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Friday, 19 October 2012

My First Topbox October 2012 and Spooks?!

I had been on the waiting list since the end of June and was informed that I would be receiving my first Topbox in October. And here it is!

Going Left to right:
1) Endocare Ampoules and Tensage Radiance Contour: I have been taking better care of my skin lately so I happy to see this sample.
2) Stila Eyeshadow Palette sampler When I first saw this I thought ' Its a coupon!' These look mostly one to two uses.
3) Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator: Another face peel type product I can try, yippee!
4) Maskeraide Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask in Detov Diva: I have wanted to try one of these masks for awhile now, and now I can!

All in all, not mind blowing, but still a good box! I'm glad I waited :) If you'd like to get on the waitlist, I have the link on my Subscriptions page.


Can a box be spooky? Can you be afraid to open it????!!!!!! Dun Dun Duh!!

Haha, all joking aside I was pretty excited to receive this box. It is limited edition so even subscribers had to order it. 

Haha, yes that is actual spider web trimming. 

Let's go clockwise starting from the top!
1) Witches Wart Be-Gone Clearly Complexion clay mask: I've never used a mask this dark before!

2) Smashed Pumpkin Wax Tart from Scentsory Overload

3)Scary Spice OCD: I have quite a collection of these :)

4) Vampire Blood Body Wash: This will be my first body wash from them. Its black cherry flavoured!

5) Gremlins, Goblins & Ghouls OH MY! Whipped Cream: smells like grape candy

6) Ghost Gum Hydrate Me!: smells like an orange cream bar

7) Headless Horsemen Bath Melt: hmmm I wonder what this will actually smell like......

8) Grave Digger Fortune Cookie Soap: This was the first thing I sniffed out of the box. And yes, it is totally dirt!

9) Centre: Bubble yum and a Zombie Treats bath fizz which glows in the dark: I don't think I'll be taking a bath in the dark anytime soon. 

What a crazy spooky box! Haha, this was fun to open and I'm sure it will be a blast to use too! :)


  1. Oh wow you got the Halloween box! Looks like really neat stuff - what does the Ghost Gum hydrate me and Gremlins Whipped Cream smell like?

    1. They smell like Ghost Gum- orange cream bar and Gremlins like grape candy! I'm not a huge fan of grape but this smells delicious :)

  2. The Halloween Box is so cute!!

  3. I'm jealous you got in on this month's Topbox, I've been on the wait list since March! I hope the box is better for November, not only for their new subscribers but for the ones who have known how good their box is.

  4. I have been on the Topbox waiting list for months. Still waiting. Not sure if I need another beauty subscription box or not though. I have the GlossyBox but they recently up their price which I'm not too happy about. Just started my subscription box to Fortune Cookie Soap box and loving it so far.

    New follower :)


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