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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Double Mystery Box Theatre

I've been sleuthing out two new mystery boxes and I've come to share my findings with you, Lovelies.

Mystery Box #1

This is the WellyBox from WellyFish. It claims to be the cleanest curated box. WellyBox is curated by Skylar and Tamara. They started shipping to Canada and it costs $26USD per month. I have seen a few box reviews and the products all seem pretty cool. Lots of indie brands. A variety of products to, from beauty to wellness. And this month's box was no exception!

I am greeted with a letter with information on the brands in the box. This is a box of treats! All these products are fun snacks and good for you too!

Look at all the goods! Let's go from top left going clockwise:
1) om snacks roasted almonds and roasted cashews: they get their nuts from organic farms.
2) Runa Tea: I got 2 full boxes! I had never heard of Runa tea. It is Runa tea is naturally caffeinated guayusa leaves. The are sourced  from fair trade farmers from Ecuador. It has the same compounds found in chocolate and green tea. I'm excited to try these :)
3) Just Pure Foods Ranch Zucchini Chips: yummy sounding. I never realized all the different veggies you can make chips out of.
4) Melissa's Raw Cuisine cookies: I love cookies!

Overall, I was impressed with this box and look forward to next month's goodies.

Mystery Box #2

Fancy this? Hehe, This is the Fancy Box. Curated by A Pinterest shopping mall if you will. They offer a subscription service for $30USD and for Canadians, tag on an extra $17 for shipping. Steep I know. They ask you to pick the categories you'd most like to receive. The Categories are Men's, Women's, Gadgets, Home, etc. So I received my Fancy box................................................

The box on the left is a pretty cool looking mug that looks like a camera lens. It even has a cover to keep your drink hot. On the right, is a creamer that is shaped like a little milk carton. Pretty cute :)

That's not a piece of candy. Its a Lollipop shaped portable speaker. That tube of lipstick is green UV and mean to glow under black light. I'm not really sure I have a use for it.

A shirt that I find neither ironic, funny or even amusing.
I didn't really find this box all that impressive. It was a surprise and it is a gamble every month because you don't what you are getting. I have since cancelled my subscription. It kinda was too much for my taste. 

And there you have it, Lovelies. Mysteries Solved!


  1. i am amazed by your ability to discover all these boxes i have never heard of!
    the Fancy box is indeed too expensive but i think the name is so cute. plus the creamer and lenses mug is pretty awesome :) i am guessing you chose a "women's" box?
    thanks for all your hard detective work! ;)

    1. Hey Helen, I actually chose Home, I was thinking I wanted something new for the kitchen. I didn't choose womens because it was too much of a gamble :(

    2. oo thanks for letting me know. i was just wondering how else they could've known what size you wear for tshirts

  2. How do you find these boxes? I actually like the idea behind the first one. I will be checking that one out but for the second one its a little too steep for my liking so i will pass.

    I am in total awe of you. You are the subscription service Queen :)

    1. Hey Cindy, I guess I just clearly have too much time to do so lol! I started my blog with the hopes of finding boxes available for Canadians and everyone I find one I post it here for everyone :)

  3. Interesting box finds! You're the ultimate Box Sleuth!


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