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Thursday, 31 January 2013

January 2013 Beauty Box 5 and Glymm

Glymm January 2013

Whooo-boy! What is it with January and sub box drama? To keep it short, my Glymm bag arrived today when it normally gets shipped out mid month. They were waiting on a sample to come in or something. So I thought maybe it would be something cool. I did actually like December's Bag. Then I began reading spoilers and my hope dwindled. I'll show you why.

So from left to right:

1) La Fresh Travel Lite Facial Cleansing Wipes: Nice to put in my purse. I received 2 packets.

2) 360 Skincare Lavender Mint Firming Serum: Instructions say its good for the around the eyes area. Now a lot of people are complaining about this sample size. I think its not a bad size really. You don't use so much. This will last me awhile.

3) Coolway Boost Serum: To be used after shampooing. After rinsing, towl or blow dry. Its supposed to protect your hair at different temperatures. Not too bad a size sample either.

4) Lashem Double Trouble Mascara: Aside from being teenie, it arrived dried up. I'm gonna try warming it up a little but I don't have my hopes up.

5) Sheswai Nail Lacquer in Honeyfox: This is actually a bonus item I get with their nail polish promotion. The handle there is actually made of wood. I'm excited to try this brand.

So a pretty yawn worthy bag. I think the only thing weighing the bag down is the nail lacquer. And its probably the only thing that gets me through this subscription: I can expect one thing I'll like in each bag. Sad though.....
Glymm has also raised their prices to $15/month. This definitely was not worth that. I hope with the price increase, Glymm can continue to improve. They are already talks of February previews on the FB page.

Beauty Box 5 January 2013

Now for a little better looking box ! This month's BB5 felt pretty light too but it had some 'wow!' packed in there.

From left to right:

1) Global Goddess shine Coconut Amla revitalizing hair treatment: On the product card, this was supped to be a Surprise 2012 Favourite. This is my first time receiving this particular sample. I gave the other one to my sister to try.

2) Ferro Cosmetics Desert Rose Blush: I have actually received this in a TNBB last year and it has become my favourite blush. Really happy to see it!

3) Perfumeries Solid Perfume Sticks

4) Model Co Colourbox Lip Pencil in Pomegranate

5) Pencil Me in Eye Pencil in Pink Lady: A brand I've never heard of. Its vitamin packed so that's a plus. I don't really wear a lot of coloured eye liner, but it might be fun to try for a party. 

Another good BB5 in my opinion. Next month is there one year birthday I believe so I can't wait to see what they come up with!

Is it me or are the Canadian subs getting their asses kicked by American subs? 


  1. Nice post..
    Beauty Box 5 January 2013 is my favourite :)

    I follow you,I'll be happy if you follow me :D

  2. They are getting their asses kicked.

    The American Glossybox is 10x better than the drugstore junk we end up getting too.

    1. I was real jealous of the jan us glossybox.

  3. it's not you . this is a fact... boxe italian, americain french is 100x better than our..

  4. I agree, Canadian beauty subscriptions have gone way downhill. Nice ModelCo lip liner! I haven't been able to find a store which sells that brand yet, only beauty boxes.

    1. Me neither but I did see some gift sets at Winners recently.

  5. I too have a blog on beauty box memberships and am a huge cat lover, I actually took in a stray family in august and I won't tell you how many I have now!!! I just joined BB5 and Ipsy last month. I loved the Ipsy January bag and I am excited for my first BB5 this month. I was thoroughly disappointed with my Glymm bag. They even sent me another one in error and I would keep it except it sucks. I got everything you did except the nail polish so I am even more upset!!

    Nice blog!

    1. Hello there and welcome! I actually follow you too :) They sent you an extra one? They must have a bunch to spare since so many people are jumping ship. And I had to fight for that nail polish. I had to demand the nail polish promo because they started it the month after I signed up for a year.

  6. I unsubbed glymm because of all the changes they made to their service! I loved the point system they had and it really kept me subscribed. Bye bye glymm...

    Ps I love your blog :P
    New blogger here, show some love? :D

    1. Welcome! And I'm follower number 2 now :)

  7. I am subscribed to Glymm for one year, so i'll stick to it just because my prices don't increase and I have the POLISHMEUP promo, do you recommend BB5? I never heard of it until now.

    Keep up the blogging :)

    1. Hi Celina. Yes I do highly recommend them! Its the only sub I know that comes to under $10 a month if you subscribe for a year. They are becoming a lot more prominent now and the range of brands they work with is pretty fantastic. I get to try a lot of brands that aren't available in Canada. Please feel free to look ay my other posts on them or their web page under the Great Canadian Subscription List Tab. :)
      Will also check out your blog :)


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