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Friday, 31 August 2012

Catchin' Up!

My porch has seen a lot of action in the last little while! Honestly, the only way I can back track is through all the pictures I took with my phone. So let's see what's on here.......
Haha! Mick's new napping spot :)

My first BB5 box. I love the colour of this box! 

Wow! Its jam packed with goodies! 
Blum Naturals Make-up Remover Towelettes, Freeman Anti- Stress Mask, Ellis Faas Milky Glazed Lips , Ferro Cosmetics Sheer Crystal Veil, and H2O Plus Marine Calm Restoring eye cream. I'm impressed with this box. There is enough of each product to get a good feel for them. I can't wait for Use it or Lose it!

What else is on here?...........
My first ever Starbox and its a special addition! I really liked the packaging and presentation.
Starbox is a make-up only subscription which features full sized products from the Starlooks line. This month included a lipgloss in pink petal rose and a liner in sculupture. 

And finally...............
This is Candyscovery. I was not too impressed with the packaging. As you can see, the little white treat bags were flimsy and the feel of them indicated the candy inside was loose, like someone scooped them out of a bin. It also came with what I think is a Chilean Flag, since that's where these treats are from.

There was nothing that struck me as new and exciting. The top candy looked like a marshmallow based candy, and tasted like one. Not that I don't like marshmallows, but I've seen these before. The candy on the bottom looked like sugar coated jujubes. And that's pretty much what they were. A softer consistency, but still. So disappointed! I'm glad I bought just one sample pack first before subbing! Candy-not-so good-discovery :(

Woo-hoo! All caught up. Now to try all these goodies! 


  1. You got your BB5 box so quickly! Jayne did as well. I keep looking for mine in the mail, but so far, no turquoise box. And this month looks like a good one! Never heard of Candyscovery - how much was that one?

    1. hey i got mine two days ago too!

      and thanks for sharing the starlooks box. i see it creeping it up now so i am going to start reading more reviews!

    2. Candyscovery is $25 a month and you get a different bag of candy from a different part of the world. I think I'll stick with Candy Japan for now, lol

  2. I am disappointed with Candyscovery...not worth the $25...

    Don't you just love the BB5 box? I thought there was a great variety of products and how hot was that lip gloss?! It looks like a weapon! Did you like the quality of the Starlooks products?

    1. The BB5 was awesome! I am having a spa day with my sister next weekend and the masks are perfect! The lipgloss is pretty kick ass too. It looked like a really big silver bullet! The weapon of beauty, tehee!
      As for Starlooks, I've tried the lipgloss. I did like it, nice colour and it wasn't as tacky as some glosses. I have yet to try the liner. From what I've seen, I'll stay subbed to them :) Great customer service too, since international customers have to be personally handled by a rep (phone or email). Are you thinking of subbing?


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