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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Waiting for me on the Porch

I got home Thursday from work to a lovely surprise. Not one but three boxes! Jumping the gun, I opened them all! But not without snapping some pictures for everyone. I used my smartphone, which may or may not have been a dumb idea. hehe I will reveal the other two boxes in a separate post :)

First is my first ever(!) July 2012 Glossybox.

I must say, I really like the presentation of the box. The box itself was pretty sturdy, pretty much a gift box you could totally use again. The products were wrapped in tissue paper with a cute little pink cosgrain ribbon. So far, so good. Now what's inside?!

They included an envelope explaining the box contents and a few coupons too. Quite a full box! So let's go from left to right:

1) John Frieda Frizz-Ease Xtra Strength Serum,(full size!) 50mL for 14.99 :Instantly and dramatically transforms coarse, wiry, unruly frizz for ultra sleek, purely-polished, super shiny results.
I have always wanted to try this! Frizz just always get the best of me. And it came full size, so this box has already paid for itself.

2)Zoya Nail Polish, 0.5oz for $8: It is kissed by sea and sand with the famous, full coverage Zoya formula. Now I admit I've never actually heard of this brand before. The shade I received is Mytra. It is a rich orange shade with glitter gold flecks in it. Very cool.

3) BeautySoClean Sanitizer Wipes 48/$12.50, 4 comes out to a little over $1. For cleaning off debris like dust, lint, and food particles

4) Alessandro International Pedix Heel Resuce Balm, 100mL/$19.95. Protects and nourishes skin with shea butter, allantoin, and tea tree oil. I am pretty excited to try this product as my poor skin is always dry no matter what the season.

5) Eucerin Camling Creme, Sample size: A daily soothing moisturizer that prevents recurrence of itchness and further irritation due to dry skin. It contains Natural Colloidal Oatmeal, fragrance-free glycerin formula and provides hydration for 24 hours. This is a really small sample. I've slipped it in my purse for my hands.

6) Dove Softening Creme Bodywash: Full Size at $5.99: Get visibly more beautiful skin in just one week.   I'm a little wary of this one. I did used to use Dove for sensitive skin and it worked great. Then I think they changed the formulation and After that first shower with the brand new bottle. I broke out into a terrible rash all over my body! I was not a happy camper and needless to say, I stopped using it altogether. I'm not quite sure if I will give this a go or give it away.

So my first unboxing and my first box arrived! now has the bragging rights to my beauty box cherry, haha.

How did you like your July Glossybox?


  1. welcome to the blogosphere!!
    i take my pictures with my phone too hehe. it's just wayyyy more convenient i find!
    and that Zoya polish color looks really nice :)

    1. Yes it really is. I can't really fiddle with cameras or photo editors. Plus I want readers to see things as they arrive, not some fluffed-up fancy ad photo.
      It is a pretty red-orange when you have it on :)

  2. I was meh about the box!

    1. I heard that a lot on other blogs. Here's hoping for a good August box! :)


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