Umm does anyone know what a frangipani is?

From left to right:

Tommy Bahamas Bath Salt: This reminds me of something you'd find at your resort hotel room.

Tommy Bahamas Exotic Coral Bath Gel

Judith Jackson Citresse Care Conditioner and Shampoo: A new brand I've never heard of before.

Judith Jackson Tenderly Hand & Body Lotion

At the bottom is Dr. M Emerald Super Hydrating Anti-Inflammatory "Mountain Edelwiess' Under Eye Gel (The Sound of Music reference!)

So all in all, a good bag. Now onto the ranting!
The March box was late. And there was no email or communication on TNBB's part. I got frustrated and posted a tiny rant on their FB page. I left out the choice cuss words. I think they are pretty slow on the uptake after the January fiasco. To paraphrase, I wrote: " For F sakes, send something out. A message, an email, I don't care! Just something!" One of the best ways to piss off your remaining customer base is to not communicate with them. I threw my support behind them during the whole holiday mess and to have this happen. Well, darn it, I'm as mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it any more!!!!! LOL
All joking aside, they need to take a serious step in the PR direction. Hire a professional. Communication! 

I will not be renewing my year's subscription as the price is far too much for the quality of service they are providing. I will be staying on until the end of my sub and then that's it. Unless they do a complete 180 and its awesome again, I'll think about resubbing. So Natural Beauty Box, smarten up! A lot of us are still cheering for you! Don't prove us wrong!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Pretty in Pink: Ipsy April 2013

Happy Friday, Lovelies! I must give kudos to Ipsy. I think I have liked, if not loved, every bag I've been getting since signing up back in November. They have partnered with great brands to bring their members something new to try. And this month's bag is no exception. The theme this month is 'Pretty in Pink'. Which is kinda ironic since the bag is just white on the outside. The inside has more of the signature ipsy pink though.

sexy hair soy renewal hair treatment: I've never heard of soy being used as a hair treatment before. This should be interesting......

Station Nail Lacquer in Of Corset I'll Call You

Mica Cosmetics Shimmer Powder in Earth (a bigger pic below) Its a coppery pink kind of colour.

Be a Bombshell Blush in Beach Please (a bigger pic below): When I saw the sneak peek for this, I secretly wished to get it. Its so not in my comfort zone for blush yet I really wanted to see how hot of a pink I could go. Saying that I guess I'll have to post a picture of me in it!

Another homerun for Ipsy! What do you think of Ipsy? Will you be subbing?

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

TopBox April 2013

I must give kudos where it is due. And TopBox always delivers the goods! Today I received both TopBox and ipsy goodie packages in the mail. I'm a lucky girl today! I'll write about my ipsy bag in another post.

Elizabeth Arden Prive TopBox April 2013

This month's Prive Box choices were also pretty good. I chose Elizabeth Arden First and Aveda second. So I was pretty excited to see the Elizabeth Arden Door staring back at me when I opened the packaging. 

At the top left to right

Flawless Finish Sponge-On Cream Make-up in Toasty Beige: it even came with a little sponge! 

Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing Mascara

All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover: This actually a two phase solution. I shook it up before I took the pic. That's why it looks like a snow globe :)

Prevage Anti-Aging + Intensive Repair Daily Serum : I've been learning more and more about how important serum can be, now I use one everyday.

A hit with me! Hurray! I am so happy and grateful to be a TopBox member as I've had nothing but wonderful service from them! Which TopBox did you get? How do you like it?

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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

While you were Out: Beautylishious Bag April 2013

 Onyx decided to overlook my unboxing today! I am always excited to see my Beautylishious Bag in my mailbox. Beautylishious Bag comes all the way from England and is made with love by Hariette. I always feel like I have a friend overseas :) They alwasy include 4-5 trial and full sized products. I love it because I get to see and try a lot of brands that aren't available in Canada!

Let's go from left to right

Sweet Orange and Frangipani Body Polish by concious skincare. This is a trial size tin and I'm excited to try it out. It smells divine!

Beautiful Moments Finishing Powder: This actually was an item from last month. Mine had arrived damaged by some oil. I emailed Hariette about it and she said she was going to send me another one. I can't say enough about her customer service. Its simply the best! Thank you again, Hariette!

Bath Oils from Lola's Apothecary in Rose & Geranium and Eucalytus & Mint. These little guys are beautiful as they are fragrant.

Samples of Australian Bush Flower hand cream and face wash serum. These samples are from Australia.

Neutorgena Multi-Defence daily moisturizer, a full size! Protects not just from sun, but wind, heat, cold, and pollution.

Another great bag! And another company that does service right! Please check out their website here.

Can't wait for May Already! Will you be signing up for Beautylishious Bag this year?

Also, my Canadian Lovelies, don't forget to enter my Canada only giveaway!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Caturday Musings: March StarBox and Beauty Box 5

Happy Caturday, Lovelies! This Caturday, I'd like to share with you my StarBox  and BB5 from March. Both come from the Southern States so it takes a bit to get to me. And it is super hard not to look at spoilers!

March StarLooks StarBox

 For $15 +$7 shipping, StarLooks sends members 3-4 full sized makeup products from their own line. The quality of the makeup is actually quite good. I"m a big fan :) So what did we receive?

