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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bonjour Jolie: A New Time of the Month Subscription Service

Hello Lovelies! How is your Tuesday going? Mick is doing his best impression of me crawling out of bed during the work week. I have to hand it to him, it's pretty accurate!

I just wanted to write a post to alert you about a new Time of the Month Subscription and, yes, they ship to Canada! Now I know a lot of us could use a whole week at the spa to get us through. But having a little package show up that is both fun and functional may bring a small to your face. 

The company is called Bonjour Jolie. The cost is $16 + $10 shipping /month.
You can choose your own combination of feminine hygiene products (up to 30 items) and they will include it with pamper products, such as chocolate, specialty teas, and bath products. You can choose when you want your box to arrive as well. I will definitely be checking out Bonjour Jolie in the next few months. Check them out! 

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