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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Nom Noms This Way: A new blog feature

Hello Lovelies!
How's your week going? Did you enter the BeautyGram Giveaway? It ends this Friday, Nov 30th!

I wanted to introduce a new blog series to showcase and do unboxings of another kind: food subs! I knew it wouldn't be long before I started receiving these. I had already subscribed to Bestowed, in which send you a box of 5 new healthy food items for $15 a month. I am loving that subscription so far. I have been trying to eat healthy and much more natural lately. I don't live near any Whole Foods stores and I can't find my way around the organic section of the supermarket. So I have turned to some subscription services instead. I want to share my findings with you and, of course, new boxes available for Canadians! Let's kick it off.............

Healthy Surprise

Healthy Surprise is a very appropriate name. You don't actually know what you are going to get. But it'll be good for you. They only include snacks that are vegan, natural, gluten free, soy free. They have 3 different subscription options but only two are available to Canadians: The Healthy Surprise for $66 + $5 in shipping per month which I get, and the Starter Surprise for $33+ shipping. I know it seems steep but I will show you why I thought it was worth it. The Healthy Surprise promises 32-40 servings, enough for 2-6 people. Also the snacks are FULL Size. No little packets, no one time samples. The servings sizes are meant to be snacks, so there isn't going to be a whole meal in here. Unless, you eat the whole box? And they guarantee their service and the snacks. Customer service has been easy to deal with and they have very friendly and prompt service. :) Now let's open the surprise! I also want to add that this is a hefty box.

Bam! A Healthy Surprise!

Left to right:
1) Fearless Organic SuperChocolate in Midnight: 74% Cacao, 100% totally loved by me. They also source their chocolate directly from family owned farms in Bahia, Brazil.
2)Sacred Chocolate: 58% Cacao
3)The Perfect Snaque Sprouted Flavored Lentils in Cinnamon

Kale Krunch Cheezy Chipotle: I had never really eaten kale before so I was pleasantly surprised when I ate some in dried chip for. I ended up eating the whole bag!
Skinny Crisps in Toasty Onion: low carb and gluten free crackers.

Left to right:
1) SunRidge Farms All Natural California Sliced Almonds: great as toppings for salad or baking
2)Brothers All Natural Asian Pear Crisps
3) pitayaPLUS dried Pitaya

Top to bottom:
1) That's it. Fruit Bar: They even do the math for you. 1 apple+ 1 pear. No added sugar too. And delish! 
2)ChiBar in Berry Berry: Organic handcrafted energy bar
3) Gopal's Nori Wrapped Power Wraps in Vegan Curry: I haven't tried these yet but I think they've rolled up some nuts in there.
4) Pumpkin Sprouties: Cheesy sprouted pumpkin seeds

Left to right:
1)JoeBar in Fig
2) Olomomo Nut Co. Cherry Vanilla Dream Almonds
3) Home Free all natural mini chocolate chip cookies
4) Flax bar (I ate this this morning and didn't save the wrapper so sorry, I don't know exactly what it is, but its really good!) lol

Left to right:
1 and 2) Petter Rabbit Organics 100% pure fruit snack: came in this squeeze bottle. It looks kinda awkward when you're eating it out of the tube (the looks I got at work) I would recommend this with cereal.
3) O.N.E. Coconut Water

Whew, what a box! So this is my first box of Nom Noms. What do you think? Love surprises enough to try a Healthy Surprise? :)


  1. That box is amazing! I's def think about getting this one! Did you start eating some snacks right away? It's hard for me not to want to try everything at once!

    1. It was really hard not to start munching them right away!

  2. Wow, that is seriously amazing.. I think the value is definitely there! I'd consider this one if I didn't have a bazillion beauty subs! Maybe when I get tired of those.. :P


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