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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sweet Feet Pedi Spa

Ahhhh, if my toesies could sing, they would be doing an aria in tribute to the Bubble Babez Bath Company. Bubble Babez is a homemade soap and bath company that sends out a monthly box of treats called The Bubble Box. It is $14.95US/month and includes shipping. Which is a big plus for Canadians! I chose the 6 month option for $80USD. The first box I received is the August Bubble box which featured the Sweet Feet Pedi Spa!
Centre: Bath Truffle, Clockwise starting from the top: Sweet Feet Foot Scrub, Ocean Mist Sugar Shot, Sweet Feet Foot Soak, Lip Sugar Scrub in Peppermint, Winterfresh soap, and Sweet Feet Whipped Shea.
Each item came lovingly hand packed. Everything had a homemade feel to it and I loved it! And I wish computer screens had smell-o-vision for you, Lovelies. This box was a minty heaven! Each product is also labeled with the ingredients and they also include a card explaining each product. This month's featured scent is Berry Mint. I have to admit, I wasn't sure I would like the scent combo, but as soon as I got a whiff of it I was hooked! 

I couldn't keep all this yummy goodness to myself, so I invited my sister Lanie over and we had ourselves a DIY pedi day. 

Step 1: Foot Soak!
We didn't really know exactly how much to put in. I ended up putting maybe a quarter of the packet in warm water and let it dissolve.

Ahhh, good smells and warm feet. I think we might have stayed a little too long in the water, but it was soooooo relaxing!

Step 2: Foot Scrub!

I was actually surprised at how little of the foot scrub I actually had to use. I gave myself a little foot massage and my skin felt so soft the entire time.I still have quite a bit left over even after my sister did her feet. Rinsed off and patted dry.

Step 3: Whipped Shea!

This stuff is amazing! To the touch, it actually felt like I was dipping my fingers into a dessert! I could actually feel how airy it was. And my skin? A berry mint-better-then-a-baby's-bottom touch! Again, you use so little and you get so much! I still have lots left over for the rest of my body!

And here are my tender toesies:) Rested, soft, pampered, and lovely! I am one of those people that neglects my feet sometimes. But now my 5.5's feel like a million dollars!

Thanks Nikki and Tristan!
And for those looking for a sweet little bath treat each month, I highly recommend the Bubble Box from Bubble Babez Bath Company. :)


  1. Wow this box looks so neat! Never heard of it before either; thanks for sharing :)

    1. No problem! Can't wait to get the next one :)

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