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Friday, 21 September 2012

It's Friday!: Last Candy Japan and Full Disclosure

TGIF! A busy week at work. And a busy weekend up ahead! Tomorrow, I'm going to my future step-mother-in-law's last hurrah. Us ladies of the family are renting a limo and hitting up a bunch of wineries out in the county. Hehe!
What are your weekend plans? 

I had to get rid of one of my subs. And Candy Japan did not make the cut. While I loved the first envelope I received, I know that this is just a luxury type of service. It was fun, and by all accounts great if you have the funds. I just needed to cut back a little *blush*
So here is my last bag 
Again, no email was sent, so I have to play "what Candy is this?'. The first pouch on the left has to be some sort of string candy as it has 126cm on it. The middle pouch was some fruit flavoured mini jaw breakers. I had one while writing the first paragraph. It's yummy! Give me a sec, I'm going to get another one...........................................................mmmmm I just popped 2, lol. They are apple flavoured. The last pouch is a sucker. I think it has another little candy inside of it. Maybe I'll revisit Candy Japan in the future. But for now, we'll go our separate ways.

I also just wanted to give a little update on my giveaway. I wanted to show the Lovelies how I'm handling the entries, hence full disclosure. :)

First, once you enter, I get an email with a copy of your entry. 
Once I've tallied up your entries, I write your name on slips of cardstock according to the number of entries you sent :

Once I've done that, I fold the little slip in half and close it off with a sticker.

I thought about the Hunger Games, haha.
I am looking for a mixing drum so in the meantime the entries are safely my last Glymm bag.

And there you have it! If you haven't already, enter my giveaway here
I can't keep all these wonderful smelling soaps to myself! 

Have a fabulous weekend, Lovelies! We'll chat soon! :)


  1. I am trying to find out where I can source Japanese candy in Toronto (it will probably be cheaper then the sub). Still, I enjoy reading these posts! Thanks for the contest update!

  2. Seems like an interesting subscription but yeah, a bit too much of a luxury maybe. In big cities I'm sure a lot of these things can be found in China Town or something.

    I like the way you're doing your giveaway! Makes sense. And it's a good use for the Glymm bag!

  3. Yup, Candy Japan is cut for me as well...there should be an email now about the candy. I just got it a few days ago and in it, Bemmu says something about how he didn't "feel" like writing it up which doesn't sound very professional to me...

    1. Maybe he didn't feel like sending it either, still no email haha


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