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The Great Canadian Subscription Box List

So here is a list of all subscriptions and non-subscription services available to Canadians. This list will always be a work in progress. So check back for updates! Please shoot me a message or comment if I miss any and I'll be happy to add them. If you find one you like, I would really appreciate if you used my referral link. There are puppy dogs and ice cream for you if you do! Ok, no not puppy dogs, but I'd still be ever gratefully if you did :)

Beauty & Bath


This is the American GlossyBox and they started shipping to Canada! You get 5 luxury beauty products for $26US/month and that includes duties and shipping!

Formerly the Glam Bag. They ship you a bag of goodies every month for $14.95. There are almost always full sized products too. I highly recommend this subscription!

$12 a month plus tax. You get 4 beauty samples and they are usually good sizes.

LuxeBox by TopBox
A Quarterly Beauty sample service. $26/quarter. You receive 7-8 beauty samples to try.

Starlooks Starbox
$22 a month for international customers. Best of all, 3-4 full sized products!

Beauty Box 5
$12 USD a month. They also have 3, 6, and 12 month plans which save you up to $44. Shipping is included in price.

Petit Vour
Receive 4-5 beauty samples to try from cruelty free brands. $23/month includes shipping.

From the Lab
Try exciting beauty products straight out of the lab! Each sample is a 30 day supply! $19.95/month + $8.95 shipping.

A collection of different subscriptions: make-up and beauty, intimates, jewelry and fitness!

Beauty Joy Box
Every month, you will receive one hand-curated piece of jewelry, one full sized beauty item and 2-3 deluxe beauty samples. It is $20/month for Canadians.

Angel Beauty Box
Beauty box for darker skinned gals :) $20/month + $10 shipping

Lip Monthly
$10/month plus shipping and taxes. Comes to $16.29/month.

Lipstick Crate
4-6 Full sized Lip Products a month. $23/month + $8.99 in shipping

No More Dirty Looks via Quarterly Co.
A quarterly subscription service for all natural skin and beauty products. $25 USD plus $10 for shipping to Canada.

OTM by Glamor Doll eyes
Subscriptions open up on the 8th of every month and they go fast!

Fortune Cookie Soap Box
This is the link to subscribe using your credit card. I prefer this method because it is faster and there is no waitlist. $28 every 3 months

The Bubble Box
Every month for $19.99, Bubble Babez sends you a treat box filled with handmade bath products. I personally love their whipped shea butters. 

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box
$19.95+ $8 in shipping

Nail Polish

Julep Maven
$24.99 USD per month. There are 3, 6, 9 and annual membership packages, but they do not work out to any savings. At least you can opt to skip boxes every month. Becoming a Maven also entitles you to free shipping! :)

Square Hue
For $23.99/month, receive 3 full sized nail polish bottles.

Rad Nails
A complete nail art subscription. For Canadian gals, its $25/ month with a minimum 3 month subscription. Each package includes 20 stick on nail art, a file, and cuticle stick.

Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box
A subscription box available for Canadians to purchase each month. You get a full sized polish, a mini polish, and a few surprises. $20.99/month.


This actually not a subscription per se. They alert you when a collection becomes available and you decide if you want to purchase. The cost is $65 per collection and usually includes 3 pieces. Free worldwide shipping too.


A box that includes all you need for a fabulous outfit! Costume Jewelry and a great top! Full themed box is $59 + shipping (note: shipping to Ontario is $19.95) Accessories only box is $49 and they have Mixer Boxes, which are surprise accessories for $10.

Golden Tote
This subscription tends to sell out fast. There are two different plans. $49/month gets you 2-3 items. $149/month gets you 5-7 items a month. Shipping is a flat rate of $25.

A fashion membership specializing in shoes, handbags, and accessories. For $39.95 a month + $9 shipping. You can also skip months.

Charges 19.95 shipping to Canada

By Oxford trunk. Every month members will receive a collection of surprises curated by the Oxford Trunk. $25/month + $9.50 shipping
A fashion subscription. Their plans start at $20-$30/shirt/season + $25 shipping.
Get new twistbands each month. Plans start at 3 months for $30 + $3.95 for shipping.
A new panty in the mail every month starting at $20, shipping included.
Starts at $9.95 per month. There are a few different styles to choose from.

