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Monday, 24 June 2013

Unmentionably Cheeky Subscription Review

Lovelies, I need new panties. Better yet, I want my panties delivered to me in discreet packaging, every month at an affordable rate. And they have to be cute! Too much to ask? Not so, if you are an Unmentionably Cheeky member. :) For $11/month, you get a trio of cheeky panties to cover your own cheeks (not the ones on your face please). But using the code SUMMER at checkout gets you locked in at a rate of $8/month! Sound too good to be true? Check out my cheekies! ;)

All three of these cheekies came in a beautiful pink mailer that was discreetly packaged so only you know what they are. The panties themselves are also really good quality. They have sizes XS,S,M, and L and will soon have XL and XXL. They do include a size chart so you can accurately choose the cheekies for you. They ship to the US and Canada right now. And if you every need to ask questions or cancel or just chat, they customer service is unbelievably good. Check them out and try a few pairs today. You won't lose your underwear over it! haha....Lame I know :S

Let's get Cheeky, Lovelies!

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This package was sent to me for the purposes of review. I have since signed up for this subscription paid for by myself.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm going to try them. Can't go wrong with $8 taxes and shipping included for us Canucks!


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