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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday Mystery Box Theatre: Splish Splash I was taking a bath...........

An extra entry to who can finish that song lyric for the Think Pink Palette Giveaway!

I have a new mystery box for you, Lovelies. One I discovered while searching for a homemade soap subscription. I love homemade soaps! They are great on my sensitive skin and I no longer buy mass produced soap. I am slowing converting my husband as well. This little box sat in customs for awhile before it arrived at my door step.

The Wash Box from Suds Bar Soap! This is a box that comes out 3 times a year. Their first bo was this September's. It cost $28USD and includes the shipping to Canada. Let's take a look inside.

Boy this little box was heavy!

Clockwise from the top:
1) Pop Pop's Pipe soap: This will remind you of a cozy winter with its warm notes of vanilla and raspberry. I think the name's pretty cool :)
2) Warm Honey Soap: Soothe dry skin and mellow out. I have been loving honey soaps lately and this smells so delicious!
3) Mineral Salt Rocks: Soak your cares away with these salt rocks enriched with trace minerals like selenium and magnesium.
4) Holiday Berry Cherry Soap: Bring in the season with this uplifting soap.
I would also like to add these soaps are quite large so these will last awhile.

These were also very well sized! Clockwise from the top:

1) Pumpkin Bath Melt: Besides dropping it in the bath, they suggested that it can also be used as a conditioner for the skin in the shower. Just rub all over after you cleanse. This is a great idea! I wonder if it would work with other bath melts? hmmmmm............
2)Nectar Dry Oil Body Drizzle: Spritz for a light, non-greasy moisture that will leave you smelling heavenly.
3)Sweet Nectar Otha Butta: Quench dry skin with our richly blended butters of kukui nut oil and sunflower oil. A little goes a long way! They aren't kidding. Plus it looks so fluffy!
4) Lavender Lotion: Relax your senses, while rejuvenating your skin. I've been liking lavender lately so this will definitely get used :

And there you have it, Lovelies. I do plan on staying for the next box which won't be out until January I believe. If interested you can sign up here Canadian Wash Box. Take a look around the website too :)


  1. LOL I think I have to stop reading your blog LOL OMG this looks like a great box and I will have to check it out and since it will only be in January.

    BTW you so know I won't stop reading LOL

  2. Where do you keeping finding all of these boxes! I never thought there would be this many different subscription boxes, let alone this many available to Canadians!

    :) Chelsey

  3. Amazing , Thanks for sharing!
    Extra entry !!
    Splish , Splash I was taking a bath .. Long about a saturday night,
    Rub-a-dub, just relaxin' in the tub
    Thinkin' everything was alright
    Thanks Gen <3

  4. i love homemade soaps too! only if we had lush here which we dont..sad!!:((

    1. I've been using their products since they first opened. I have also subscribed to their wash box... love love love it.
      In my opinion it's much better than lush. Their scents are not to overpowering (to me lush is), and I just love love their body drizzles. I use it everyday.

  5. It looks like this box is similar in concept (and price) to Fortune Cookie. How would you say these products compare?

    1. I have so far tried the oil drizzle and the pumpkin melt. I really like the oil drizzle. It smells delicious. The bath melt kept my skin oily but it was soft. I'd say the quality of these products is just as good as FCS. They use more Retro style packaging too which I love :)

    2. Thanks! If you use anything else, let me know how it works out too!


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