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Friday, 24 August 2012

It's Friday I'm in Love....Candy Japan

I came home, to an empty porch. :(

But I fished an envelope out of the mailbox:
Look at the cute tape seal! :) I love my sweets so I had to try this sub out. Candy Japan is 23.95 USD per month and they send you 2 packets a month of candy straight from Japan. I didn't get an email as to what anything is, so we'll have to use our deductive skills, Watson. Here are my goodies!

Clockwise going from the right: Seika's Narutokintoki Soft Caramels, in a Sweet Yam Flavour, Fit's Magiq Gum, and the last one is entirely in Japanese. I popped this one open and tried one right away. It had a bunch of cartoon robots on the packaging. It was like a sour warhead at first and then turn into a kind of gummy chew, but a lot harder in consistancy. It was actually pretty good! I'll probably have another one later as it looks like there are different flavours.

I was so excited to try these.......but it could not be yet. They had been out in the heat too long, so when I tried to unwrap one, the caramel came apart and stayed stuck to the wrapper. They are in the fridge right now, hoping a little cold will solve the problem.
*Update: The wrapper is edible! I tried unwrapping one and failed again. So on my third treat, I thought, "what if?' and took a chunk of wrapper and popped it in my mouth. A normal wrapper would have just remained. This started melting! I've seen this type of wrapper before on other Asian treats. I'm not sure what its made out of but it uses rice as one of the ingredients. Armed with this new intel, I ate the whole thing! Sweet Success :)

This gum actually had English instructions. So being the good student I am, I followed it to a tee. When you pull on a stick, the bottom half of the wrapper rips and stays in the box, so you are left with a stick of gum that is ready to pop in your mouth. I think the idea was to cut down on unwrapping time completely? So I am chewing a stick right now. It has little flavour crystals that when you crunch down on them, they release a little more flavour. This gum was like a juicy fruit type flavour. Other than that, it feels and acts like a stick of gum you could buy in North America. The packaging is fun :)
A sweet ending to a semi sweet day! I love trying new things.


  1. Oh this box is awesome. I first saw Jayne's on her blog, Cosmetic Proof, now you get a candy mailbox might need a candy explosion as well!

    1. I think what's so fun about it is that its a real treat! I can't wait for my next envelope.

  2. Oooh, you got different stuff!! I thought everyone got the same stuff! Looks so yummy!

    1. Is so yummy! I love the caramels and no unwrapping needed! The gum is now tucked away in my purse too :)

  3. I just unsubbed from Candy Japan because I found most of the candies they have featured in a Japanese grocery store near my work...none of the candies were more than $'s still a great service for those who don't have access to Asian goods though. I was just disappointed that I was able to find most of the candies :(

  4. Yeah, not a single Japanese grocer where I live! :(

  5. very interesting! especially how it has instructions on how to eat candy haha


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