Lingerie. All styles are $39.95 + Free shipping to Canada.


IndulgeMe Box
For $25/month, they send you 4-5 handpicked gifts just for you. Use the coupon FIRSTBOX10 to get 10% off your first box.

Quarterly Co.
A unique kind of service in which you choose the curator you want to subscribe to and they send you quarterly packages of amazing finds, cool stuff, useful tools. A true surprise! Most plans are $25-$50 per quarter plus $10 shipping to Canada.

Fancy Box Subscription : This company charges extra fees, which you pay and then they refund you. If you don't want the hassle, don't bother.
Choosing from different categories, the box is curated based on your choices. They are also having some celebrities, such as Ashton Kutcher, Coco Rocha, and Pink, curate boxes for members based on their favourite things. The cost is $39+ $17 shipping= $56 total. It might be fun to try if you are really into surprises. 

The Homegrown Collective
$39+$9 shipping. This may also incur some duty fees. Each month they send you some awesome stuff you can grow yourself, like mushrooms. Definitely interesting.

irl Box
A new way to discover new music and cool stuff For $20.42 /month to Canada, you get a box full of new music to try and new swag to flaunt!

Boxsome Nostaglia Packs
Treat your inner geek to a Wax Pack! Filled with geek stuff from when you were a kid. cost is $7+ $3.50 shipping.

Not Another Bill
A unique gift subscription that is a surprise each time. Shipped all the way across the pond. For International Subscibers, Canadians, the cost is $38.85 plus shipping.

The Original Grab Bag
A bag of the best stuff on earth. price varies from $120-$400 for 3 month intervals. 

Indie Gift Box
A box of handmade goodies delivered to you each month. Quantities are limited. The total cost comes to $42/month that includes the shipping to Canada.

A sub box all the way from Ireland! They have 2 different box types: artisan food and Irish handmade crafts. Plans start at about $41 and that includes shipping.

Surprise Box from Saveur du Jour
A gift box all the way from France! $45 

A box for the yoga lifestyle! 4-6 full sized products starting at $30.95/month plus $9.99 in shipping.

Blind Surprise
They search the internet to bring you crazy cool and beautiful gifts. Starts at $23.50/month + $11 shipping.


Nerd Block
Ranges from $13.99-$19.99 + shipping. Each $19.99 box will always have a shirt. There are also different boxes to choose from!

Geekme Box
$42.99/month includes shipping and each box with always have a t-shirt!

Loot Crate
$29.95/month gets you all sorts of geeky goodies!

Awesome Pack
Make family time fun time! $49.99/month with a board game in every pack!

Every mystery box contains an exclusive shirt and $50+ collectibles. $29.90USD/month and it includes shipping to Canada.

Boxy Chan
There are different themes to choose from. $25.00+ 10.99 USD shipping/month

Crafts/Paper Stationary

Knit Crate
Price varies. You get a new knitting project every month, complete with pattern and yarn!

As the name suggests, a new yarn to create with every month or every other month. $39/month or $21 bimonthly.

Chic Maker
$29.90 a month. You get a full DIY kit to make your very own stylish jewelry!

Monthly subscription for paper lovers. $25+ shipping

Cocoa Daisy
A monthly scrapbooking kit! $32.95+ $10.50 in shipping.

Each month they send a kit which includes all the materials you need for a fun project. $34+$6 shipping/month.

Subscriptions available through Etsy

Just searching 'subscription' in the Etsy search box brings up a tonne of sub services from independent artists. Try it out! Here are a few:

No, not flapjacks! This is an independent jewelry maker that sends you a piece months. The cost is $70+$12 in shipping for 3 months

Time of the month

Bonjour Jolie
A customizable tampon/pad delivery service. They will also include some pamper products for you! $16 + $10 shipping/month.

Le Parcel
A tampon/pad delivery service for $15/month +$10 shipping. They also like to include a surprise and some chocolate for you.


