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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Natural Beauty Box Feb 2013

 My February TNBB arrived. Look at the very colourful party bag. Now I normally love my Natural Beauty Boxes. But this was was just a middle of the road one for me. And I'm pretty sure I know which products' fault it is! Allow me to explain

Going left to right:
Pharmacopia Verbana Everyday Bar Soap: A cleansing bar made with organic shea butter.
Scentuals Body Care 100% Natural Soap sample
Now I normally like soap samples but 2 in one box? Hmmm

Bottom: These two kinda ruined the box for me.
Foil samples of Tao of Man Daily Skin Defense and Jadience Herbal Formulas Purifying Toner. I clearly remember TNBB stating that foil samples would only be included as extras and not included in the 10-15 sample count. I'm sure these products will be dandy but I would have loved a bigger sample of the toner to try. :(

Wine Delights Beer Natural Nourishing and Extra Hydrating Shampoo: it doesn't actually smell like beer, my husband and I agreed.

Beauty Without Cruelty Cleanser/Body Lotion: This sample is actually quite generous.

Selma Valentine Whipped Body Butter: Never tired of these :)

Kynk Naturals In The Raw Shea Butter

Overall Beauty Minerals eyeshadow sample in Treasure

Just Pure Minerals Blush sample in Girly Pink
These two will also get used for sure.

So not counting the 2 foil samples, that makes 8 samples. That's below their target guarantee of 10 samples per box. What the heck? I did not feel this box warranted a price increase. I understand that shipping prices go up every year, but service should not go down. I plan to contact TNBB about the foil samples soon as I feel they should not have been included in this month's sample count. Another hiccup. Come on TNBB! I'm rooting for you!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Beautylishious Bag: Made with Love

Good evening Lovelies! Monday is just about over! But have no fear! I have a new beauty bag to share with you. Beautylishious Bag comes all the way from across the pond (the UK) and is run by the lovely Harriette. As the title and the cute charm pic above says, each bag is Made with Love. And I truly felt how much care was put into these adorable bags. Each month brings 4 beauty products to your door. And yes they do ship internationally. With a trusty currency converter, the cost per month comes to $27 dollars plus change. I have included the shipping to Canada in there. It is a non-recurring subscription and she only makes a certain amount each month, so it is first come first serve. I would to share with you my January and February 2013 bags.  

February 2013

When my first bag arrived, I really had no idea how full or heavy it would be! And the inside was delightful!

From left to right

Steam Cream: freshly handmade moisturizer for face, body and hands. I received 4 packets. This is a brand based out of the UK. It can be applied regularly but is also formulated to work with steam

Garnier Soft Essential Comforting Cleansing Lotion (full size): It contains rose extract and smells wonderful! I like to use it for a quick face wash and to remove eye make up.

Murad Body Firming Cream (full size): Can always use some firming, right ladies? ;)

Angel Delight soap from lush : heavenly, haha! 

January 2013

Now I actually did list them in this way because I just received my Jan bag today! (Thanks Customs! grrrrr) But this situation will also allow me to discuss the amazing customer service I received. After my February bag came before my January one, I contacted Harriette to see if she could track it down for me. We decided to chalk it up to a loss. She was very apologetic and offered to send me another month in place of it. I was happy with her response and she was just so polite and courteous and definitely will be signing up for more bags in the future. When I got home today, there was a parcel stuffed in a CP bag that stated the package had been damaged. Oh NO! :( I opened it up and discovered that customs opened my parcel and just decided not to close it back up with care? One of my products ended up opening and going all over the place. Here is the contents of the bag:

Ooh La La naked creamy bliss coco de mer Body Wash: (full size) another UK brand I am excited to try! It's a 97% natural body wash.

Natural Face Mask in Rose Clay and Raspberry: this is my little culprit! The lid on the jar ended up loosening and all over the inside of the bag. (Again thanks Customs for your gentle handling) No biggie though. Nothing that couldn't be cleaned up :) This is a dry clay mask, just add water and voila! A spa worthy mud mask.

Ooh la Spa Cool Minty Foot Butter: (full size) This is perfect because I need to get my feet flip flop ready! Another UK brand to try as well.

