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Thursday, 31 January 2013

January 2013 Beauty Box 5 and Glymm

Glymm January 2013

Whooo-boy! What is it with January and sub box drama? To keep it short, my Glymm bag arrived today when it normally gets shipped out mid month. They were waiting on a sample to come in or something. So I thought maybe it would be something cool. I did actually like December's Bag. Then I began reading spoilers and my hope dwindled. I'll show you why.

So from left to right:

1) La Fresh Travel Lite Facial Cleansing Wipes: Nice to put in my purse. I received 2 packets.

2) 360 Skincare Lavender Mint Firming Serum: Instructions say its good for the around the eyes area. Now a lot of people are complaining about this sample size. I think its not a bad size really. You don't use so much. This will last me awhile.

3) Coolway Boost Serum: To be used after shampooing. After rinsing, towl or blow dry. Its supposed to protect your hair at different temperatures. Not too bad a size sample either.

4) Lashem Double Trouble Mascara: Aside from being teenie, it arrived dried up. I'm gonna try warming it up a little but I don't have my hopes up.

5) Sheswai Nail Lacquer in Honeyfox: This is actually a bonus item I get with their nail polish promotion. The handle there is actually made of wood. I'm excited to try this brand.

So a pretty yawn worthy bag. I think the only thing weighing the bag down is the nail lacquer. And its probably the only thing that gets me through this subscription: I can expect one thing I'll like in each bag. Sad though.....
Glymm has also raised their prices to $15/month. This definitely was not worth that. I hope with the price increase, Glymm can continue to improve. They are already talks of February previews on the FB page.

Beauty Box 5 January 2013

Now for a little better looking box ! This month's BB5 felt pretty light too but it had some 'wow!' packed in there.

From left to right:

1) Global Goddess shine Coconut Amla revitalizing hair treatment: On the product card, this was supped to be a Surprise 2012 Favourite. This is my first time receiving this particular sample. I gave the other one to my sister to try.

2) Ferro Cosmetics Desert Rose Blush: I have actually received this in a TNBB last year and it has become my favourite blush. Really happy to see it!

3) Perfumeries Solid Perfume Sticks

4) Model Co Colourbox Lip Pencil in Pomegranate

5) Pencil Me in Eye Pencil in Pink Lady: A brand I've never heard of. Its vitamin packed so that's a plus. I don't really wear a lot of coloured eye liner, but it might be fun to try for a party. 

Another good BB5 in my opinion. Next month is there one year birthday I believe so I can't wait to see what they come up with!

Is it me or are the Canadian subs getting their asses kicked by American subs? 

Friday, 25 January 2013

Nom Noms This Way: Bestowed Jan 2013 and Honey Day

Happy Friday Lovelies! It's been awhile since my last post. I hardly got anything in the mail! :( But I am here to share some nom noms with you.

Bestowed January 2013

I love this food sub! For $15 a month, they send five new healthy food products to try. Its hard for it not to be a good box!

These are Good Health Peanut Butter filled pretzels. As soon as my husband saw these, he immediately wanted to try them. He's a huge peanut butter fan and he really enjoyed them. I had a handful for a snack today too and I agree!

La Tortilla Low Carb, High Fiber Tortillas: They aren't kidding. There's 7g of fiber in one of these tortillas. Its also just about 50 calories too. 

Left to right:

1) FiberRich+ Crackers: I haven't had a chance to try this yet. It kinda reminds me of those little bread things for appetizers, canapes? 

2) Nektar Honey Crystals: I actually prefer using honey over sugar. This is actually a good idea. 

3) gnu mini bars: These are so good! They are packed with fiber and are perfect for a quick breakfast.

Another great box. Please check out Bestowed

Honey Day

I stumbled across this sub service after trying to google a monthly chocolate sub. Each month, HoneyDay sends you a package of goodies from different parts of the world. They have a few different plans with different price points. It is monthly for $20 for international subscribers. There is also a plan where you can receive 2 packages every month for $38. I decided to just try a one time plan just to see what it was like. I was surprised at how fast it actually came to my porch. It didn't come in a fancy mailer or anything. There was also a little note inside that explained what my new treats were.

