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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Fancy Rant

I need to rant for a minute.I'm a Canadian Fancy customer.
I loved my Coco Rocha Box. And was thrilled that there would be no extra charges in duties and such. They have it set up with FedEx that we pay the additional $17 in shipping and fees upfront with our subscription and we will not be charged any duties thereafter. I was promised that in an email response when I sent them a message voicing my concerns.
And then low and behold, I receive an invoice from Fed-Ex charging me $16.45 in extra fees. What?
I thought there must be some misunderstanding and I'll contact Fancy to get them to void the invoice for me.

My first email:
I received an invoice from FedEx stating I owe a balance of $16.45 in taxes and fees. I thought Fancy had already dealt with all this as one of the main reasons I subscribed was because the duties have already been paid with my subscription. So why am I receiving this? I am not happy about this at all. I have already been charged for my next month, so should I expect another $16.45 in fees on top of the $56 I am already paying?! I have not paid the invoice yet as I wanted to contact Fancy first to get to the bottom of this. Please let me know what is going on. If this keeps happening, I will have to cancel my subscription. Thank you
Fancy's first response:
Thanks for contacting us.  I apologize that you were charged additional customs duties.  This was a mistake made by FedEx that we have rectified for all future purchases.  The customs charges should have been charged to us and not you.  If you would please provide us for an invoice we would be happy to refund you for those charges.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
If you would still like to cancel your subscription, please confirm so I can proceed with the cancellation.  However, please note that you will not be paying these additional charges this month or in any future months.
Thank you for using Fancy, please let us know if you have questions.

Me, a little ticked of at this point:
I can get you a scanned copy of the invoice today.
 I think you misunderstood me. I received the invoice but I have not paid it. Are you asking me to pay the charges again?? I did this for my first box and it was highly inconvenient for me. Can you not fix this on your end? I do not wish to drive all the way out to my local FedEx office to pay charges I should not have been charged in the first place. It makes me very angry that you would even suggest that I do this AGAIN. So as your customer I'm asking to find some solution on your end and resolve this with FedEx. 
 I do not wish to cancel my subscription (and I know very well how to do that in my account) nor did I say I wanted to. I simply stated that I would if I continued to get charged extra fees. 


We are incredibly sorry about this situation.  Please send us the invoice and pay the charge, we will then refund you for this.  Again we are incredibly sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Me: really angry now
I still do not understand why you cannot dispute this with FedEx on my behalf since I am a paying customer of yours and it is your company that has a deal with FedEx. To have to go through all the charges and refunds is frustrating and a pain. And the exchange from US to Canadian dollars has to be considered. So in reality, I wouldn't be getting my refund in full at all. I am still extremely angry about this as this is very inconvenient for me. I was promised that this would not happen to me again and it has and I feel your customer service is just giving me the run around. It does not help me at all to have to keep doing all the running around on my end while you seemingly are doing nothing. FIX THIS.
We are very sorry about this situation and yes it is an unfortunate incident and we feel terrible about this situation.  We are only able to refund you for the invoice once you send it to us.  Again I am very sorry about this and this is a situation that we are trying to solve.

Again no answer.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused and we have refunded you for the invoice.  Unfortunately the only we can refund for these charges is by providing us with the invoice.  Please allow 3-5 days for the refund to go back onto your credit card.  We thank you again for using Fancy.

Thank you for refunding me. I was really hoping that you would be able to just communicate with FedEx and have the invoice cancelled or voided so I do not have to physically go and pay the extra charges. NO one has explained to me why this was not possible, only that you needed the invoice to refund me. I don't care about that. I wanted to know why you could not talk to FedEx. I am STILL getting the run around with vague answers and empty apologizes. I'm extremely disappointed in your customer service (more like lack there of) and will be writing a post telling all my blog readers and forum members to be aware of the extra charges and as well as the crappy customer service. I should not have to have written this many emails to have one simple question answered: why could you not communicate with FedEx directly to have the invoice nulled?
I want an answer or the email of someone who will answer me.

Fancy: We are very sorry about the inconvenience caused.  Unfortunately we handling refunding for customs by having you pay the fee and we refund you for the charges.  I am very sorry again for the inconvenience caused by this and this might be something we will change in the future.  FedEx should not be charging you customs fees and again I am incredibly sorry about this.
Ugh, well, it sort of an answer.....

grrrrrr! Am I on crazy pills or should I be mad? They also don't bother spell checking. I had to read the last one twice to understand it. What should I do next?


  1. I'm really disappointed to hear there is a risk of extra duties/customs charges. This is what has kept me from ordering a Fancy Box in the past. It's good to see though that you being charged by FedEx was an error.

    I can see why you would be upset about being charged the extra amount, but I think Fancy was right in how they handled it. From what I understood of the e-mails, FedEx billed you the fees directly instead of billing Fancy. Personally, I don't think Fancy has any business dealing with FedEx on your behalf. FedEx is a huge multi-national company. Fancy can't just call them up and say "Hey, FedEx, cancel that invoice and invoice it to us instead". Businesses like FedEx don't work that way. I deal with them regularly in my work. I completely understand how it is a huge hassle for you to have to pay the bill, but Fancy said immediately they would reimburse you for the charges. I really see no issue with this. It kind of seems to me like Fancy did all they could but their hands are tied to a certain extent.

    Hopefully it is all sorted out now and this doesn't happen again next time. I'm going to do more checking with other CDN subscribers to see if they have the same issue before I subscribe.

    1. Thanks Jill, really helped to calm me down. But why couldn't they just say that to me? Instead I got run around answers :(

  2. For what to do next... I would send Fancy a copy of the invoice, get my refund on my credit card, and then once it's on the card, pay the FedEx bill on the same credit card (there should be a # to call to pay by c/c). If the exchange isn't in your favour, you'll only be out pennies. That happened to me recently on a $50 USD order for something. Once all was said and done I was out 2 cents.

    You're best to pay the FedEx bill because if you don't, you risk further action from FedEx. The bill is in your name after all.


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