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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Presents on the Porch! : December 2012 LuxeBox, TopBox, and Ipsy Bag

With subs, Christmas always comes early. It was such fun to see some presents on my porch. Let's dive in!

Winter Luxebox 2012

This was actually a complete surprise when I sat it sitting on my porch. I hadn't received a confirmation email with tracking info so I had no idea it was arriving. I was pretty excited! LuxeBox is a quarterly subscription so they only send boxes out every 3 months or every season. I really enjoyed my Fall LuxeBox. Here's my Winter one: It was all wrapped up in a big satin drawstring bag. I know I'm definitely gonna use this again :)

Sorry for the poor quality picture. To be honest I really wasn't motivated to take a more glamourous one, because I was underwhelmed with this box. Let's go from left to right:

1)Eyeko Mini Skinny Brush Mascara : I really liked the eyeliner from the Fall box. I will try this out but I feel like I've been swarmed by mascaras lately!

2) Kerastase Cristalliste Lumiere Liquide: Its a lot smaller then I expeted bu I have heard quite a few good things about this. 

3) Essie Nail Lacquer in She's Pampered: A nice red for the winter season. Also full sized so not complaining!

4)B Kamins Laboratories Day Lotion SPF 15: I like that this is a Canadian company. And moisturizer is always a good thing in the winter months.

5)Donna Karen Woman: Not a huge perfume fan.

6) Dermalogica Precleanse: I guess judging by the name you use it before you cleanse.

7)Schwarzkopf Professional Dust It: This is a powder you use for styling your hair. It kinda gives texture to your hair.

And this month's bonus item is a Kabuki brush withe the Loose Button Logo

So overall, underwhelming as it seems. The sizes seem a lot smaller this season. I've also had a chance to see other boxes. I was not lucky enough to receive Lancome's Hypnose Star mascara.:(

TopBox December 2012

A little mishap befelled my Topbox. This month, for some reason, instead of leaving it on my porch or in my mailbox, I got a notice to pick it up at the Post Office. I had to wait a whole day to pick it up. And I have to say, not really impressed.
Left to right:
1) Kellet Skin Care Treatment: I'm not too sure what to make of these samples.

2) and 3) Goldwell Hot Form Spray and Sleek Perfection Hair serums: These are supposed to be salon exclusive.

4) Ferro Cosmetics Mineral Makeup in Med-Beige: I actually like these Ferro samples. A little goes a long way. I really like their blush.

The end.
Seriously anticlimactic, eh? That was it. No Holiday Card or fun holiday item. The only thing that was remotely seasonal was the packing paper and package: they are red. So this is my 3rd Topbox and it was a letdown. I figured for December there would be a little something special in the box. Hmmmmmm..........

Ipsy Bag Dec. 2012

This is my second month with them and I can't wait for what's next. Mostly a make-up sub from the US, you get for $15 a month deluxe and often times full sized beauty and cosmetic products.  Let's take a look:

 Wow! A beautiful little make up bag too! And they even had a little holiday greeting for us! That there on the left is Mai Couture Highlighter Papier. This definitely blows Glymm's 2 sheet samples out of the water. I'm not too sure, but I daresay its full sized! On the right, going from top to bottom:

1) Mirabella Prime for Faced and Eyes: I have been getting into primers for the face lately so this will definitely be used.

2) Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Zero: travel size but a welcomed item! 

3) NYX Loose Pearl Eyeshadow in Walnut

4) be a .....Bombshell Hot Mess Lip Gloss: A red gloss! :D

Over the moon with this bag. Definitely some great holiday looks to be created the next few weeks.
 Canadian subs, your competition has just started heating up! Step it up! Or you'll end up like me and GlossyBox: broken up. Yes, we are done for now. Details on that soon. 

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  1. You're right we wrote practically the same post! Lol
    You make me want to give Ferro a decent shot, I just seriously don't know how to use this product....

  2. I was so unimpressed with my Topbox too...ever since they took off all of those ppl from the waitlist, the boxes haven't been great...

  3. Topbox was the worst this month!! bahh!
    and i loved my ipsy the most too! :) and luxe box was very meh... i received some items that were different from you though - that Essie is a pretty color


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