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Am completely new to all of this. Soooo.....

Hi everyone, my name is Gen. I'm a subscription boxoholic.
Well, no not really. I'm new to the subscription box craze. Add in the fact that I love getting snail mail and gifts!?! I didn't have a chance.
In my hunt for the elusive box, elusive because I live in Canada and its hit or miss with shipping. I searched the deserts of the internet for the box that would make me happiest the most. It was a long (re)search quest. I have signed up for quite a few boxes. Quite is being used lightly. And I thought 'There must be others out there, like me. Wandering the plains of the internet, in search of the same thing, the same wonderful box?' And thus, my little corner of webspace was born. I want to dedicate a blog entirely to subscription boxes and monthly reviews. You will experience the boxes as they come to a newbie and learn as I learn. I'm no techie, so if things look off, for example, the pictures I take will probably be on my Galaxy phone. You'll know why. I also like taking pictures this way because I like my pictures to look real. No air brushes, stars, or glitter here. Just right out of the box 'as is'.

It won't be all 'subscription box this' and 'new samples that'. 

I love to laugh and will post things to make you smile. 
I love to ask questions and get opinions just as much as I like giving them out.
I love to share any deals I've scoured the net for. 
I love free stuff and I'm an avid freebie website visitor. 

I named my blog 'Onyx and Mick' after my two favourite kitties in the whole world :) So they will be featured soon!

So we're off! expect a first post soon, as I am still trying to figure this whole thing out. 
Till then......:)

I am not being compensated, all subscriptions are all my own, paid for by me. Therefore, all opinions expressed are my own honest, raw thoughts.

Want me to review a specific product or your product? Contact me at


  1. You love science, makeup and cats? I think we're going to be very good friends! Onyx and Mink look absolutely adorable!

    1. Hurray! I will post more pics of them not sleeping, but its just what they do! haha

  2. I love your blog! I actually saw quite a few boxes I wasn't aware of. I liked your "about me". I also blog mostly about subscription boxes and random things that me smile and today your blog did! All the best!


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