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Friday, 26 October 2012

Kitty Take Over Post!

Hello! My name is Mick and while my human mommy,Gen, is making dinner, I decided to takeover her blog for a post! So what does a single, male 6 year old cat have to say?

I know my human has a lot of boxes delivered to our house. I know because if they are sitting on the porch, I have to sniff them. And just my luck, she never gets tuna :( When she opens them, I am usually around, sniffing, pawing. I don't really like the lipglosses or lotions. I'm really into the ribbons and wrapping paper! I love chasing them around the room and playing. I can kick around the occasional packing peanut. I also really like the boxes. I like seeing if I can fit into them. Sometimes if they are big enough, I'll take a nap in there.

See this laundry basket? I fit in it so I fell asleep. All of my humans' clothes are fun to sleep on, especially when they are not home. ;)
Speaking of which, I can hear her in the kitchen, dinner is almost ready. I still have to go take my pre-dinner nap too (on mommy's sweatshirt). So g'night for now. Mick is out!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tickled Pink: Glymm Bag October 2012

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Glymm has release a special edition October Bag. They have included a pink ribbon in the bag. Glymm has also brought back the product card and it is printed on environmentally friendly paper. The bag was actually quite heavy when I first picked it up. 

Starting at the back, left:
1)Lightening Lash Mascara from Femme Couture
2) Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme: This daily maintenance hydration creme softens like no other and banishes dry hair while adding a plump sheen. I do actually want to try this But the instructions say to air dry, which I don't really have time for.......
3)Lash Card : Basically a shielding tool for your skin while you apply mascara. This is just a piece of cardboard isn't it?
4) Pink Ribbon
5) Cyberderm H2O Hydration: This moisturizer will show your skin a good time. hehe ;)
6) Cyberderm Every Morning Sun Whip: Protect  your delicate skin from harmful rays all year round with this daily sunscreen.
7) Johnson's baby oil: I guess Glymm is coming out with Glymm Mama. I haven't used this in awhile. But its handy to have.

All in all, another OK box. Glymm also has other ways to donate to breast cancer awareness. There is a special section in the Glymm shop with items promoting awareness and they actually state how much is being donated. You can check it out here.

Also don't forget to enter my Think Pink Palette giveaway here . Ends November 2nd!

How did you find your Glymm bag?

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday Mystery Box Theatre: Splish Splash I was taking a bath...........

An extra entry to who can finish that song lyric for the Think Pink Palette Giveaway!

I have a new mystery box for you, Lovelies. One I discovered while searching for a homemade soap subscription. I love homemade soaps! They are great on my sensitive skin and I no longer buy mass produced soap. I am slowing converting my husband as well. This little box sat in customs for awhile before it arrived at my door step.

The Wash Box from Suds Bar Soap! This is a box that comes out 3 times a year. Their first bo was this September's. It cost $28USD and includes the shipping to Canada. Let's take a look inside.

Boy this little box was heavy!

Clockwise from the top:
1) Pop Pop's Pipe soap: This will remind you of a cozy winter with its warm notes of vanilla and raspberry. I think the name's pretty cool :)
2) Warm Honey Soap: Soothe dry skin and mellow out. I have been loving honey soaps lately and this smells so delicious!
3) Mineral Salt Rocks: Soak your cares away with these salt rocks enriched with trace minerals like selenium and magnesium.
4) Holiday Berry Cherry Soap: Bring in the season with this uplifting soap.
I would also like to add these soaps are quite large so these will last awhile.

These were also very well sized! Clockwise from the top:

1) Pumpkin Bath Melt: Besides dropping it in the bath, they suggested that it can also be used as a conditioner for the skin in the shower. Just rub all over after you cleanse. This is a great idea! I wonder if it would work with other bath melts? hmmmmm............
2)Nectar Dry Oil Body Drizzle: Spritz for a light, non-greasy moisture that will leave you smelling heavenly.
3)Sweet Nectar Otha Butta: Quench dry skin with our richly blended butters of kukui nut oil and sunflower oil. A little goes a long way! They aren't kidding. Plus it looks so fluffy!
4) Lavender Lotion: Relax your senses, while rejuvenating your skin. I've been liking lavender lately so this will definitely get used :

And there you have it, Lovelies. I do plan on staying for the next box which won't be out until January I believe. If interested you can sign up here Canadian Wash Box. Take a look around the website too :)

Friday, 19 October 2012

My First Topbox October 2012 and Spooks?!

