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Friday, 14 September 2012

It's Friday, I'm in Love!: The Natural Beauty Box August 2012 (finally!)

It's Friday, Lovelies! What are you sipping? I am having a Dr. Pepper with a little Cherry Whiskey. Redundant, I know, but a super sweet start to the weekend! :)
I've been meaning to get around to The Natural Beauty Box Use it or Lose it, but it just never happened. And then more boxes began populating my porch! So this post kinda got lost in the shuffle. And now makes it debut! If you recall:

The Natural Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription service filled with 10-15 deluxe samples of 95-100% all natural products. It is $20 per month and is non-recurring so you have the option to get that month's box or not. But from what I've seen, they are selling like hotcakes! You can also subscribe for a full year, which is $15.75 a month. And they do ship internationally. August 2012 was their launch box. Sample count=14. 14?! They weren't kidding. I am not going to review every product I received because I either a) didn't get around to using it or b) I don't actually use the type of product. 

Here is the selection of products I did try and will review.

From Left to Right!
1) Original Purity Skincare Wash Me Lavender Body Wash: This product is actually a 5-in-1. It's a body wash, shampoo, counter cleanser, handsoap, and a bubble bath. I did actually try it for the first 3 uses listed. I'm not too crazy about the lavender scent, but it did the job. All three in fact! It was gentle enough for my face, my hair felt clean, and my skin so soft! They have other scents available, orange and cinnamon. I will have to pick up the orange body wash soon!
2) Pure Anada Fruit Enzyme Exfoliating Cleanser: This has been my go to cleanser since the day it arrived. It smells like citrus heaven! Its a cream cleanser with tiny scrubbing beads. After washing it off, my skin actually feels fresh. 
3) Temptations Bath N Body Tumble Me Oats Natural Soap Cake Slice: Now The soap I have shown here is the full size I bought. My sample didn't last very long! It was simply delicious to use! Hands so soft and not dried out! It's also good for use in the shower.....which is where mine will be going. :)

From left to right
1) 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream : One of my favourite scents is coffee. So this eye cream is right up my alley. 
2) Delizioso Skincare Spring Cream Blush: I was a little worried about this one. It seemed very bright red when I opened it. But looks are deceiving. It actually goes on quite sheer at first with only a hint of colour. It actually takes a few applications to get it just right. I've even used it as a lip tint! 
3) Delizioso Skincare Nourish & Shimmer Lip Gloss in Blueberry: This smells like blueberries, but doesn't go on blue. Its more of a purple colour. The gloss has a nice pigment to it, but the formula dries pretty quick so you have to reapply often. The product also separates when left untouched for a period of time. 

The top product which is cutoff in my picture (and a testament to my awesome photography skills) is Zatik Natural Active Balancing Creme:  I did like this product at first but then something fishy started happening. The creme was getting water to precipitate on my face which makes for an icky feeling, to put it so scientifically ;) It also had a scent of ginger to it. It wasn't strong or anything but did not help the sweaty face feeling I was getting. I stopped using it altogether. 
Now from top left to right:

1) Renu Derma Eye Cream: A gentle eye cream, I use at night. 

2) Happy Pumpkin Organic Skincare Hydrating Hair Balm: I use this when I want to style and smooth my hair out.....and smell like pumpkin pie at the same time. Who wouldn't want to smell like a favourite holiday dessert?! Its hydrating alright, but can get a bit oily if you load it on. Just like pumpkin pie, moderation is needed. 

3) Ariona Skincare Organic Argan & Camu Camu Facial Oil: I love this product! I use it every morning. It absorbs sos quick, you'll forget you have it on. It reduced the redness around my nose. The best part is, you need just a couple drops per application. This bottle will last me quite a long time! :)

4)Delizioso Skincare Crisp Vanilla Body Cream Mini: This is like putting icing on yourself. Every time I get a whiff, I'm back to birthdays and parties and peeking in bakery windows. Ahhhh.......I got the full size to cover myself! So this little guy comes around with me in my purse. :)

So there you have it. Just about everything in the box also has a homemade feel to it as well. A lot of the items were individually wrapped in tissue paper or tied up with ribbons and bows. I can't wait for the September box! To Subscribe, check out the link under the Subscription Links Page :)


  1. I can't wait for my September TNBB! I only purchased one month because I don't know if I'll want the whole year, but from the looks of it, I might!

    1. I took the dive and went in for a whole year. From this first box and looking at products on their website, I don't think I'll be disappointed. :)

  2. I purchased one like Jayne - I'm getting the September box too. This looks like an awesome haul - that pumpkin hair balm sounds really neat!

    1. It smells so good too! You just can't use to much cuz it can get oily. I just saw a bit of the spoiler video for the September box. Can't wait, should be here soon! :)


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