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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

While you were Out: Beautylishious Bag April 2013

 Onyx decided to overlook my unboxing today! I am always excited to see my Beautylishious Bag in my mailbox. Beautylishious Bag comes all the way from England and is made with love by Hariette. I always feel like I have a friend overseas :) They alwasy include 4-5 trial and full sized products. I love it because I get to see and try a lot of brands that aren't available in Canada!

Let's go from left to right

Sweet Orange and Frangipani Body Polish by concious skincare. This is a trial size tin and I'm excited to try it out. It smells divine!

Beautiful Moments Finishing Powder: This actually was an item from last month. Mine had arrived damaged by some oil. I emailed Hariette about it and she said she was going to send me another one. I can't say enough about her customer service. Its simply the best! Thank you again, Hariette!

Bath Oils from Lola's Apothecary in Rose & Geranium and Eucalytus & Mint. These little guys are beautiful as they are fragrant.

Samples of Australian Bush Flower hand cream and face wash serum. These samples are from Australia.

Neutorgena Multi-Defence daily moisturizer, a full size! Protects not just from sun, but wind, heat, cold, and pollution.

Another great bag! And another company that does service right! Please check out their website here.

Can't wait for May Already! Will you be signing up for Beautylishious Bag this year?

Also, my Canadian Lovelies, don't forget to enter my Canada only giveaway!


  1. How much do they charge to ship to Canada?

    1. Its 12 pounds/ bag plus 6 pounds shipping which converted to Canadian Dollars is about $28.

  2. I was going to ask the same thing Jill did. What is the total cost to Canadians?

  3. Its always nice to get stuff from other countries to try. Seen other months from Beautylishious Bag & they seem pretty good for a small company.

  4. Seems kind of good, but I think I will just buy from a British site that has free worldwide shipping and buy what I want.
    and maybe some random items from the sale section...


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