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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Late to the Game: The Natural Beauty Box March 2013

The March Natural Beauty Box arrived April 11th.....what's wrong with this sentence? Let me show you the box before I go into a mini rant. It is a good box too.

At the top there is Pure Anada's All Natural Lip Balm in Cocoa Mint. I can never have enough lip balms as half always go missing, hehe!

Pure Anada Loose Eyeshadow in Petal: Which is a pink. I have a picture below.

Temptations Bath N' Body Queen Oompabulous Pot of Chroma in Treasure Island. (pic below) I think this is meant as a multi purpose make-up. It can be used as an eye shadow, liner, blush, bronzer, lip colour, etc. I have a pic of a swatch below (unblended) I found the formula quite oily, not something I would want on my eyes :P. I would use this as a fun highlighter though.

Natural Luxury Frangipani Extra Moisturizing Facial Exfoliant. Umm does anyone know what a frangipani is?

From left to right:

Tommy Bahamas Bath Salt: This reminds me of something you'd find at your resort hotel room.

Tommy Bahamas Exotic Coral Bath Gel

Judith Jackson Citresse Care Conditioner and Shampoo: A new brand I've never heard of before.

Judith Jackson Tenderly Hand & Body Lotion

At the bottom is Dr. M Emerald Super Hydrating Anti-Inflammatory "Mountain Edelwiess' Under Eye Gel (The Sound of Music reference!)

So all in all, a good bag. Now onto the ranting!
The March box was late. And there was no email or communication on TNBB's part. I got frustrated and posted a tiny rant on their FB page. I left out the choice cuss words. I think they are pretty slow on the uptake after the January fiasco. To paraphrase, I wrote: " For F sakes, send something out. A message, an email, I don't care! Just something!" One of the best ways to piss off your remaining customer base is to not communicate with them. I threw my support behind them during the whole holiday mess and to have this happen. Well, darn it, I'm as mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it any more!!!!! LOL
All joking aside, they need to take a serious step in the PR direction. Hire a professional. Communication! 

I will not be renewing my year's subscription as the price is far too much for the quality of service they are providing. I will be staying on until the end of my sub and then that's it. Unless they do a complete 180 and its awesome again, I'll think about resubbing. So Natural Beauty Box, smarten up! A lot of us are still cheering for you! Don't prove us wrong!


  1. Oui j'ai arreté mon abonnement à temps .. Je n'aime pas la tournure que prends la compagnie. Et 30$ je trouve ça cher..
    Une chance que tu as pas payé 30$ pour ça quand même.. à 20$ c'est ok.:)

  2. I think you're right about the hotel samples. The Judith Jackson stuff definitely is because I've stayed at a hotel before where they had those in the bathroom.

    And low and behold...

    Thank goodness I only paid for the April box. This company is such a rip.

    1. Well to their credit, they are still organic and sample sized. So I don't really mind. I love taking those little samples from hotels, especially if they sound great!

    2. I do too but I don't want to pay for a subscription box and receive hotel samples that cost 27 cents a piece.

    3. Good point ladies. I hope they do something soon, otherwise they are going to lose everyone!

    4. Good point ladies. I hope they do something soon, otherwise they are going to lose everyone!

  3. I looked up what Frangipani is, and it's also known as Plumeria. It's a type of flowering bush lol.

    I personally am not subscribed to any type of beauty box. I think the concept is pretty cool, but I keep reading bad reviews about boxes on blogs, so I'm kind of scared to subscribe to one, even though I want to! I'm still looking for the perfect box that everyone has been satisfied with.

    1. Cool, thanks for the info! Plumeria I've heard of. Why didn't they just say that?
      It is a risk with every box. I mean, statistically you can't get a box where you like every single item. But That's the fun of it.

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  5. I am done with them when my subscription ends too. Think will be done with all my box subs. The boxes of some of the other companies look more expensive then the contents! It all started good but I guess all good things must come to an end. On top of this, there were 2 items I have ever thought to purchase from the natural BB and they didnt even carry them at their site and no way to find them online either.

    1. ooh that sucks. could you find anything similar?

  6. Why the F_*K did they send Tommy Bahama stuff??
    Is that really natural? it is a Clothing brand that is pretty big in the US and Florida.

    And what do big hotel brands have to do with a natural beauty box that is supposed to support small business??


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