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Friday, 26 October 2012

Kitty Take Over Post!

Hello! My name is Mick and while my human mommy,Gen, is making dinner, I decided to takeover her blog for a post! So what does a single, male 6 year old cat have to say?

I know my human has a lot of boxes delivered to our house. I know because if they are sitting on the porch, I have to sniff them. And just my luck, she never gets tuna :( When she opens them, I am usually around, sniffing, pawing. I don't really like the lipglosses or lotions. I'm really into the ribbons and wrapping paper! I love chasing them around the room and playing. I can kick around the occasional packing peanut. I also really like the boxes. I like seeing if I can fit into them. Sometimes if they are big enough, I'll take a nap in there.

See this laundry basket? I fit in it so I fell asleep. All of my humans' clothes are fun to sleep on, especially when they are not home. ;)
Speaking of which, I can hear her in the kitchen, dinner is almost ready. I still have to go take my pre-dinner nap too (on mommy's sweatshirt). So g'night for now. Mick is out!


  1. Awww - Hi Mick! My cat Normie also loves the boxes! Perfect sleeping nook :)


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