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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Fortune Cookie SoapBox Spring 2013

The Spring Fortune Cookie Soap Box came as a pleasant surprise. I almost forgot it was coming. Which I know sounds like I don't care, but really it makes it so much more exciting. I can describe the feeling akin to finding an extra $20 in your wallet you didn't even know you had. :)

We'll do top to bottom, left to right:
Kiss My Vine Bath Salts: Strawberries and champagne. Mine came open and got all over everything. It wasn't a big deal, it smelled great! 

Late Bloomer FCS: A scent of Polynesian hibiscus, ripe berries, white amber, and vanilla. A very fresh scent. I'm a little sad that I've almost used it all up.

The Birds and the Bees Bath Fizzy: sweet and fruity with a honey powder.

Honey-Dew Me Whipped Cream: Sweet honey dew, cantaloupe, watermelon, apple and vanilla bean. This is a quite striking neon green colour. But it smells amazing! The formula blends quickly so you are not neon green but melon fresh :)

Dirty Hoe OCD Hand Sanitizer: Freshly dug earth and dewy grass. It smelled a little more like laundry detergent to me. This was also a great conversation piece at dinner. Anyone need some Dirty Hoe? haha (I am so immature sometimes)

I Wet My Plants Spray Lotion: Melon, jasmine, and baby powder. I liked the scent but it took too long to absorb into my skin. It was really watery too.

A Nod to the Hippies Shimmer Stick: Patchouli, amber, and vanilla. This stick gives you a little highlight and some sweet scent where you need it.

Down to Earth Tea Light Candle: Their very first candle! Lavender and basil.

My downright favourite part of FCS is the fortunes you get in them. Here's mine:

'Freedom of speech is wonderful- right up there with the freedom not to listen.'I think I almost busted a gut laughing because its one of the principle I live on. 

The next box comes for the summer and you can bet FCS is already hard at work with their beach scents. How did you like your Spring Box? Will you be signing up for summer? You can subscribe to The Soap Box here.


  1. The fortune cookie one sounds like it smells amazing! I've never subscribed to this box, but it sounds interesting!

  2. The fortune cookie soaps are so cute! Some of the product names are so funny!


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