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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Life is the Bubbles!: January 2013 Wash Box and Bubble Box

The Wash Box Jan 2013

The Wash Box is a sub service that sends out packages 3 times a year. They are a preview of the next season's products. I do love this box because its always chockful of goodies! 

From left to right:

Mango Sorbet Body Butter: Yummy! The butter itself is thick and melts once you put it on. This would be good after a shower.

Shampoo Bar: I do like these bars because I feel like I'm wasting less shampoo. This didn't have a scent named to it, but it smells flowery fresh.

Wax Tart Brittle

Dry Oil Body Drizzle in Tahitian Desire and Polynesian Breeze: These oils are also pretty cool. They are not too greasy as you might think and dry quickly. I get 2! yay!

Moisturizing Tinted Lip Butter in Brick House: The colour is a darker, deep red but goes on almost sheer. It doesn't smell like anything but it goes on smooth.

Perfume Oil in Serene: This is a pretty tiny sample at first glance. It is an oil so a little goes a long way! So in reality this will last a long while!

Lotion Stick: These solid lotion bars are great when your in a time crunch. This  smells like honey.

Soap Samples in Sea Island Grapefruit and Oatmeal & Honey: Love the latter! Have yet to try the former. I know I'm going to sound nit picky but the last box had very generous soap samples. Not that these are tiny slivers by any means. The last samples were just big enough to be their own soap bars. I shouldn't complain. I mean I had a hard time seeing how they fit all these goodies in the box!

Whew! Another great Wash Box and a $10 gift certificate is in every box to boot! Will you be getting a Wash Box?

Bubble Box Jan 2013

My Bubble Box came a bit late this month, but I blame the snow! This month, it was "Filled With Love".

Clockwise from the top left.

Bath Truffle: No name but it smells vanilla.

Whipped Sugar Scrub in Red Velvet: MMMMm!This is to be used after bathing. Just rub on and rinse off.

Edible Scrub in Cherry Bomb: This is more of a fun time product then a bath time product. hehe!

Bubble Bath in a Jar in Midnight Tuberose: Beautiful smelling!

Lotion Bar in Chocolate Cherry

All great flavours this month! Now on a different note, I have not renewed my subscription with Bubble Babez. Sometime in January they announced that Bubble Babez was going to be dissolved (no pun or joke there, that's what they actually wrote) And I was sad at first. Then there was talks of a sell off of their current stock. Okay fine, but there was no answers to anyone who prepaid for boxes beyond January. It got me a little worried. Then there was an announcement that all boxes that were paid for would be honored. Ok, but how if the business was closing down? Then there was an announcement that one of the Bubble Babez left the company and that the company was staying open after all. And there was a rumoured price increase for the box. *Deep breath* What? I just got so confused. I'm not sure what is going on now. While I do love their products, I think I will wait a few more months to see how it goes before I re-sub. I would to see them straighten out there issues before I feel comfortable handing over my money. 


  1. I love this kind of product. How much is this box? Do you appreciate it each Time? Let us Know your review ;-)

    1. The Wash Box is $27.99 every 4 months. I've only gotten in twice but each time has been great! Always full of generous sized product.
      Bubble Box is $14.95/month and I love their scents. All are sample sizes.


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