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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Saturday Mystery Box Theatre: W?

Happy Long Weekend, Lovelies! What better way to start a Saturday morning then with a mystery?! A coffee? Ok, a coffee first, haha. When I came home Tuesday, I found a UPS sticky attached to the door. Usually couriers are nice enough to write who the parcel is from. All that was written in the From section was a really squiggly 'W'. Well that didn't help much. On top of that It was a COD! I was stumped, what could it be? For the next 3 days I waited in anticipation. I work during the day, so each day after coming home there would be another sticky on the door. *groan* If I wasn't home in the morning, doesn't it make sense to at least try around 4 or 5? Nope. The third and final attempt was made and I got a notice to pick up my package. *double groan* The UPS service center is out of my way. So I drove there yesterday afternoon to retrieve this mystery box. I paid the duties *triple groan* and took my package home. It was a dark purple box and plastered with tape and documents and stickers. What could it be? Ripping her open.........

Gasp! It was my package! is a brand spanking new beauty sub service I read about in my lurkings on make-up forums. They are a quarterly service based out of Wisconsin. The cost is $40 per quarter. Now it sounds steep. But hopefully the next few pics and paragraphs will justify why I took the gamble.
First, they do not have a desktop website yet, so you must access them through their mobile site on your smartphone. They are also on Facebook too: You go through the usual beauty profile and  you are shown your matches. The  difference with this service is that not only do you get to pick which beauty type you want to be, but right after the quiz, they actually show you what you are getting in the box! Complete with different colour choices! Each package is designed to do one complete look. And I haven't even mentioned the best part yet: Full sized products!
My best match was Classic Chic, but I didn't really like any of the looks they offered, so I opted to see my next best match: Boho Glam. And I am happy to say I found one that I liked a lot! It is called the Fresh-n-Natural Soft Peach. Here it is!

So let's see if I can do this L to R!
1)Beauty For Real Miracle Mascara! in Very Black
2) Beauty For Real Light Up Nail Polish in #4 Nude Beige
3) Tarte Cheek Stain in Blissfull
4)Spadaro Perfume Sample
5) Beauty For Real Light Up Lipgloss in Turned On
6)Verhoeven Cosmetics Sculpture Highlight Stick in Spot Light (and tied with a pink ribbon)
7)Paula Dorf Eye Color Glimmer in Wet Sand
And these are the best parts:

The Lip Gloss really does light up! How many times have I needed a mirror and a light when putting lipgloss on?! I'm pretty uncoordinated so this is like throwing me a lifesaver. The mascara has the same feature and so does the nail polish, but without a mirror on the bottle.

Overall I was really impressed with this first box. Now, they don't normally ship to Canada, but they made an exception for me since this is their first box. I figure, if we Canadian Gals muster up enough interest, they'll start shipping here! Their customer service is excellent. I wrote to complain about the unexpected duty charges and they handled my request nicely. I'll definitely be looking to get the winter box! Go check them out and tell them you want shipping to Canada! 


  1. oh oh oh very exciting!!!!
    hmm i wonder if they would take any more Canadian requests - also how much did duties turn out to be?
    i like how you can create a full look with the products and that you can view the box before you buy! awesome

    1. Hey Helen, The duties were about 16.50 so all of that cost 56.50. I was however told, there would be no extra cost and when I wrote to them explaining what had happened, they are nice enough to give me the amount I paid in duties as credit towards my next box!
      It never hurts to try. I say just go sign up and deal with a customer rep before you order. I think they are making a few exceptions for Canucks as I saw another Canadian vlogger asking for a box and they sent her details on how to order. Give it a go, and let me now how it goes.
      Btw, I am wearing the lipgloss now and it has tingly lip plumping action, but the colour is fabulous and not tacky! :)

    2. nice! another tempting box subscription...
      and oooh! i'd love to see the swatches! i've never heard of Beauty For Real before
      i think it's funny that even the nail polish lights up! i wonder who does their nails in the dark.

  2. i want to try this!!! i'm waiting for their winter box ;)

  3. Hey Vicky :) I'm gonna try and get the winter box for sure too!
    ps: followed your blog, Lovely :)

    1. i followed you too! :) it's nice to meet you! i totally want this box :/

  4. Pretty darn cool! I love how that lipgloss lights up. I also would have keeled over upon seeing the Tarte cheek stain!

    1. I almost fell onto my computer screen when I saw it. I pretty much knew then, that I had to try and get this box. And I love the cheek stain :)

  5. this box looks amazing
    I must have it!

    1. Hi! Go on and give it a try. I think they are sold out of this particular box, but they still have others.
      I followed you too, nice to meet you :)


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