Disarray eye shadow: its a navy shade and looks lovely as a neutral.

Vanilla Lip Sugar scrub: a new product they are featuring this month. I do like my sugar scrubs, and thank goodness they are made with suger. I alwasy end up swallowing a little, haha!

Flutter Lipstick: Now I noticed, like a lot of other bloggers, that this looked very similar to Citron, which they sent out in June or July of last year. Its actually more of a rusty colour.

Lengthening Mascara: This is the first time StarLooks has sent a mascara out so I'm excited to try it out!

Another great StarBox. I think my opinion is a little biased because I love getting makeup! StarBox is also helping expand my makeup boundries. I find myself trying new looks I'd never think of doing.

March Beauty Box 5

I love BB5. They just promise 5 samples. And you are always pleasantly surprised by its contents. I am at least. 

Tree Hut Moisturizing Lotion in Tropical Mango

H2O Plus Eye-Lift Concentrate

H2O Plus Spa Sea Salt Body Wash

La Fresh Nail Remover Wipes

Brazen Cosmetics Eye shadow in Suburbia

Not too many cosmetics this month but hey, I'm aswim in samples as it is. So a few more brands new to me. hehe, I love it!

Enjoy your Caturday Lovelies! 
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Friday, 5 April 2013

Friday Giveaway! (Closed) O&M TreatBox

Happy Friday, Lovelies! And what better way to kick off a weekend then with a giveaway! A giveaway to celebrate Onyx & Mick's new Facebook page and how much I appreciate my Canadian readers. Don't worry my international readers, I will have a giveaway for everyone soon! Since I love subscription boxes so much, I've decided to create the Onyx&Mick TreatBox. Every so often I will hold giveaways of the TreatBoxes for my readers and this first round is for my fellow Canadians!
So what is a TreatBox? As the name suggests, its a little treat just for you. It contains items that were chosen to make you smile and hopefully make you feel special, pampered, and appreciated. Its my thank you in box form! And I have three TreatBoxes to give to 3 Lovelies!

TreatBox #1

-A packet of herbal Harmony Tea
-Wine Delights Bath Salts in Beer, Champagne, and Cabernet Sauvignon
-Satsuma Shower Gel from The Body Shop
-Cabernet Fortune Cookie Soap
-Coastal Scents Go Palette 'Beijing'

 TreatBox #2

-A Packet of Wind herbal Tea
-eclos Anti-Aging Regenerative Cream
-Ring Around the Rosie Fortune Cookie Soap
-Midnight Tuberose Bath Bomb in a Jar by Bubble Babez
-Coastal Scents Go Palette 'Moscow

TreatBox #3

-A packet of Peppermint herbal tea
-Eucalyptus & Spearmint Bath Bomb in a Jar by Bubble Babez
-The Great Grape Fortune Cookie Soap
-Sparkling Bath Tablet in Vanilla-Bergamot
-Coastal Scents Go Palette 'Nuuk'

Let's keep it simple Lovelies. Just follow the rules to a tee to get your entries.  This is giveaway Canada only. Any invalid entries will be disqualified. 

Thank you Lovelies!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Coco Rocha Fancy Box: First Box

Fancy Boxes didn't exactly strike my fancy the first time around. If you remember as I do, I ordered the first ever Fancy Box and was pretty disappointed. It was an assortment of products that didn't really strike me in any way. They made good gifts though. I knew I was waiting for Fancy to come out with something else. Then the curators started lining up! Ashton Kutcher, Pink, Verbal (a DJ I think?) and then the one that I was waiting for came: Coco Rocha! I'm a fan of hers. I think its cool she's a Canadian and a modeling force to be reckoned with. She's been on numerous mag covers and designer runways. And now she's a Fancy Box Curator! I jumped at the chance of signing up! I waited for Fancy to put out a coupon code for a decent discount on the Fancy subscriptions and one came out for $25 off your first box. I jumped on it. They sent out an email saying that the box was shipping late. And it arrived almost out of the blue today!

The box came with its own trading cards! Just kidding. That's what they remind me of. They are the product cards. Kinda cute, eh?

 From left to right:

American Apparel Opaque Over The Knee Socks: I think these would be cute with a skirt or for the days I don't shave my legs!

The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior: I saw this on Fancy and wondered what it was and how a great read it might be. Now I don't have to wonder! Its got just about every fashion related word in it right down to even colours, plus some of Dior's personal thoughts and experiences.

China Glaze Nail Polishes in Sun Worshipper and Concrete Catwalk: Hurray! China Glaze is always a welcomed sight.

Cool Jewels Ice Cube Tray: Really cute. Now my drinks can be blingy? Hehe

Spike Chain Bracelet: I don't own anything like this but I have a great leather cuff that this will go great with.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

Overall, I really liked this box. I am super excited for the next one.  The cost is going to be $56/month. Pretty steep but I think I will enjoy getting this Fancy Box! Check out The Fancy here.

And a shameless plug: Beautiful Onyx & Mick now has a FB Page! Please visit and like! And I will be doing a special Canada only giveaway to celebrate with all my Canadian Lovelies. Stay tuned!