I had been on the waiting list since the end of June and was informed that I would be receiving my first Topbox in October. And here it is!

Going Left to right:
1) Endocare Ampoules and Tensage Radiance Contour: I have been taking better care of my skin lately so I happy to see this sample.
2) Stila Eyeshadow Palette sampler When I first saw this I thought ' Its a coupon!' These look mostly one to two uses.
3) Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator: Another face peel type product I can try, yippee!
4) Maskeraide Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask in Detov Diva: I have wanted to try one of these masks for awhile now, and now I can!

All in all, not mind blowing, but still a good box! I'm glad I waited :) If you'd like to get on the waitlist, I have the link on my Subscriptions page.


Can a box be spooky? Can you be afraid to open it????!!!!!! Dun Dun Duh!!

Haha, all joking aside I was pretty excited to receive this box. It is limited edition so even subscribers had to order it. 

Haha, yes that is actual spider web trimming. 

Let's go clockwise starting from the top!
1) Witches Wart Be-Gone Clearly Complexion clay mask: I've never used a mask this dark before!

2) Smashed Pumpkin Wax Tart from Scentsory Overload

3)Scary Spice OCD: I have quite a collection of these :)

4) Vampire Blood Body Wash: This will be my first body wash from them. Its black cherry flavoured!

5) Gremlins, Goblins & Ghouls OH MY! Whipped Cream: smells like grape candy

6) Ghost Gum Hydrate Me!: smells like an orange cream bar

7) Headless Horsemen Bath Melt: hmmm I wonder what this will actually smell like......

8) Grave Digger Fortune Cookie Soap: This was the first thing I sniffed out of the box. And yes, it is totally dirt!

9) Centre: Bubble yum and a Zombie Treats bath fizz which glows in the dark: I don't think I'll be taking a bath in the dark anytime soon. 

What a crazy spooky box! Haha, this was fun to open and I'm sure it will be a blast to use too! :)

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tickled Pink: Think Pink Tantalizing Sampler

The Tantalizing Sampler is based out of Michigan and offers a sample box every month of a different theme. One of October's theme's is obviously Think Pink. It costs $22USD. The sampler came beautifully wrapped and presented. And it was heavy! :)

On the top of the box was pasted this poem, which takes its inspiration from the John Lennon song, 'Imagine' It's quite beautiful and moving as well.
The box was filled with wonderful goodies and reminders of hope and strength.

Top left: A handmade beautiful soap that came in a cute little favour purse from Dairy-Aire Crafts & Gifts
a sugar scrub from The Barn and More, and a Think Pink glycerin soap from Studio C Candles

From Left to right: A candle wrap from D&M Creations, A Think Pink gift set from Wax Worx Custom Candles which includes (clockwise) a Pink Lady Craclewix Soy Candle, Booble Gum Flavoured Lip Balm, Melon Aid lotion sample, and a Pink Lady wax melt, and a beautiful Believe candle from Delightful Scents

Top left going down: A knitted doll/newborn hat from Megan's Treasures, a packet of eco-friendly soy wax sprinkles from Pink Zebra and a customized chocolate bar from Treasured Sweets.
Top right going down: a pink ribbon charm from Kami's Kandle Kreations, a sample each of the Goji Berry Bliss bar lotion and sunset handsoap both in hope ribbon shapes from MJ's Treasure Box, and a sugar scrub from Perfectly Posh.

All such beautiful samples!

