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Sunday, 2 June 2013

BA Star Glitter & Glue Review

Sunday-Funday, Lovelies! Onyx is trying to score some pets by nuzzling my outer space covered foot. She really knows how to get your attention! 
Today, I bring you a new experience and a new brand. I have experimented with body glitter. Was I successful? Read on to find out!

BA Star is a cosmetics company that specializes in makeup for cheerleaders, teams, dancers, and trend setters. A lot of their products are made to last a long time and provide comfort to the user. At BA Star, you can also customize your palettes to match team colours for example. They also provide bulk pricing if you need some glitter fab for everyone! BA Star was kind enough to send me their Glue-Liquid Base and Glitter to review and share with you. Each retails for $8.75 on their website. The glue comes in a lipgloss tube with a wand applicator for ease of use. It is all white in the tube but goes on clear once applied to the skin. I decided to do a heart on my wrist. The next step is to apply the glitter. I received the Holo Silver Glitter. It very fine. Using my fingers, I sprinkled the glitter onto the heart outline. The glitter stuck to the glue right away. In fact, it does a good job sticking to skin without the I found out. LOL The result :

Ok, I know it doesn't look like a heart. I waited for the glue to dry, which did not take very long. I tried to tap the rest of the glitter off but it held. So now I'm just gonna say, 'I'm so fabulous, I bleed glitter!' 
Overall, I had a lot of fun trying body glitter. I'd do this again and try not to use so much next time. One pot holds a lot of glitter, so it will last a long time. I think you could even use this on your nails for some glittery art!
Check out BA Star to some some of their other products. Use the code BBGLITZ to receive 50% off! :)

I received these samples for the purposes of review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are mine own.


  1. hahahaha gen - bleeding glitter! that does sound fab :)

    that's great that it held on so well!

  2. That's great that the staying power is so good! I'm sure you were probably finding glitter everywhere even after your review. Sometimes I wonder, am I PRODUCING glitter?

  3. haha love the bleeding glitter!

  4. Oh goodness, that is a lot of glitter!


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