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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Saturday Mystery Box Theatre

Extra points for who can tell me what dork reference I'm attempting to make!

Ahh, mysteries, mysteries, mysteries. I do love myself a good mystery. So when I got home I found this on the porch......

Hmmm, spidey sense is telling me :"This is the Coastal Scents Mystery Box!" And Indeed it was. Coastal Scents offered a Mystery Box on their website for $19.99 USD, promising to be worth at least $50. A gamble, no doubt. 

It came with a bumper sticker, stating the obvious (haha). Now onto the insides! 

Upon opening I thought what I had read somewhere described as a 'brush explosion' and I'm not kidding. My heart almost dropped thinking maybe it was all brushes! It was a real possibility. But I began sifting through the contents as breathed a sigh of relief. 

I did get the one thing I was hoping for. A Hotpot Palette! For those unfamiliar with Coastal Scents, one of their neat products is the hotpot, which are individual and interchangeable pots of pressed eyeshadows that can be placed and replaced into their hotpot palettes. I almost screamed when I saw this! I also got a Duo Shadow Pencil in Copper, a sample of African Black soap, a sample of loose mineral eyeshadow in Aqua, and of course the Brushes. I did get two eyeshadow blending brushes and a stipple brush I did not have. 

So all in all, I was pretty happy with this box. A gamble albeit, but Life's like that. I'm glad it turned out.
Mystery Solved! Has anyone else taken a gamble on mystery boxes? How did it go?


  1. Yes, there's that brush explosion, but you did get a pencil and palette too (which is awesome - I so wanted my box to have a eye palette!)

  2. LOL, brush explosion. :) They really did go all out on the brushes but still seems they sent some decent stuff.


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