Keep geting Tickled Pink, Lovelies! And don't forget to enter my giveaway! :)
Think Pink Palette Giveaway

Friday, 12 October 2012

Tickled Pink: Think Pink Palette Giveaway (Closed)

Hello Lovelies! I'd like to show you another product helping to raise breast cancer awareness. While perusing the Coastal Scents website I came across the Think Pink Palette.

The palette features 12 shades inspired by rose petals. It retails for $6.95 USD and a portion of the proceeds go towards the cause. Here is a snapshot of the inside:

The palette is of course interchangeable with other Coastal Scents hotpots. After reading that a portion of the proceeds goes to charity, I had to pick one up. In fact, I picked up two. 
In the spirit of spreading awareness, I am giving both away to 2 of my Lovelies! Here's how to enter: Leave a comment on this post including all the info for your entries.

-Follow my blog and Leave me your Name for 1 entry
-Answer this question: How are you getting tickled pink/ showing breast cancer awareness this month? for one entry  
-Leave your email so I can contact the winners for one entry
-Tweet about the giveaway and leave me the link for one entry
-Share this giveaway on Facebook and leave me the link for one entry
-Blog about the giveaway or put in your sidebar or on your giveaways page
and leave me the link for two entries

I will post how many entries you've earned in a reply. Any invalid entries will be DQ'ed on the spot. Please don't unfollow after the giveaway,  you'll miss all the fun.

This giveaway is open to everyone! My first international giveaway :)
 Contest starts today and ends November 2nd at 9pm. 

Good luck, Lovelies!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sweet Divalicious Sample Box: Shimmer, Sparkle and Shine 2012

This will be just a short check in post. This is my first divalicious box ever, and I must say, I was not disappointed! So many goodies all stuffed in that tiny box?! 

All the lovely vendors that contributed to this box can be found here and information on when the next box will be on sale. Each box is different so everyone has a few different products. The product I'm most excited about? The Simply Natural Holistic Skin Care sample kit (top centre of above photo). 

WFMOTP: Margarita Bloom, Wholly Hemp, and Bestowed

Now I know the title seems a little jumbled but all will be explained in due time. My porch was brimming with goodies today! And I am excited to share them with you! 

Margarita Bloom's Fabulous Box of Goodies

I actually came across this quite by accident. I typed box of goodies into google and this was one of the first search results to pop up. I had never heard of Margarita Bloom before. It was a link to a sample box full of goodies. I was intrigued, I just had to click. Margarita Bloom mixes handmade vegan skincare with retro beauty. Hence: Retro Skincare and Bath. Margarita's Fabulous Box of Goodies is 10 samples for $19.99 plus about 8 bucks for shipping. After going through the website, I decided to order it. Here's the goods:

What an adorable little box. I love the retro beauty too! Now when I did open it, my heart almost dropped. It was all foil samples. Each sample iooks to be about only 1-2 uses. Here are the contents:

I got a cute eye mask! Margarita Bloom also has different product collections with adorable names as I will demonstrate :)

From Left to Right: Racy & Risque Rosie! Rose Hydrating Lip Balm, Oh, Lolita! Bubble Gum Lip Balm, ans Untamed Dame Lemon Pound Cake deodorant, all from the Retro Queen collection.

Top Left to right: Sweet Dreams Buttercreme Snickerdoodle Luxorious Milk Bath Soak from the Fairytales & Folklore, Splendor Wild Rose & Violet Luxe Milk Bath from the Splendor collection
Bottom left to right: Pinktini Raspberry Lime Cocktail Sea Salt bath soak from the Hollywood Land collection, and Antoinette's Rose Gadren Himalayan Pink Salts from the Mademoiselle collection.

From top to bottom: Ravishing Rosalee Facial Serum from Retro Queen, Charmed, I'm sure! pumpkin masque from the Beauty, Grace & Charm collection, and Lola Strawberries & Champagne Luxe Bath wash from Hollywood Land. I find the packaging so adorable. Retro beauty! I can't wait to dive into all these goodies!