Now I want to give this its own category because there are quite a few different services available from BeachMint that encompass a few different categories.

Each month, members have the option of having a piece of Jewelry sent to them for $29.99 plus $9.99 shipping to Canada.

Each month, members can purchase fashion pieces at $29.99 each plus $9.99 shipping.

Each month, members can purchase the latest styles in shoes at $79.98 plus shipping.

Members get access to designs exclusive for members


A Canadian subscription for children's socks. You get 2 pairs every month for just $10 and that includes shipping. Also for every pair purchased, they will donate a pair of socks to a child in need.

Sock Cardigan
$15/month for a pair of zany socks. They have both men's and women's sizes.

Sock Club

Zorrab Sock Subscription
They have 3 different plans starting at $18/month for 2 pairs of socks

Monthly Socks

Black Socks Sockscription

Socking Behaviour
$12/month for one pair or $23/month for his and hers pair! And free shipping in Canada! 

Foot Cardigan
Get a fun pair of socks for just $11/month!

Just for Men

Skincare made for men. You actually can customize your kit. Prices range from $35-$49. And this is a Canadian company !


Bespoke Post
A box of curated products for men. Could be food, gadgets, etc.  $45/month + shipping. Shipping to ON and QC $10, shipping to all other provinces $20.

Razor Blade Club

Gone Fishin'

$15/month for a box of tackle, lures, baits.

$15/month for a surprise box of lures and baits and other handy things.

Food & Snacks/Health

Little Life Box
Just $19.95+ $3.95 shipping a month for a box full of healthy food alternatives!

SnackBox by and Healthy Surprise
A box of unique and scrumptious foods, some from Canadian companies! Cost starts at $49.99+$10 in shipping. 

Munch Better
A Canadian subscription box. A box contain 5-6 snacks for you to enjoy every month. Plans start at $28/month plus free shipping! UrthBox
Monthly food box starting at $9/month plus $6 in shipping.

Candy Japan
For $23.95 a month, they send you 2 packages of candy from the land of the rising sun. Its an interesting sub if you are curious to try some Asian candies and can't find your way around an Asian grocer.

$19/month and they send you 5 healthy food products to try.

Vegan Cuts
A completely vegan snack box sent to you each month. The cost is $19.95/month+ $8 shipping

Pairings Box by Turntable Kitchen
For $25+tax, they send you a pretty unique box. First, you get some recipe cards and a hard to find ingredient. Second, you get a vinyl record designed to pair perfectly for the mood of the meal. 

Foodie Box/Chef Box by
Each month a famous chef will curate a box full of the goods necessary to make their favourite dishes. You get full sized items and the cost of each month varies unless you commit to a 3 month subscription. Usually $55/month.

The Missing Ingredient
You get 4-5 well sized samples to whip up a delicious dish each month. The cost is $56.99

The Fancy Food Box This company charges extra fees, which you pay and then they refund you. If you don't want the hassle, don't bother.
Fancy also has their own food subscription now. They include 5-8 full sized items. The cost is $39/month plus shipping.

A dinner delivery service. You tell them how many people and what kind of food and they deliver the ingredients and recipes. For now, they only serve a small area so check to see if they come to your zipcode. Starts at $65.


Fit Snack
6-9 nutrient dense snacks, starting at $30/month includes shipping and handling.

A Canadian subscription box that sends you 6-12 health supplement samples. Cost is $14.95 US/month.

Tea Sparrow
For you tea lovers, a tea subscription based service out of BC. For $20/month, they send you 4 samples of loose leaf tea to try. 

Amoda Tea
A loose leaf tea subscription starting at $15/month.

For $20 a month, they send you 4 generous samples of whole bean coffee from different parts of the world. 

The Roaster's Pack
An all Canadian coffee subscription! $29.95/month and you get 3 sampler bags from Canadian roasters.

Bean Box
Receive 4 handpicked gourmet coffee roasts for $29.50/month.

For Adults ;)

A box of spicy, sexy fun from $24.95-$34.95 +$3.20 shipping

Another Sexytime box for $34.95

For the Athletes

Jacked Pack
Ranges from $9.50-24.50 + $5.50 shipping to Canada. This is a box of health supplements designed to get you muscle building.

