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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year! and The GlossyBox Breakup

Happy New Year Lovelies! Hope you all had a fun night and a good morning. Onyx sure did! 

My hope for 2013 is for a prosperous and happy year. Filled with moments of joy with the ones I adore. 

The GlossyBox Breakup

Now I don't mean to start my 2013 posts with a Breakup but I see this as a way of starting new. Lovelies, GlossyBox and I have gone our separate ways. I emailed to cancel. They accepted it was over. Time to move on. I have been watching my boxes and other blogger posts since the price increase from $15 to $21. When asked about the price increase, GlossyBox just gave very vague answers as to justify the increase. Things such as website facelift to matching North American pricing. The American GlossyBox has always been $21 and byt the looks of it, is pretty amazing. My hope was that with the increase, GlossyBox Canada would be able to partner with more brands. I promised myself that I would finish the year with GlossyBox and make up my mind to continue my subscription. However, with the arrival of my November box, I could no longer stay with GlossyBox. I don't even think I wrote a post about it. To refresh my memory:

Yes, now I remember. This is the first $21 box I paid for. I think I disliked this box so much that I pretty much cancelled the next day. At first glance, it looks like a pretty good box. There was a Glossy Blush included which I do use now and I do like. The MNY lipgloss didn't appeal all to me, plus looked like a left over. The Nicole by OPI nail polish was a Kardashian Kolor in Kardashing through the Snow which was just a glitter polish that looked like it was thrown together without much thought to how it looks. The Curel hand cream I keep at my desk at work. The Vitabath hand cream I have yet to try and I'm not impressed that I got 2 hand cremes in one box. I also received a Nexxus Shampoo set. The Uber Loyalty card I'm not even sure about. I went to their website and didn't really see anything worth buying. This was also the month they sent out the first issue of GlossyMag. Where exactly did the $21 go? I am expecting a few more exciting brands. Not here....

Which brings me to the last box I received, December 2012. This box touted a collaboration with Lou Lou Magazine. I had hope. I thought, maybe this month will be the turning point. 

Again Not so bad looking right? From Left to right:
1) Revlon Nail Enamel in Tuscan Sun
2) Tresemme Split Remedy Sachet
3) Aveeno Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer
4) GlossyBox False Lashes
5) Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer
6) Tresemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo

At the bottom: A set of aquamarine studs and Avon Liquid eyeshadow.

I'll go through why this box was disappointing 
1) The Nail colour I am pretty sure is some left over stock. It arrived dusty like it took a roll in a vaccuum cleaner and it had two huge fingerprint smudges on the brush handle. Now call me crazy, but I generally like to buy my cosmetics that are not and clean. 
2) A foil sample, pffft. You could at least include 2-3 packets to get a good feel
3) This product I actually do feel good about. Whether or not my skin agrees with me, time will tell.
4) To add to my collection.
5) I really don't like using tinted moisturizers because I'm already very tan.
6) I do want to try this dry shampoo out.
Avon: nothing that gets me really excited.

The earrings look/are cheap. I'm allergic to nickel so I can't wear costume jewelry. So these will have to find another home.
 Also another stab to my side. In the GlossyMag, they had the nerve to put an Editor's pick's page:
And well, what do ya know? NONE of these brands are featured in GlossyBox. 
Why feature them if you can't give your members a little Sample to try? 

Such disappointment. GlossyBox, I know you claim to not carry drugstore brands. But guess what! I know I can find each and every brand you carry in a drugstore! And I'd be hard pressed to find them anywhere else. So your reputation for carrying drugstore brands precedes you and will continue to do so until you take a serious look at your partners and start using some of the capital from the price increase you charged members to find new partners. Or you can take the road where you just admit that you carry drugstore brands and be done with it. That still won't make me resubscribe.


  1. AT first I was excited about the mag because I thought it would relate to what we got in the box but honestly if we are paying for this mag I would rather they took that money and perhaps used it to purchase an item in there. Nothing worse then show casing something (editors pick) when it doesn't relate to the box.

  2. This box seemed 1 of the best in awhile. I cancelled months ago with Glossybox. So I don't blame you as I havn't missed it at all & I am sure you won't either.

  3. What a different take on a very similar box! I guess of the boxes I received this month, this is the least disappointing one for me. I thought the value of the box was pretty good, I didn't even take a look inside the mag XD

  4. I totally see your point(s) and the $21 is still quite a bit for a beauty box considering what we're getting. Other countries get amazing things, but so far we have yet to see truly amazing products. I feel like Canada doesn't have the "connections" that other countries do.

  5. I do think that Glossybox can have the "connections" as it is the same company in the US.
    Could they not bother to send some of their boxes out way?
    Seems more like Glossybox did not want to put in the effort and just wanted to pull the wool over people's eyes.

    I also can not stay subscribed once I found out how Glossybox Canada gets a lot of its samples- from mystery "third parties".

    And to be more insulting the replacement items they sent me for the Dec box were old expired items.

    -another old Revlon nail polish

    -the Maybeline MNY lip gloss- that is also discontinued and from 2010...only seen for sale on ebay uk....


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