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment: for hair. I had always heard about this kind of oil for hair and was hoping for a sample to present itself. Now I have a whole bottle to try! :)

Overall I am impressed by this service. The customer service, the presentation, the sizes and value each bag brings, and the personal little touches make this bag truly feel like a gift from a friend ;) Thank you Harriette for such a wonderful job and keep it up, Lovely! :) I am one satisfied customer and will definitely be back for more!

What did you think of the bag? What do you think about trying UK brands? Will you give Beautylishious a try? Also stop by their Facebook page and give them a like!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Life is the Bubbles!: January 2013 Wash Box and Bubble Box

The Wash Box Jan 2013

The Wash Box is a sub service that sends out packages 3 times a year. They are a preview of the next season's products. I do love this box because its always chockful of goodies! 

From left to right:

Mango Sorbet Body Butter: Yummy! The butter itself is thick and melts once you put it on. This would be good after a shower.

Shampoo Bar: I do like these bars because I feel like I'm wasting less shampoo. This didn't have a scent named to it, but it smells flowery fresh.

Wax Tart Brittle

Dry Oil Body Drizzle in Tahitian Desire and Polynesian Breeze: These oils are also pretty cool. They are not too greasy as you might think and dry quickly. I get 2! yay!

Moisturizing Tinted Lip Butter in Brick House: The colour is a darker, deep red but goes on almost sheer. It doesn't smell like anything but it goes on smooth.

Perfume Oil in Serene: This is a pretty tiny sample at first glance. It is an oil so a little goes a long way! So in reality this will last a long while!

Lotion Stick: These solid lotion bars are great when your in a time crunch. This  smells like honey.

Soap Samples in Sea Island Grapefruit and Oatmeal & Honey: Love the latter! Have yet to try the former. I know I'm going to sound nit picky but the last box had very generous soap samples. Not that these are tiny slivers by any means. The last samples were just big enough to be their own soap bars. I shouldn't complain. I mean I had a hard time seeing how they fit all these goodies in the box!

Whew! Another great Wash Box and a $10 gift certificate is in every box to boot! Will you be getting a Wash Box?

Bubble Box Jan 2013

My Bubble Box came a bit late this month, but I blame the snow! This month, it was "Filled With Love".

Clockwise from the top left.

Bath Truffle: No name but it smells vanilla.

Whipped Sugar Scrub in Red Velvet: MMMMm!This is to be used after bathing. Just rub on and rinse off.

Edible Scrub in Cherry Bomb: This is more of a fun time product then a bath time product. hehe!

Bubble Bath in a Jar in Midnight Tuberose: Beautiful smelling!

Lotion Bar in Chocolate Cherry

All great flavours this month! Now on a different note, I have not renewed my subscription with Bubble Babez. Sometime in January they announced that Bubble Babez was going to be dissolved (no pun or joke there, that's what they actually wrote) And I was sad at first. Then there was talks of a sell off of their current stock. Okay fine, but there was no answers to anyone who prepaid for boxes beyond January. It got me a little worried. Then there was an announcement that all boxes that were paid for would be honored. Ok, but how if the business was closing down? Then there was an announcement that one of the Bubble Babez left the company and that the company was staying open after all. And there was a rumoured price increase for the box. *Deep breath* What? I just got so confused. I'm not sure what is going on now. While I do love their products, I think I will wait a few more months to see how it goes before I re-sub. I would to see them straighten out there issues before I feel comfortable handing over my money. 

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Ipsy February 2013: Red Carpet Ready

The picture above demonstrates how I feel about this month's Ipsy bag. And Its the first time I've felt this way since I started getting them back in November. I'll show you why. I was excited to see the hot pink bubble mailer in my mailbox. I've been conditioned! 

The theme of this month's bag is Get Red Carpet Ready. This month's bag itself didn't really impress me. I think its supposed to look like a shiny patent leather type bag, but really it just is some cheap plastic that wrinkles easy. My phone's camera is actually doing it justice in the pic above. Now on to the inside.

From Left to right:

1) pixi Flawless & Poreless face primer: Its supposed to be hypoallergenic (yay!) and minimize the appearance of pores. I'm interested to see how this stands up against the PoreFessional by Benefit.

2) Coastal Scents Eye Shadow sample set entitled Glitz & Glamour: these look perfect for a smokey eye! 