6-8 Nutrition/ endurance samples for $20/month.

$15/month + $5 shipping to Canada. They send you 6-8 samples of performance products.


Mommies First Care Package
A box for expectant moms and new moms. Each package contains 4-5 must have items for baby. Membership starts at $30/month. Also a Canadian company.

Little Passports
Have new worldly adventures delivered straight to your door! Each package will have your child learning about different parts of the world. Starts at $11.95/month.

Adventure packs designed for imagination and fun! Start at $29.99/month.

Kelly Kits
Starting at $19.95/month. Each month, you'll receive a kit full of fun crafts for your kids.

Green Kid Crafts
$23.95 +$9.50 shipping/month. A great package that includes eco-friendly, sustainable crafts for kids. Each month also has a theme.

Kiwi Crate
Kiwi Crate also has a few different boxes for different age groups.
Koala Crate is for ages 3-4 years.
Kiwi Crate is for ages 4-8 years
Tinker Crate is for ages 9- 14+ years
Doodle Crate is for ages 9- 16+ years.
For $19.95+ $6.95 in shipping and you get a box full of activities for your children

Mama's Got Mail
Every month, moms receive a goodie box just for them. Plans start at $49.99+ $18 shipping.

My Little Craft Crate
A great little craft subscription for toddlers! Starts at $19.95 +shipping per month.

The Honest Company
Now ships to Canada! You can choose a bundle to receive every month : Diapers and Wipes, Essentials, or Health and Wellness Bundles. Choose the products you want and customize your shipping. You can even start with a free trial. Bundles start at $35.95/month plus $5.95 for shipping.

The Happy Trunk
Starts at $19.95/month + $9.95 for shipping.

Groovy Lab in a Box
Get awesome science experiments monthly for just $26.95/month!

For Pets

A special treat just for dogs. Plans start at $18 per month plus $5 shipping to Canada.

Bugsy's Box
A subscription box for dogs filled with treats for man's beat friend! Its $29/month

BFF Fun Packs for Pets
A subscription pack for pets! Prices vary depending on your pet buddy. Shipping is extra to Canada.

Paws and Play
Canadian pet subscription box!

Bowser Box
Plans start at $29/month plus $4.50 for shipping.

Music Lovers

$14+ $5 in shipping to US and Canada. Get a new selection of music and fun items every month :)

Sampler Non-Subscription Boxes

Out of the Box Sampler

Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Box

Sampler Village

Sample Z Box


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    Great list!!! So fabulous you have it pinned where we can refer to it!

    1. The bulu box website doesn't say its ships to Canada :( it even apologizes!

    2. Bulu Box does ship to Canada. I've subscribed and received it.

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    1. I remember once you input your address, they will email you about the extra charges.

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  9. I don't know if you are aware but Glossybox Canada is out of business.

    Blueariel's Beauty Spot

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    2. That is not accurate. Canadian Subscription Box Addict is a regular subscriber of Glossybox. She received her regular package in March, 2016. Her review is dated April 7.

  10. Bulubox no longer ships to Canada for new subscriptions.:(
    I'm pretty sure Shinyset doesn't exist anymore. I had a subscription but never received anything. They didn't answer my emails. I had to call my credit card company to get my money back from them.
    I also had a 3 month subscription to Pantyfly and got an email from them about a refund for the remaining months due to supplier issues. Not sure what's up but they are also not replying to emails.

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      Love this by the way. VERY helpful.

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    3. Canadian Box Addict has done many reviews of Top Box.

  12. Hello!

    Great list and good work! :)

    I was wondering if you know of any good boxes that are shipping to Europe (especially thinking for women, such as beauty,health,food and so on...)

    I see that some do...But I need it to be not over 32 dollar, included shipping...

    I will not have to pay X taxes and so on then...

    Thank you ! :)

  13. LOVE THIS!!! I signed up to two from here just now! Thank you!!

  14. a horse box Canada is both available in the USA and Canada!

