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Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Sweet Deal: Sugared Beauty

Good Day to you Lovelies! I come bearing a delish treat......of info (teehee). I have found a new subscription in which I have fallen head over heels with. 
I was browsing around on Etsy one day when I decided, for kicks, to type in the word 'Subscription'. I got back a ton of results about Etsy shops that send you a handmade good every month. They had lots of things like handmade card of the month, bracelet of the month, and so on. They also had things I couldn't imagine like baby octopus of the month. Now, now. These aren't real octopi. They are handknitted stuffed octopus toys they send a different one each month. Different strokes for different folks, right? So anyways, as I was reading through the results, the name of one shop caught my attention. You guessed it: Sugared Beauty. This particular listing was something about a subscription to the Happy Face Scrub. I was intrigued, I clicked on it. And the rest is history! You can check it out here or at the Etsy shop here

Sarah from Sugared Beauty handmakes scrubs, balms, bath treats and all sorts of goodies using organic, natural ingredients. And the best part: put in an order and its made fresh just for you! I loves my sugar so how could I resist sugar beauty products? I contacted Sarah through Etsy and expressed my interest and also my hesitation to jump into a subscription. I asked if it was possible to buy some samples before buying a full sized product. Sarah was already a step ahead. In her Etsy shop, she has a listing to buy 3 samples of your choice of almost any of the products in the shop. It was only $5 shipped. I knew I had to try the Happy Face Scrub. I also had to try the Handmade Sugar Scrub in Chocolate Cake and Sugared Lemonade. Yum!

My Samples arrived in such cute little containers. Do not be fooled by the sizes. The Happy face Scrub lasted me over a week! After trying the samples, I was hooked. I signed up for a subscription to the Happy Face Scrub and the Sugar Scrub. 

They are sent out at the beginning of the month and since I'm in Canada, they take about a week to get to me. No biggie, they are worth the wait!

I love this scrub! It foams up quite nicely, exfoliates and moisturizes. It has a really fresh smell and doesn't feel like I'm lobbing globs of toxins on, and Its made fresh to order! I use this about every other day and my skin has just been great on it! For my American Lovelies, I believe this scrub was recently featured in the Goodebox. 

This is the chocolate cake Sugar Scrub. I have to stop myself from eating them! They are also other cflavours such as Sugared Lemonade, which I think I will get for the summer months. Just like Happy Face, my skin thoroughly enjoyed this treat!

Please check out Sugared Beauty (links above) and try some goodies out! :)


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