3) pop beauty Smokey Lash Kapow!!! Mascara in Smokey Black: I have never actually heard of this brand before so I'm excited to try it. I'm also swimming in mascara too :( The name is really cute too.

4) Lash Card Mascara shields: Just when I though I was rid of these! I have received this twice before. I don't really see the point in them so I don't use them. But the third time must be some sign. I'll try them (if I can remember to do so) but I would not buy these. Plus I received a mascara shield from Starlooks a couple months ago and it works fabulous. Maybe I'll throw these in my travel bag.

5) MICA Beauty Cosmetics gel liner in black(?) It didn't have a label on it but I can safely say its black. I do like myself a good, smooth gel liner and have had some good practice at applying it.

So overall, not their best bag, but absolutely not terrible. I have use for the the items but there was nothing wow about this bag. Statistically and in reality, I realize that not every bag will be jaw dropping awesome. It was just the first time with Ipsy. I still feel like this:

Eager and excited for what the next month will bring!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

SeasonsBox February 2013 and a surprize from Cake Beauty!

This month's SeasonsBox was themed 'Love Yourself'. While the focus of this month can lean heavily towards candy hearts and mass produced chocolate and over priced, sappy, greeting cards (I love Valentine's Day, can't you tell) SeasonsBox is asking to please remember to show yourself some love. And this box can definitely be a little treat for ya! SeasonsBox promises 3-5 full sized products each month for $34.95.

And as always, it comes beautifully wrapped! 

Lets start at the top left:

Bambu Earth Sugar Cookie Body Glow: At first I wasn't sure what a body glow was. Its a body scrub which has dead sea salt and coconut oil as some of its main ingredients. It suggests use 2-3 times a week to keep your skin glowing. It also smells good and comes in a reusable glass jar. You never see glass jars too much any more, do you? 

Galerie Au Chocolat Fair Trade Bar: I apologize for the terrible picture. Half of it got cut out! And I'd take another picture except I ate it all! Yes it was scrumptious :) The flavour I got was Crisped rice. The company is from Montreal and was formed back in 1985. I had actually never heard of them before but I will definitely be looking for their chocolates from now on!

Dream Organics Rose Water: I need to start off by saying, this bottle is just beautiful. Frosted glass with the hot pink detail.....*swoon*. Rose water is great for sensitive skin. I like to use mine as a toner, make-up setter, and a spritzer when I need a little rose aromatherapy. 

At the Bottom there is Kaia Naturals Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths. Each cloth is filled with vitamins and organic honey and sunflower and citrus oils. All to make your skin sing. Plus its has triple use! You can use these guys as a cleanser, toner, or makeup remover.

Ahhh, a swoon-worthy SeasonsBox. Definitely a mood lifter in a box too! What did you think of your SeasonsBox? They also offer a one time purchase so don't be afraid commitmentphobes!

A Surprize from Cake Beauty

A few weeks ago, Cake Beauty introduced their limited edition Valentine's Day collection entitled the Sweethearts Collection. They drew inspiration from those cute (sometimes raunchy, sometimes mean) candy hearts with sayings on them. To celebrate, they did a five day giveaway on their Facebook page. Each day they would give one product from the collection to one of the fans that shared the photo of the delicious prize. I entered each day. Then I perused they FB page to see who won Day 4. I had to do a double take when I saw my own name! I emailed them right away and my surprize arrived swifty!

Ta-da! This is the Sweethearts collection Come Clean, Cutie Pie luscious Bath & Shower Froth. It was a lot bigger then I expected at 515mL. Lather up with is luscious and rejuvenating bath and shower froth. Enjoy cascades of nourishing bubbles that leave your skin silky and smooth. Reminisce & indulge with the scent of sweet vanilla candy. Only the best for you, sweetheart. I definitely will! Check out the Sweethearts collection from Cake Beauty! And thanks Cake Beauty for the awesome giveaway!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

January 2013 Starbox and Julep

StarBox from Starlooks Jan 2013

When I was looking at the Look Book for hints to this month's Starbox, I was completely hoodwinked as to what we were getting. I had a feeling the colour green was going to make its way into our boxes but I wasn't sure how. It seemed like forever before my StarBox finally arrived. And I admit, I did take a few peeks at some spoilers. But another great StarBox!