  15. I just found this list and I'm totally blown away by it! Thanks so much for putting this up! I just wanted to let you know that one of the boxes you're missing is Saffron Rouge's Inner Circle. I understand they've only recently started their subscription service, but I've been pretty happy with the reviews I've seen and with my own experience of the November 2013 box. If interested, I've reviewed it here:

  16. Thank you sooooo much a comprehensive list!! Super helpful and informative. :)

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  19. Another great one for pets is:
    Monthly pack for Dogs - $30 and for Cats $25. My cats loved all of the treats and toys they received! They have items you can purchase as well and they sometimes throw in a free toy!
    Thank you for posting all of this great info!!

  20. There is an awesome 100 % Canadian owned and sourced monthly subscription pet box that is not on the list! They have boxes for cats, dogs and horses that you can customize quite a bit. They have add ons for kids as well as mix boxes for owners with more than 1 type of pet. They are brand new and I am pretty sure they already have a waiting list with a 50% off deal right now for joining the waiting list. Check out their site at

  21. I just subscribed to Ipsy ... thanks for the info :)

  22. Hi! Nice post... You should add The Roasters Pack to the list. 3 different Canadian coffee roasters and 3 different roasts featured every month:

  23. Great post!! Because of you, I signed up for luxe box, ipsy, top box, julep, beauty box5, for myself and gifted subscriptions to tackle grab for my dad and Sock cardigan for my best friend. My comments: Luxe box is the BEST, I wish they had a monthly option, always high end, products that I find useful and actually end up buying. it has been 4 months and I am still on a wait list to receive ipsy, which is super annoying. top box I cancelled after 3 months as I found that it was all sample size and of products that were lower end, although I do sign up for the top box special edition boxes (they had one for Lou lou and one for Flare & chatelaine, those were $40 but were an amazing value and had high end products in them), I love beauty box 5, a good mix of products and better than top box and I cancelled Julep after 3 months as their nail polish was very runny/streaky so hard to apply but I loved their colours.

  24. one more box that I just discovered and have signed up for.... they have 3 different types of subscriptions: accessories, sleepwear/intimates & makeup. I have signed up for the sleepwear one. Very cool. I have also signed up for My Little Craft crate and my son who is 3.5 LOVES it. The crafts are amazing and I order a sibling option for only $10 and I get double the amount of crafts (so a friend can do it with him). Best craft crate out there!

  25. I found this one. Tring it out now :).

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  29. not puppy dogs, but I'd still be ever gratefully if you did :) ...

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    1. I was dismayed to discover all of the subscriptions I checked offered FREE shipping to US addresses, however to Canadian ones they not only charged more for the box but then tacked shipping on top of it. Not for me.

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  49. I was surprised to see that Madame Ladybug wasn't on the Period list. It delivers to Canada. It's the best period box out there.

  50. Great post with tons of great Canadian subscription boxes. I will have to look at some of the boxes I haven't heard of yet and share the info!

  51. I wish there were more organic/toxic free beauty boxes avail in Canada!

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    ได้ทำการงัดแงะภายใน OPPO Find X ซึ่งแสดงให้เห็นถึงการทำงานของส่วนสไลด์ โดยภายในถูกแบ่งเป็น 2 ส่วน คือส่วนบนตรงส่วนสไลด์จะมีพวก กล้องหน้า, กล้องหลัง, เซนเซอร์ตรวจจับใบหน้า และการใช้งานด้านโทรอยู่ ส่วนการสไลด์ขึ้นลง จะใช้มอเตอร์แบบเกลียวเป็นตัวส่งแรง พร้อมรางสไลด์จะอยู่ทางฝั่งซ้ายและขวา และสิ่งที่ทำให้การสไลด์มีความลื่นจะมีการนำแผ่นรองมาใช้ แทนการใช้สปริงในการรับแรงกระแทก

    รีวิว oppo find x

  64. Can you add My Petite Box to your list?
    We are based in Calgary and we feature one local artist/maker per month!

  65. Wow, What a list, Thankyou so much for sharing it. You saved my time :)

    Daisy Roe, Cratejoy designer


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