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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Saturday Mystery Box Theatre: Who needs a hug?!

Happy Saturday, Lovelies! Now the subject of this mystery is tres girly, just a warning.

PMS. Those 3 letters alone are just three consonants of the English alphabet. But for some reason, put together, they strike fear into the male heart and conjure images of crying and stress, and yes even, pain :( Now I'm not gonna go into all the biology and chemistry involved. I'll just get to the point. Lovelies, it sucks. Its different from woman to woman. For me, it sucks being pulled in all directions, feeling sad for no apparent reason, getting mad at everyone for no real logic reason. I don't really experience cramps or pains. I have the occasional ache.
So what is one to do? Tea? A warm bath? Chocolate?
Well, I found a subscription that will send you some solace in the form of all three, just in time for that time!
Lovelies, I give you the 28-Day Hug:

The 28 day hug was created to give ladies a little comfort during their periods.     Once I saw the website, I immediately signed up! It costs $3.99 + shipping. In which case, Canadians are charged $8. Not too bad. And I'll show you why:

Left to right:
1) Three packets of Yogi tea in Women's Moon Cycle: This is an herbal tea and perfectly comforting.
2) Spa Shower Tablet: You just take a shower and put the tablet somewhere where it won't get hit directly with water. As it dissolves, it releases it scent into the shower steam. I've tried similar products before so I'm sure I'll like this!
3)Chocolove Bar in Raspberries in Dark Chocolate: this was soo yummy!
(yes I ate the whole thing) 

Seeing the contents of my hug made me feel good. Its kinda like a treat every month to yourself in your time of the month. So my verdict is, give it a try if you'd like a little treat every month. At least with this sub, you won't get piles of samples! hehe ;)


  1. Such a cute treat! I actually could use one of these at the moment! haha

  2. What a neat idea. I am going to check this out. I am like you, I never really have cramps. Just the occasional ache but my emotions are all over the board. You total rock at finding these kind of boxes.

  3. haha such a cute idea!
    i love that Hug sticker!

  4. Aww, what an awesome idea! I wish it was only $3.99 for Canada! That extra shipping cost sucks! =(

  5. Where the frak do you find these boxes?? I would need like a week of hugs. I'm so sad when I have PMS :(

  6. I didn't know they shipping to Canada. I like the concept of this - may have to check it out.


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