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Monday, 3 December 2012

Day 3, The Natural Beauty Box and Bubble Babez Nov. 2012

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Day 3 of the Luxe Advent Calendar

oooooo! I've never tried shu uemura anything before. Its an anti-wrinkle cream. 

The Natural Beauty Box November 2012

This month's box was a little later then usual, but still a welcomed site on my porch. It doesn't look like much but there are still a lot of fun stuff to try. And the sample sizes are still more than one use!

Top Left to right:
1) L'Sensuelle Natural Aphrodisiac Solid Perfume. Full size
2) Fruition Blue Raspberry Lip YUM. Full size and currently in my purse. Really good for the lips without smelling too much.
3) Delizioso Skincare Cream Stick Eye Shadow in Grape. Full size.
4) Dr. Emerald Golden Berries Extra Moisturizing Facial Cream
5) Fruition Papaya Split End Saver. This I will have to give a spin!
6) Temptations Bath N Body Classic DeLux Cupcake Soap: this is soo cute. I ended up giving it to my sister as part of her birthday present. Aside from being adorable, It was already wrapped up!

Bottom Left to right:
1) Native Touch Rooting Bear Rub
3) Delizioso Skincare Sour Cherry Whip Lip Scrub. Full size
4) Temptations Bath N Body Oompabulous Glam-Dust Loose Eye Shadows

Another good mix of cosmetics and bath and body products. :) Check out the Natural Beauty Store here

Bubble Babez Holiday Cheer Box

I always love it when my Bubble Babez Bubble Box comes in the mail. It smells up the mailbox in a good way! :)

This month's box is filled with some fun seasonal scents!

Yum Yum! Clockwise, starting from left top corner:

1)Pumpkin Spice Whipped Shea Butter: These little whipped treats are seriously amazing! I love how my skin feels and smells after rubbing this on.
2)White Chocolate Mint Whipped Shea Butter: alright 2 in 1 box :D
3)Eucalyptus & Spearmint Bath Bomb in a Jar
4) Apple Cinnamon Lotion Bar: I have a new found love for lotion bars. They are great when you're in a bit of a hurry and you waste less lotion.
5)McIntosh Apple Soy Wax Melt

And the cutest things in the box...............

How adorably yummy do these look?! They are Cranapple and Vanilla Noel Soap Cupcakes. These make a perfect little add-on to a gift or stocking stuffer or party favor. I reallly want to keep these for myself, but 'tis the season. Should I? Gahhhhh! ;)
If you haven't already, check out the Bubble Babez store, and I dare you to not try and grab these yummy treats through your computer screen! hehe

Thank you for stopping by Lovelies. I have some new posts planned for you, including my second Nom Noms post and a new series entitled: GlossyBox on Trial. In these posts I will unbox GlossyBox and see if it was worth the 40% price increase. The Prosecution and Defense will argue both sides and I will be asking the Lovelies to weigh in too! Recess till then! 


  1. The Bubble Babez sub is so cute! If I cancel one someday, I might have to try this.


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