Let's see if I can go clockwise from the top left without messing up!

1) Cocktail Prawn Rolls from China: I've had shrimp chips before so I think I will like these.

2) Nano Nano Sweet, Sour, and Salty Candies from Indonesia: I looked at the packaging when I first opened the package up. I thought 'this sounds really Filipino' I wasn't too far off I guess.

3)Kawarunjya Gum from Japan

4) Natural 12 Crispi Roll 12 Grain from Taiwan

5) Pepitoria Pumpkin Seed Brittle : A Vietnamese snack made in the USA

6) Mini Caplico Cream Cookie from Japan

Certainly an assortment! I am not too sure if I will subscribe to HoneyDay. I have a lot of subs already. I may keep this one in mind though.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

January 2013 ipsy bag and December 2012 Natural Beauty Box

First ipsy bag of 2013!

This month's ipsy theme was being a super star. And this little bag was full of goodies to indulge in :)

Going left to right
1) sexyhair bigsexyhair Spray and Play Volumizing Hairspray: I've always admired the packaging of these products . So simply yet so memorable. And these are salon products to boot.

2)Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil: Argan oils made a huge splash in the beauty world lately.

3) Nailtini in Frappe: it was a huge surprise for me because I was expecting to get Bloody Mary as all the sneak peeks were suggesting. I do like this one though! It is a very light peach pink.

4) Pacifica Body Butter in Tuscan Blood Orange

At the bottom there is a Soho Beauty Brush. Here's a better look:

This is the eyeliner brush. I never turn away brushes so I'm happy to have it!
Another hit for ipsy this month! I'm so glad they opened up subscriptions to Canada! What did you think of your ipsy bag? Has it convinced you to sign up?

The Natural Beauty Box Dec. 2013

I'm gonna keep this as drama-free as possible. I've read all the posts and things so please refrain from posting things I've already seen. I'm subscribed for a year and I've been happy so far. Companies have huge hiccups. Its time to recover. Despite shipping mishaps and whatnot, I'm pretty easy going.  I still look forward to these boxes. The December box is no exception.

 At the very top is a Dr. Emerald Golden Berries Super Anti-Aging Stick: now I know it looks like a lip balm but the label clearly says not to use it as such. Its for the skin on your face, such as under eye areas.

Left to right:
1) Wine Delights Pina Colada All Natural Shower Gel: The bottle reminds me of the ones you get little samples of alcohol in, hehe!

2) Kitty Kozmetics Natural Body Scrub in Kandy Kane: The misspelling of all the names reminds me of LAWL cats! 

3) Temptations Bath N' Body Wicked Little Gingerbread Soap: Its a little smaller than I would like but smells like the cookies.

4) Original Purity Raw Seeds Facial Gelee: I believe you massage it over your face. It feels great and smells so delish!

Top Left to right: I've actually had the opportunity to try these two before. I received them with my order, but they were in foil packs.

1) Delizioso Skincare Watermelon & CoQ10 Microsphere Polish: I really enjoyed using this face polish. My skin felt great after. Definitely glad to see this little jar!

2) Delizioso Skincare Cucumber Cooling Facial Moisturizer : I didn't get to use a whole lot of it last time. But I do remember a little cooling effect it had on my skin. I'm normally wary of those kinds of sensations on my face because they are usually proceeded by irritation and redness. This did not. But I'm still so uncomfortable with that tingling sensation, I don't know if I'll ever get over it. This moisturizer did not irritate my skin, however. So I will be giving it a few more trys.

Middle left to right:

1) I Love Coffee Super Nourishing Hand Cream: I do love coffee! And coffee smells :) I like to use this on my hands before bed so I keep it on my nightstand.

2)Temptations Bath N' Body Smell Me Soy Lotion Candle: Now this might be fun. You get a great smelling room and a moisturizer for your skin!

3) I Love Coffee Butter Massage Bar: I like to use these right after the shower. The bar starts melting once it hits your skin.

At the bottom is a Delizioso Skincare Black Diamond Mascara. I'm actually pretty excited to try this. I've never had a mascara that is natural before.

So some fun goodies to try this month! :)

Monday, 14 January 2013

January 2013 TopBox

January TopBox: The first Prive Box

I was pretty excited to receive this TopBox. They decided to try something new this month and give its members a preview of the Prive Box. The Prive Box will contain samples from one brand. I was good and didn't look at any spoilers for this month.

Yay! I like Clinique a lot. A lot of their products are perfect for sensitive skin like mine! So I have used a lot of their products. I especially love gift with purchase time. But this time, I didn't have to spend $28 to get my samples!

From left to right:

1) Rinse Off Eye Makeup Solvent: Oil-free and a good travel size. I think I already have one of these but I could always use more.

2) Clarifying lotion: I use this as a toner. 

3) Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector: such a long name for the smallest bottle! This product is new to me.

4) Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo in like mink: I love these little compacts! They double as mirrors!

For February, TopBox has given its members a chance to choose which Prive Box they want. The choices are Benefit, Lippy Girl and miracle 10. I chose Benefit and Lippy Girl. Topbox will them choose at random members to receive the Prive Boxes. If you are not chosen, you will get the February Topbox. I think its kinda like a Topbox lottery. Its a total surprise next month! :)

Saturday, 12 January 2013

SeasonsBox January 2013

Happy Saturday, Lovelies! A big thanks to Cindy from Cindy's Love of Books. I found this new sub box on her blog. Please check it out:)
The SeasonsBox is a brand new sub company based right out of Canada! They ship to Canada and the US right now. Each month, they send 3-5 full sized items that are perfect for the season or the month. The cost is $29.95 plus 4.95 S+H=$34.90 total. They have monthly plans, 3, 6, and 12 month plans which offer discounts and also a one time subscription. January's theme was Soft & Cozy

Our January SeasonsBox is specially curated to wipe away the January Blues and to wrap you up in soft cloud of warmth and comfort.- product card

Sounds good to me! I am always looking to support Canadian businesses and always looking for subs for us and this sounded right up that alley! I was too excited to receive my first box. I immediately opened it upon arriving home. I have to start off by noting the presentation of this box, in and out, was just visually appealing. Even Mick really liked the ribbon!

Everything was wrapped beautifully and was protected. Nothing arrived damaged. But, I mean, look just how beautiful it looks! Ok.......that's enough, here's the goodies!:

At the top is a Kitira Boutique Hand Woven Scarf: made of cotton and oh so soft! I've already rubbed it on my face (LOL)
At the bottom is an Unearth Malee Thai Herbal Steam Bath Tea. I guess this is a spa treatment. And another cool little note: the bag was made with seed paper. Soak the paper in water and plant and you'll have a patch of wildflowers! :)

On the left is a Vance Kitira Hand Poured Cathedral Candle in Caramel Pear

On the top right is a bonus item, Perfumessence Organic "Breathe" Shower and Bath Bomb. Its eucalyptus mint with lavendar and rosemary. I have been using shower tablets lately and I've been having a little extra aromatherapy. :)
At the bottom right is Whispering Willow Whipped Shea Butter. I just opened it this morning and it smells better than a candy cane. It also is light enough to be used on the face. 

What a great spread of items. Please check out the SeasonsBox

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Life is the Bubbles!: Winter Soap Box and Bubble Babez Dec 2012

Let's lather up , Lovelies! I was very happy to receive the Fortune Cookie Soap Box and Bubble Babez Bubble Box This holiday season. Little gifts for myself!

FCS Grinch Themed Winter Soap Box

Ahh, one of my favourite Dr. Suess tales! If you are not familiar with the Grinch, check this out. This season's Soap Box was jam pack with Christmas goodness!

From Left to right:
1) Hydrate me! in Goody Goody Gum Drop: I really like these lotion bars. Its cute how they are actually shaped like gum drops!

2) Holiday Cheermeister Fortune Cookie Soap: a blend of carrot cake and cream cheese. Yes that is a carrot on top! I had this in the bathroom for almost the entire holiday season.

3) Pinch of Grinch Whipped Cream: Haven't seen a green lotion in awhile! The product card also didn't mention what scent it was. Hmmmm......

From left to right:
1) Cindy Lou Who Roll On Perfume: I love this scent! Its kind of a floral candy scent.

2) Cheer Monger Body Wash: chocolate, marshmallow  and peppermint. Why it sounds like I'm showering with hot chocolate! I loved this body wash and loved the smell it gave my bathroom as I came out of the shower.

3) Whobilation OCD: Peppermint with a hint of cherry. Now I normally love OCD and my purse is never without one. Maybe its the glitter? But I didn't really like this one. Plus the thought of hand sanitizing with glitter does't scream 'sanitizer' to me. This would have worked better as a lotion I think.

4) Dear Santa, I can Explain...Personal Space: I sprayed this all over the house one day and could not get over the fact that it smelled great (pine and tangerine) and it wasn't over powering.

5) Bottom- Naughty, Nice Bath fizzy: It actually looks like a lump of coal! 

Loved this soap box. FCS is always creating which I love. Check out their website to see what I mean. Lots of fun stuff!

December Bubble Box: Holiday Goodies

How awesome is it to get 2 holiday themed boxes for November and December?! I loved it! If you haven't already, check out the website
I apologize for the poor quality pic. I normally take two shots but for some reason I didn't in this case

Let's go clockwise from the center left:

1) Bay Rum Body Sugar Shot : a little holiday drink ;)

2)Sensual Seduction Body Mousse: I have raved about these mousses before.....and will do so again now! These mousses are incredibly light and heavy moisturizing. I usually put it on after a shower to keep my skin moisturized. 

3) Red Hot Panties Bath Salt Cocktail: some bath salts, a drink for your skin :)

4) Vanilla Bean Noel Sugar Scrub

5) Peppermint Mini Soap cupcake: these make such great gifts!

6) Strawberry Lip Scrub: Lip scrubs are fun to use and this is no exception. They also help moisturize my lips.

I love my handmade bath items! How about you? Thinking of getting the Soap Box or Bubble Box? How did you like yours?

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Nom Noms This Way: Foodie

Hello to you Lovelies! Doesn't Mick look ready for a fancy dinner? I'm not a huge foodie but I do love some variety. In my subscription box searches, I came upon this pretty cool site Its kinda like an online Marketplace where Canadian artisan food makers can advertise and sell their products. And It has just about everything you can imagine: homemade candy, sauces, organic mushrooms, spice blends, and on and on. And yes, they came out with a subscription box! Their main subscription is entitled the Chef's Box. Each month, a guest Chef curates the box and includes a handful of recipes to try. The box will have full sized products. It costs about $50-$60 plus shipping to get one and its not recurring so you don't have to buy every month. Aside from that, they also have Foodie Boxes every once in awhile. These can range in price. For the Holidays I picked up the gluten-free Holiday Brunch Box.

This was the accompanying note. It tells you what the products are, who made them, ideas, and where to get them. You can get them right on the Foodie Pages website too.

Left to right:
1) Amaretti Cookies, Gluten Free by Dolci: These go really good with coffee.
2) Prairie Cherry Organic Topping: I used this on cheesecake and it was a hit with everyone.
3) Full of Beans Gluten-Free Pancake mix: as you can guess from the title, they use whole bean flour instead of regular flour.
4) Vanilla Apple Butter from au couer de la pomme: This was actually kinda like an apple sauce. It was great on toast and will probably be good for baking or desserts.
5) Prairie Cherry Splash Organic Juice Drink: This was so delicious! Real cherry juice!

At the bottom there is Pulses and the Gluten-Free Diet Recipe book. 