Wholly Hemp

While on my google searches I stumbled upon this little company out of California, Wholly Hemp that makes soap and moisturizers using Hemp seed oil. They have a sub service in which for $10 plus shipping, which is $13.80 all together, they send you a full bar of handmade soap, 1.5 oz jar of moisturizer, and a surprise product. The scents change month to month. Here is a picture of my package:

At the top is a bar of Wholly Hemp Soothing soap in Raw. It has no scent or colours added. And you can totally use it as a shampoo too! I also received a jar of Organic Moisturizer in Lavendar and a tube of Organic Lip Balm. All in all, a pretty good deal. I'll be staying subbed for now. The have great customer service too! Prompt and courteous responses :)


This is a healthy food sub that sends you 5 or more food products. The choices are often healthy, gluten free and vegan friendly. Its hard to find food that tastes good and is good for you, so I thought I'd give this a try. Bestowed sends products curated by a nutritionist named Heather Bauer. It is $15/month and yes this includes shipping to Canada. I signed up after seeing the amazing looking boxes reviewed by other bloggers. I thought I had missed out. But I received a shipping notification that my box was on its way and here it is! :

They also include an information sheet on what is in the box, tips on how to eat them, and where to buy them. 

First on the left we have Enjoy Life Plentil chips in garlic and Parmesan. My husband and I just split these a few hours ago and they did not last long! They are chips made from lentils and have 40% left fat then their potato cousins! On the right is Kind Healthy Grains Oats & Honey clusters. This is a very versatile granola with coconut instead of sugar. I enjoyed them this morning in my yogurt and popped a few during the day as a snack. Yum!

At the top is a Kashi soft-baked chocolate square. Hubby and I split it for dessert last night. It looked like a brownie and tasted just as good. I will definitely be picking up a box of these when I see them! Left to right, now; Hail Merry Vanilla Maple Almonds. This will be tomorrow's afternoon snack! Sunbutter Sunflower seed spread. This just about blew my mind, it is sunflower seed butter. I am going to enjoy this on some toast! Somersault Snack co. Crunchy Somersaults: these were my afternoon snack today. They were delicious! Crunchy baked nuggets made out of sunflower seeds and tasted like a cinnamon roll. MMMMmmmm! I cannot wait til the next box!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Tickled Pink: My Dream Sample Box

My Dream Sample Box has put out the Pink-A-Licious Mega Box with part of the proceeds going towards the breast cancer cause. My Dream Sample Box is a box o'goodies that comes out with different themed boxes every month. It is filled with homemade samples such as soaps, candles, wax tarts, and other surprises. Its not a subscription box so you can chose which month you want to purchase. What homemade goodies await us?!

The all edibles! At the top Left and going clockwise we have Splendid and Charmer cookies from Blonde Sugar, A peanut butter doggie treat from Road Apples Lv, Decadence Brownie from Blonde Sugar (yummy!), and a Cinnilla-Bean Sugar Spice packet from Let's Get Saucy

 The most unique thing I received was this handsewn mini pillow from Rainbows & Celebrations. Its so funky and cute! Also a cute pink flower ring you see on the bottom left.

Top Left to right: A Mint Book from Shandalin, Wedding Favor Bubbles from Savory Favors, Lovespel Bath Salts and soap sample from Ostara Organics, Love Thyself Candle from Joie Joelle Creations, a wax melt from Wax Wonders Candles
Bottom Left to right: A cute little print from White Stag Art, sample of Christmas Spice bath salts from Safari Soapa, knitted little hat from Megan's Treasures, (centre) a sample of Lime soap from The Barn & More, a pair of earrings from Mojo Couture, a handmade zodiac totem from Whatshername Jewelry, Monkey Farts wax melt from Shel's Tarts & Crafts, and a Rhinestone buckle from Yvonne's Candy Bar Boutique

From Left to right: a bracelet from Graceful Designs, Makeup Tips and a Twizzler from Gorgeous Glamour, a wedding inspiration board from Wedditalia, and a tea tree soap from Bubbles Bath Boutique.
Not pictured: Earrings from Debbie's Designs and a crochet pink ribbon from Lillie's Crochet Shop

So many wonderful samples and so many Pink reminders! Also a big thank you to Holly, owner of My Dream Sample Shop :)

Get Tickled Pink, Lovelies! Support the Cause! Protect those Ta-ta's!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Let's Hang on to Summer Fortune Cookie Soap giveaway winners!