I received (left to right)
1) Cuty Peach Blush Compact: This is a peach toned blush and the colour is absolutely gorgeous! Its quickly become a fave of mine.

2) Eye Liner in Brown: I was in need of a new one and now I have it!

3) 858 Dome Brush: A good looking blending brush.

4) Diamondline Eye Liner in Fancy: These eyeliners can also be used as cream shadows are they are smooth to put on. Lovely pigment too! I love these eyeliners and am happy to add Fancy, which is a green, to my collection.

A special bonus item this month! A very tres cool beaded bracelet from Abby Rose Designs. Abby Rose also has an Etsy shop so you can take a gander at other creations. : Abby Rose Designs
Starlooks continues to deliver the best value for its cost. To Canada its about $20/month but you get well over the worth each month. Staying with Starbox! What did you think of your StarBox? Will you be getting one?

Julep's Glamour Collection: Feb 2013

This month's February Maven Box included colours inspired by Hollywood Glamour, past and present. This month I decided to try the It Girl box. My box also arrived just in time for Valentine's Day! Well before, really, and I'm excited about that!

I received: (left to right)
1) Freedom Top Coat: This is a new top coat that is supposed to give nails the gel look and strength with out actually being a gel. I have yet to try it out but if it works, it sounds handy!

2) A travel sized eyelash curler: Perfect! Now I don't have to haul around my usual one! It takes up quite a bit of room in my makeup bag.

3) The three nail colours:
Marion- inspired by Marion Cotillard, a Dark teal with shimmer
Joan- inspired by Joan Crawford, a cranberry with shimmer
Rebel- inspired by Rebel Wilson, a silver holographic polish

I've always wanted to try the holographic polishes so this is exciting. I'm pretty happy about Juelp this month. Its probably one of the only times I've gotten really excited for it. What did you think of your Julep Box?

Friday, 8 February 2013

February 2013 TopBox

February's TopBox was worth the wait. This month, they gave members a chance to receive either a Benefit box, LippyGirl box, or Miracle 10 box. If you did not choose a box, you received the regular February TopBox. It sounds like a win-win to me either way, really. :) I was actually surprised how early my TopBox was shipping. I read come hints on FB and I guess the Benefit box was shipping early because it is Chinese New Year themed and they wanted the subscribers to have it in time. So I got excited, Benefit was my first choice!
And , oh my gosh! It is! Its the year of the snake. Now I know most people don't like snakes, but Benefit made that hot pink python pretty glam!

I opened the box and here's what tumbled out: (It's like Christmas!)

A closer look at the goodies inside:

Clockwise starting in the top left corner:

1)Total Moisture Facial Cream: I tried this out last night and it felt velvety and smooth. And my thirsty skin was definitely quenched! And I was throroughly impressed that this luxe sample came in a glass jar.

2) Dandelion Gloss: I actually had no idea there was a a gloss but I'm happt to see it.

3) Benetint: This has to be my favourite lip and cheek stain ever! This is the first Benefit product I was introduced to as a teenager and have loved it ever since. I am so glad to see this travel size!

4) Dandelion Powder: One of the products I wanted to try. This was a big reason I chose the Benefit box this month. 

5) POREfessional PRO balm that minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines. I have used this before and I really like it. I can always use more ;)

But wait, what's this? A little envelope for me?

As if this box wasn't already darling, they included a sample of Fine-One-One. A new product for lips and cheeks that give them a little POP. You are supposed to blend the three colours together before application.

Yay! Very Happy with my TopBox this month. For $12/month plus tax, I couldn't go wrong! Interested in TopBox? Check out the link in the Great Canadian Subscription List. They have a waitlist and the wait is a couple months. But I'm glad I waited, I think its worth it! And for those who already subscribe, what did you think of your box this month? 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Great Canadian Subscription List

Hello Lovelies! Well, I've done it. The sub box addict in me has compiled an ongoing list of the sub boxes available for Canadians. Find it here: The Great Canadian Subscription List. Please let me know of any I've missed or any new ones to check out. Leave me a comment and I'll get a-googling and sleuthing! Thanks! :)

In other news, what do you think of this pic of Mick? :)