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Monday, 25 February 2013

Beautylishious Bag: Made with Love

Good evening Lovelies! Monday is just about over! But have no fear! I have a new beauty bag to share with you. Beautylishious Bag comes all the way from across the pond (the UK) and is run by the lovely Harriette. As the title and the cute charm pic above says, each bag is Made with Love. And I truly felt how much care was put into these adorable bags. Each month brings 4 beauty products to your door. And yes they do ship internationally. With a trusty currency converter, the cost per month comes to $27 dollars plus change. I have included the shipping to Canada in there. It is a non-recurring subscription and she only makes a certain amount each month, so it is first come first serve. I would to share with you my January and February 2013 bags.  

February 2013

When my first bag arrived, I really had no idea how full or heavy it would be! And the inside was delightful!

From left to right

Steam Cream: freshly handmade moisturizer for face, body and hands. I received 4 packets. This is a brand based out of the UK. It can be applied regularly but is also formulated to work with steam

Garnier Soft Essential Comforting Cleansing Lotion (full size): It contains rose extract and smells wonderful! I like to use it for a quick face wash and to remove eye make up.

Murad Body Firming Cream (full size): Can always use some firming, right ladies? ;)

Angel Delight soap from lush : heavenly, haha! 

January 2013

Now I actually did list them in this way because I just received my Jan bag today! (Thanks Customs! grrrrr) But this situation will also allow me to discuss the amazing customer service I received. After my February bag came before my January one, I contacted Harriette to see if she could track it down for me. We decided to chalk it up to a loss. She was very apologetic and offered to send me another month in place of it. I was happy with her response and she was just so polite and courteous and definitely will be signing up for more bags in the future. When I got home today, there was a parcel stuffed in a CP bag that stated the package had been damaged. Oh NO! :( I opened it up and discovered that customs opened my parcel and just decided not to close it back up with care? One of my products ended up opening and going all over the place. Here is the contents of the bag:

Ooh La La naked creamy bliss coco de mer Body Wash: (full size) another UK brand I am excited to try! It's a 97% natural body wash.

Natural Face Mask in Rose Clay and Raspberry: this is my little culprit! The lid on the jar ended up loosening and all over the inside of the bag. (Again thanks Customs for your gentle handling) No biggie though. Nothing that couldn't be cleaned up :) This is a dry clay mask, just add water and voila! A spa worthy mud mask.

Ooh la Spa Cool Minty Foot Butter: (full size) This is perfect because I need to get my feet flip flop ready! Another UK brand to try as well.

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment: for hair. I had always heard about this kind of oil for hair and was hoping for a sample to present itself. Now I have a whole bottle to try! :)

Overall I am impressed by this service. The customer service, the presentation, the sizes and value each bag brings, and the personal little touches make this bag truly feel like a gift from a friend ;) Thank you Harriette for such a wonderful job and keep it up, Lovely! :) I am one satisfied customer and will definitely be back for more!

What did you think of the bag? What do you think about trying UK brands? Will you give Beautylishious a try? Also stop by their Facebook page and give them a like!


  1. cute! I like the little baggies it comes in.. and a lot of different products that aren't readily available in Canada!


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