Time to give these lovely soaps to a Lovely! Two actually. I got home from work, and my cats ran out on me. (They are outdoor cats so its okay) and my husband is still at work. So I reached into the mixing drum and I pulled out the names of 2 Lovelies.

Congratulations to CityGirl from CityGirl and Helen from beauty delights! I will be emailing you shortly on where to send these treats. Both Lovelies also have wonderful blogs so please check them out! I have links on my Blog Love page for both.

Thank you to all those who participated! And don't worry, this is not my last giveaway and I am cooking somethin' special up for Christmas ;) xoxo!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Emergency Mystery Box Theatre!: BURNNNNN! AHHHHH!

Ok, I admit, not the most mature sounding title I've come up with, but this is an unboxing I had to share. And Lovelies, I've been burned by a sub. :( This is the first time its happened to me and I want to share this with you so that others will not be burned. This may not be new to some of you and I will probably come off sounding gullable. I just hope this does not happen to any one of my Lovelies! 

I discovered this subscription service on Facebook called Red Carpet Box. For $40 USD, (this included the cost of shipping to Canada) it promised to send full-sized cosmetics and accessories. There was even pictures of the products posted as previews. All seemed to go well. The founder was very amicable and friendly and passionate in all her communications. All good qualities to have when you are starting up a business. They took only 50 subscribers for this first month. The items promised were a pair of Betsy Johnson or Big Buddha glasses, a pair of QVC earrings, Borghese Nail lacquer, Stila products, and other surprises. I had been in contact with the owner and explained I was very interested in the box but I have a nickel allergy so the earrings had no value for me. She was kind enough to replace it with another Stila product and sympathized with me about my sensitive skin problems. I was happy to hear it.
As the boxes began arriving on door steps, the first reviews were warm. In this first box, some people did not like the earrings, others the glasses just weren't their style. Then somehow, it started to all go wrong. Very wrong. 
Digging a little deeper, other bloggers found that the Stila products they were sent were not only discontinued  but several years old in fact. I received 2 foundation powders and a mascara that are discountinued and by the looks of it, a few years old. I will not be putting these anywhere near my face as I have stressed that I have sensitive skin. I received an Avon eyeliner, which is about 4 years old. I did not get a nail lacquer, but a top coat (also expired). The authenticity of the glasses is questionable. So really, this, well, sucked. 
The feel of the fb website is also getting very shady. Some customers who have complained are getting blocked, getting personal messages that should not be sent, threats of legal action,  and any negative feedback is getting wiped off the page. The feeling of intimidation and being stand-offish is all over the fb website now. The founder's posts are getting increasingly defensive. This whole debacle is just turning me off completely as a customer. Frankly, any company who treats customers this way, will lose customers quite fast. I for one am already gone. How do you run a business by treating your customers like this? I mean really?! Really! I cannot get a refund according to the service's policy, only an exchange. The problem is, I don't want replacement makeup or really anything from Red Carpet Box anymore. I really don't want to waste my energy on it either. I don't even think the unboxing photos I took will be posted because, well, it is just as bad as I describe here. 

I feel silly for having fallen for this, I just genuinely wanted to support a startup business and get some new stuff in the mail. I did not expect discontinued, wholesale fodder. I'm sure the founder's intentions were good, but the business plan, technique, and execution are all wrong. I've learned my lesson. Please be careful Lovelies! This is actually one of the reasons why I started my blog: to help other Canadian customers navigate the subscription box waters. Look out for this iceberg: Red Carpet Box.

*UPDATE*: I have since been refunded the cost of the box. I still won't be resubbing.

Fortune Cookie Soap Giveaway ends tomorrow!

Enter Here!: