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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Fight the Funky Smells!

Whew! I'm not sure what Mick is smelling but I really hope it wasn't me or Sean! Lovelies, let's tackle some BO. With the warm weather months upon us, the need to stay cool and fresh is the season's challenge. I personally, do not like the traditional, aluminum stick deodorant. I'm not comfortable with the idea of putting aluminum compounds on my skin everyday. I am also one of those women who have to use clinically strong deodorants as genetics has blessed me with extra sweat glands. I hate the white stuff it leaves on me and my clothes. I began to search for alternatives. I'm happy to say I'm off stick, drugstore deodorants and would love to share my new findings with you. The picture below is how they sit our our dresser currently. It's not pretty I know, but I live with a boy!

I shall go from left to right.

Purely Great Women's Cream Deodorant in Lavender
This deodorant I found during a search for more natural solutions. And Purely Great is a Canadian company! I emailed them and they sent me this sample. And I'm really glad they did! The cream has to be mixed a little before application, using a popsicle stick or similar. It starts to thin a little once you get it going. Using the stick or your fingers, take a dime sized dollop and spread on your under arm area. It melts with your body temperature and absorbs in seconds. This lasted all day for me. Like 8-10 hours all day for me. I was dry as a bone and smelled of lovely lavender. The formula was thick and I think that it helped last longer. This is definitely my favourite out of the bunch.

Crawford Street Skincare Lemon Deodorant Cream
You may remember I received this in the April Seasonsbox. Crawford Street Skin Care is a Toronto-based company. This creme is a lot thinner. It has a really fluffy texture. You don't need a whole lot, just a dime sized dollop. Your body temperature helps melt and absorb it into your skin. The lemon smell is also fresh, kinda like a tart lemonade. I found this one to only have about 6-8 hours of lasting coverage. The smell also becomes more subtle as the day goes on. I definitely do like this one as well but I don't think I'd wear it if I was going to do some heavy sweating or be out all day.

Margarita Bloom's Untamed Dame Lemon Pound Cake Deodorant
Margarita Bloom is a beauty & bath company which is vegan, cruelty free, and has some bombshell vintage beauties! (Sometimes, I like to go to the website and look at all the pictures of queens and fair ladies and pinups. Gorgeous!) Lemon seems to be a popular scent! This definitely smells like its namesake. Lemon and sugar and cake, yum! It comes in a stick form so all you have to do is glide it on. Really handy if you are in a pinch for time. I love the scent of this one a lot, but like the Crawford Street deodorant, I found it did not last as long. I got about 6-8 hours of coverage before I could feel my sweat glands restarting. I still use this baby though!

Botanical Therapeutic Liquid Crystal Deodorant
Botanical Therapeutic is one of the collections available from Carina Organics, a BC based company. I like the quickness and convenience of sprays but had never had much luck with them. So i jumped at the chance to review this one! You spray your under arms about 4-6 times each and then let it dry. Or if impatient like me, rub a little to help the absorption process. It then forms a layer of protection from odor causing bacteria for 24 hours. I read the ingredients and the only things in it are purified water and natural mineral salts. I wouldn't say I was sweat-free for 24 hours. It was really more like 10-12. The spray is unscented and as such, so were my pits! No smell is better then bad smell any day is how I look at it. So I do like this one for the rushed mornings or the quick touch ups.

So Lovelies, let's fight the funky smells with these new weapons I have discovered!


  1. Awesome now I have some options. I've been wanting to switch to alternative deodorants too. I just talked about a couple in my latest post. Where can I get the Purely Great?

    1. Hi Lisa! You can get purely great at the link I provided above or try

  2. I really want to try these too, and I will definitely be looking into purchasing the Purely Great. I had looked at the Crawford one before but shipping was too expensive, and if PG is even better, hopefully I can get that one. I haven't bought drugstore deodorant since December and I'll probably be done what I have soon so it's a good time to purchase! thanks for sharing your findings :)

    1. Oh no! Shipping is $8 here too :/ $20 to test out a deodorant I may not like is a bit steep...

    2. I suppose for the Crawford Street skin care, you could go to the store if you live in the GTA

  3. Hi This is Deb from Purelygreat.
    We do offer a family or 4 pack which has free shipping.
    Get 4 friends together and save on shipping.
    Also they are available at some retail locations!
    I hope you will try our product!

  4. I am a salt stick girl, but I have also been loving the Crawford Street deodorant as well!


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