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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Tickled Pink: The Out of the Box Sampler

Welcome to my first Tickled Pink post! In this series I will be showcasing products from companies who raise awareness for breast cancer and donate a portion of the proceeds to charities that help the cause. I encourage you all to  get Tickled Pink!

The Out of the Box Sampler has put out a Think Pink sampler box. This box is a Bodaciously big box size, which they do not have every month. This box contained a sample from each contribute. That means around 60 samples!

Let's Start with the Edibles Box!
Top going clockwise:
1) A Pink Ribbon pop by FanTABulous Treats based out of Lansing, MI

2) A Chocolate disguise : from Delish Bake Shoppe  How do I look? lol
3) Two Chocolate covered Oreos Treats for my Sweets
4) 0.4 oz od Dischordia loose tea fromDryad Tea
5) A Tea Cake from Q's Goodies
6) A Maple Leaf shortbread cookie from Burgandy Cakes
Centre: Tea Cookies from The Princess Cakes

Also included for purchase was A Golden Ticket Sampler, which raises awareness of childhood cancers. 

From the top going Clockwise:
1)A Yellow Ribbon Pop from FanTABulous Treats and All Nautral Ohio Wildflower Honey Sticks from Kline Honey Bee Farm
2) Acai Berry Lip Gloss from Tiki Bar Soap
3) Warm Sugar Vanilla Tart from Jarhead Tarts-n-Candles and Glycerin Soap in Asian Plum (smells Amazing!) from Sherry's Lavishing Soap & Bath
4)Goat Milk Bath Tea from The Barn and More
5)Loopy Fruits Soap Bar from Nicole Made This
6) Vanilla Rose green tea bath soak from Recerche Organics
7) A set of buttons and Magnets from Koolmagnetics
8)A Hope Ribbon Decay from GotDecalz? , And some inspirational Photos and Cards from two Peas Gallery

Now onto the main body of the box:
From Left to Right: Rose Scented Body Lotion from Naturally So Young, A Lavender Facial Spray from Pure Wellness, Feminine Cleanser and Bath oil in Bellinis with Brunch from Nicole Made This and (front) Whipped Shea Monoi Body Butter in Almond Buttercream from AkiWhippedButters.

From the top going clockwise: Samples of Olive Oil Soap, Honey Soap, and Cocoa Butter Soap from The Barn and More, Glycerin Soap in Asian Plum from Sherry's Lavishing Soap and Bath, Nature's  Natural Mineral Soap in Fruit Slices from Silver Bubble Gifts, Pink Sugar Melt from Indulgence by MJ, Rose Petals Glycerin Soap from CHO Organics, Frozen Pink Margarita Tiki Soap Sample from Tiki Bar Soap, Pink Melon Soap Bar from Creative Fusion Bath & Body

From the top going clockwise: Pink Petals and Golden Shores Soap Samples from Sudsie Q Soaps, Carnation Wax Tarts and Uplifting Pink Himalayan Bath salts from Slippery Slope Soaps, Bourbon all natural perfume sample from L'Aromatica, Pumpkin Cheesecake Shea Butter Soap sample from Angel's Country Creations, Think Pink Pouch and Hydrating Body Lotion sample from Prairie Violet, Red Apple Lipstick sample pack from Red Apple Lipstick, Cupcake Charm from Claycrab23's Clay Shop, Ouchie Pouch from Chrissi's Boutique, Kimmie's Heart soap from Rocky Corner Soapworks, Christmas Spice Aroma Salt Therapy Sample from Je Vie.

Top Left to Right: Cherry Vanilla Wax Tart from Jarhead Primitives Tarts-n-Candles, Love Thyself candle from Joie Joelle Creations, A set of soy tealights from Candle-Loupe, Waterlily Tarts from Poodle Dance
Bottom Left to Right: Pink Grapefruit Bath Bomb from OrNaVe Aromatherapeutics, Lemongrass Candle from Glow Candle Works, Handmade soy Growing Stronger Candle from Candle Abracadabra. My house is gonna smell awesome!

From Left to Right: Earrings by Soyon, Hair barrette from Stitches by Moonlight, A Luggage Tag from Simply Catherine, Textured Dishcloth from Mel Is Crafty, and a cute little doll magnet from Nancy's Heart.

In the Background are Handmade cards. My fave is the hooters :) Clockwise from the top left: Simply Kimberly, DottiesPhDU Lucky Girl, A Pink Ribon Decal, bookmarks by GotDecalz, Caricatures by J. Bird, and The Red Poppy
And all the fun stuff in between!: Top left going clockwise
Save the Ta ta's Button from LaLa4U, Collection of Pink buttons and magnets by Koolmagnetics, Pink Ribbon Hair clip from Chubbie Cheeks, AWARE Beaded Leather Bracelet by BeekiBeads, Pink Ribbon Cell Phone Charm from Kyote's Kreations, Earrings from Alaska Stix N Stones, Binder clip from Pemberley Hill, Buttons from Beck's Buttons, and Honey Sticks from Kline Honey Bee Farm.

Not pictured: Homemade body oil from Fait Maison Esenciales and Handmade Felt Pink hair clips from ZandyLand.

Whew! Lots of great handmade products. Lots of great little businesses. Do you like handmade products? Why or why not?


  1. What a great box! Where do you find all these to subscribe too! Have fun using all your samples!

    :) CHelsey

    1. Hey Chelsey, this actually isn't a sub box. Its a monthly sample box you can buy each month.

  2. Wow! Lots of cool stuff in this box. I usually get just the regular sized out of the box sampler - the big box has a TON of things!

    1. Yup! The big box promises to have a sample from every contributor that month so it adds up!

  3. holy guacamole!! that is A LOT of stuff!! good luck using it all :)

    1. Let's say a lot of the edibles box was gone before this post went up, lol

  4. Wow another box to subscribe to. This is the first time hearing about them and it sucks I missed out on this fantastic box. I hope your enjoying all the goodies. OMG I love that owl card.

    1. Hey Cindy, this actually isn't a subscription. You have to order it every month, which is great cuz these will last me awhile!


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