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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

January 2013 ipsy bag and December 2012 Natural Beauty Box

First ipsy bag of 2013!

This month's ipsy theme was being a super star. And this little bag was full of goodies to indulge in :)

Going left to right
1) sexyhair bigsexyhair Spray and Play Volumizing Hairspray: I've always admired the packaging of these products . So simply yet so memorable. And these are salon products to boot.

2)Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil: Argan oils made a huge splash in the beauty world lately.

3) Nailtini in Frappe: it was a huge surprise for me because I was expecting to get Bloody Mary as all the sneak peeks were suggesting. I do like this one though! It is a very light peach pink.

4) Pacifica Body Butter in Tuscan Blood Orange

At the bottom there is a Soho Beauty Brush. Here's a better look:

This is the eyeliner brush. I never turn away brushes so I'm happy to have it!
Another hit for ipsy this month! I'm so glad they opened up subscriptions to Canada! What did you think of your ipsy bag? Has it convinced you to sign up?

The Natural Beauty Box Dec. 2013

I'm gonna keep this as drama-free as possible. I've read all the posts and things so please refrain from posting things I've already seen. I'm subscribed for a year and I've been happy so far. Companies have huge hiccups. Its time to recover. Despite shipping mishaps and whatnot, I'm pretty easy going.  I still look forward to these boxes. The December box is no exception.

 At the very top is a Dr. Emerald Golden Berries Super Anti-Aging Stick: now I know it looks like a lip balm but the label clearly says not to use it as such. Its for the skin on your face, such as under eye areas.

Left to right:
1) Wine Delights Pina Colada All Natural Shower Gel: The bottle reminds me of the ones you get little samples of alcohol in, hehe!

2) Kitty Kozmetics Natural Body Scrub in Kandy Kane: The misspelling of all the names reminds me of LAWL cats! 

3) Temptations Bath N' Body Wicked Little Gingerbread Soap: Its a little smaller than I would like but smells like the cookies.

4) Original Purity Raw Seeds Facial Gelee: I believe you massage it over your face. It feels great and smells so delish!

Top Left to right: I've actually had the opportunity to try these two before. I received them with my order, but they were in foil packs.

1) Delizioso Skincare Watermelon & CoQ10 Microsphere Polish: I really enjoyed using this face polish. My skin felt great after. Definitely glad to see this little jar!

2) Delizioso Skincare Cucumber Cooling Facial Moisturizer : I didn't get to use a whole lot of it last time. But I do remember a little cooling effect it had on my skin. I'm normally wary of those kinds of sensations on my face because they are usually proceeded by irritation and redness. This did not. But I'm still so uncomfortable with that tingling sensation, I don't know if I'll ever get over it. This moisturizer did not irritate my skin, however. So I will be giving it a few more trys.

Middle left to right:

1) I Love Coffee Super Nourishing Hand Cream: I do love coffee! And coffee smells :) I like to use this on my hands before bed so I keep it on my nightstand.

2)Temptations Bath N' Body Smell Me Soy Lotion Candle: Now this might be fun. You get a great smelling room and a moisturizer for your skin!

3) I Love Coffee Butter Massage Bar: I like to use these right after the shower. The bar starts melting once it hits your skin.

At the bottom is a Delizioso Skincare Black Diamond Mascara. I'm actually pretty excited to try this. I've never had a mascara that is natural before.

So some fun goodies to try this month! :)


  1. I'm so happy with my Ipsy Glam Bag as well!

  2. I am quite happy with my Ipsy bag. I only have it for 2 months and so far very happy with the products I got. I got the same items as you except I got a concealer brush instead.

  3. I am getting my Ipsy bag tomorrow, but I think I will be happy with it :)
    I hope I get that coffee hand cream! My TNBB should arrive on Friday and drama aside, I am still looking forward to it. I don't know if I'll still get it now that there is a $10 price increase...

  4. I just signed up for Ipsy! Soo excited!

  5. How lucky you are to have the ipsy box shipped to your country. I wish they could ship to Switzerland but I think I will have to wait...

  6. i wish i took can get ipsy in germany. it seems like a great box
    new follower please check out my blog too.

  7. Thanks for clearing up the I Love Coffee bar thing. I had no idea what it was, I just knew it wasn't a regular bar of soap. I'll try this soon.

    And I know I have been one of those crazies ranting about TNBB but they just hit a nerve I guess with all the happenings that I was keeping up to date on way too closely. Still enjoyed the box and glad you did too! It'll be interesting to see how the company emerges and moves on from all that stuff. Thanks for being a point of view to balance things out.

    1. Hey Candice, hope you enjoy the lotion bar! They are really handy when you're in a time crunch!
      And I totally understand why a lot of customers feel differently about TNBB. Its a PR nightmare (or a spin doctor's dream? lol) and its a lot of stuff to muddle through. I too hope the company emerges better then they were before because I really do like the products and they are such treats to use.


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