The Foodie/Chef box is great when you are looking for some new recipes but I'm not an aspiring chef so I wouldn't get this every month. 

Go check out Foodie Pages and see what's available around your area or on the other coast. You'll never know what food adventures you may have! :)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year! and The GlossyBox Breakup

Happy New Year Lovelies! Hope you all had a fun night and a good morning. Onyx sure did! 

My hope for 2013 is for a prosperous and happy year. Filled with moments of joy with the ones I adore. 

The GlossyBox Breakup

Now I don't mean to start my 2013 posts with a Breakup but I see this as a way of starting new. Lovelies, GlossyBox and I have gone our separate ways. I emailed to cancel. They accepted it was over. Time to move on. I have been watching my boxes and other blogger posts since the price increase from $15 to $21. When asked about the price increase, GlossyBox just gave very vague answers as to justify the increase. Things such as website facelift to matching North American pricing. The American GlossyBox has always been $21 and byt the looks of it, is pretty amazing. My hope was that with the increase, GlossyBox Canada would be able to partner with more brands. I promised myself that I would finish the year with GlossyBox and make up my mind to continue my subscription. However, with the arrival of my November box, I could no longer stay with GlossyBox. I don't even think I wrote a post about it. To refresh my memory:

Yes, now I remember. This is the first $21 box I paid for. I think I disliked this box so much that I pretty much cancelled the next day. At first glance, it looks like a pretty good box. There was a Glossy Blush included which I do use now and I do like. The MNY lipgloss didn't appeal all to me, plus looked like a left over. The Nicole by OPI nail polish was a Kardashian Kolor in Kardashing through the Snow which was just a glitter polish that looked like it was thrown together without much thought to how it looks. The Curel hand cream I keep at my desk at work. The Vitabath hand cream I have yet to try and I'm not impressed that I got 2 hand cremes in one box. I also received a Nexxus Shampoo set. The Uber Loyalty card I'm not even sure about. I went to their website and didn't really see anything worth buying. This was also the month they sent out the first issue of GlossyMag. Where exactly did the $21 go? I am expecting a few more exciting brands. Not here....

Which brings me to the last box I received, December 2012. This box touted a collaboration with Lou Lou Magazine. I had hope. I thought, maybe this month will be the turning point. 

Again Not so bad looking right? From Left to right:
1) Revlon Nail Enamel in Tuscan Sun
2) Tresemme Split Remedy Sachet
3) Aveeno Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer
4) GlossyBox False Lashes
5) Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer
6) Tresemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo

At the bottom: A set of aquamarine studs and Avon Liquid eyeshadow.

I'll go through why this box was disappointing 
1) The Nail colour I am pretty sure is some left over stock. It arrived dusty like it took a roll in a vaccuum cleaner and it had two huge fingerprint smudges on the brush handle. Now call me crazy, but I generally like to buy my cosmetics that are not and clean. 
2) A foil sample, pffft. You could at least include 2-3 packets to get a good feel
3) This product I actually do feel good about. Whether or not my skin agrees with me, time will tell.
4) To add to my collection.
5) I really don't like using tinted moisturizers because I'm already very tan.
6) I do want to try this dry shampoo out.
Avon: nothing that gets me really excited.

The earrings look/are cheap. I'm allergic to nickel so I can't wear costume jewelry. So these will have to find another home.
 Also another stab to my side. In the GlossyMag, they had the nerve to put an Editor's pick's page:
And well, what do ya know? NONE of these brands are featured in GlossyBox. 
Why feature them if you can't give your members a little Sample to try? 

Such disappointment. GlossyBox, I know you claim to not carry drugstore brands. But guess what! I know I can find each and every brand you carry in a drugstore! And I'd be hard pressed to find them anywhere else. So your reputation for carrying drugstore brands precedes you and will continue to do so until you take a serious look at your partners and start using some of the capital from the price increase you charged members to find new partners. Or you can take the road where you just admit that you carry drugstore brands and be done with it. That still won't make me resubscribe.