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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Tickled Pink: My Dream Sample Box

My Dream Sample Box has put out the Pink-A-Licious Mega Box with part of the proceeds going towards the breast cancer cause. My Dream Sample Box is a box o'goodies that comes out with different themed boxes every month. It is filled with homemade samples such as soaps, candles, wax tarts, and other surprises. Its not a subscription box so you can chose which month you want to purchase. What homemade goodies await us?!

The all edibles! At the top Left and going clockwise we have Splendid and Charmer cookies from Blonde Sugar, A peanut butter doggie treat from Road Apples Lv, Decadence Brownie from Blonde Sugar (yummy!), and a Cinnilla-Bean Sugar Spice packet from Let's Get Saucy

 The most unique thing I received was this handsewn mini pillow from Rainbows & Celebrations. Its so funky and cute! Also a cute pink flower ring you see on the bottom left.

Top Left to right: A Mint Book from Shandalin, Wedding Favor Bubbles from Savory Favors, Lovespel Bath Salts and soap sample from Ostara Organics, Love Thyself Candle from Joie Joelle Creations, a wax melt from Wax Wonders Candles
Bottom Left to right: A cute little print from White Stag Art, sample of Christmas Spice bath salts from Safari Soapa, knitted little hat from Megan's Treasures, (centre) a sample of Lime soap from The Barn & More, a pair of earrings from Mojo Couture, a handmade zodiac totem from Whatshername Jewelry, Monkey Farts wax melt from Shel's Tarts & Crafts, and a Rhinestone buckle from Yvonne's Candy Bar Boutique

From Left to right: a bracelet from Graceful Designs, Makeup Tips and a Twizzler from Gorgeous Glamour, a wedding inspiration board from Wedditalia, and a tea tree soap from Bubbles Bath Boutique.
Not pictured: Earrings from Debbie's Designs and a crochet pink ribbon from Lillie's Crochet Shop

So many wonderful samples and so many Pink reminders! Also a big thank you to Holly, owner of My Dream Sample Shop :)

Get Tickled Pink, Lovelies! Support the Cause! Protect those Ta-ta's!


  1. Do you happen to have the link for subscribing to this box? What a great box filled with some great goodies.

    1. Hey Cindy! I'm such a flake sometimes! I should have written that this is not a subscription box. Rather, its a box that does come out every month and you have to order it. :)

  2. I was looking at this box a few months ago and even emailed the company to ask about Canadian shipping but they didn't get back to me so I never ordered a box. Looks like some good stuff - that pillow is really cute! How much was the box and how much was shipping?

    1. Hi Margo, it was 26.55. It was a little hefty :(

    2. Hi Margo, it was 26.55. It was a little hefty :(

    3. Whoa - that's quite a bit for shipping. But at least it looks like you got pretty cool items!

  3. As much as I really like this box, I think its a little too much for me to spend. I think its the shipping that breaks the bank. Although I might check into this again and perhaps the next time I go visit my sister in law in the US order the month before I arrive. To check it out.


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