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Saturday, 18 May 2013

May 2013 Ipsy Bag and SeasonsBox

Happy Caturday, Lovelies! I snapped this pic the other night because the furbabies are actually getting along. Onyx is a feisty, dominant girl and often likes to show Mick she's boss. This time around, she's letting him nap. It could be because she is atop my favourite, cozy blanket. 
Let's do some unboxings :)

Spring Fling Ipsy Bag

I really like the bag design this month. I forget how good orange and blue can look good together. Tiffany blue and orange were two of my wedding colours! 

At the top is a Pacifica Roll-on perfume in Tahitian Gardenia.
The middle from left to right:
Zoya Nail Polish in Piaf. I do like Zoya. I like the free 5 formulation which leaves out formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate or camphor. I kinda wish I didn't get the yellow one though.

NuMe Finishing Serum. It's supposed to give your hair a glossy finish.

yaby Concealer in Vanilla. This shade is way too light for me so this will be given away to my sister. I did email ipsy and they said basically I could just trade it away. :P Not really the response of that I wanted.

Urban Decay Moondust shadow in Diamond Dog. I was really surprised when I found this in my bag. I received a note thanking me for being an ipsy content creator. This was such a lovely surprise! Thanks, ipsy :)

On the bottom is Juice Beauty's Reflecting Lip Gloss in pink. Yay for lip gloss!

So all in all, despite the concealer mismatch, it was not a bad bag at all. :) You can sign up for ipsy here.

May SeasonsBox

 This month celebrates Mothers. The May SeasonsBox is filled with ecofriendly and stylish indulgences that are sure to make every woman feel pampered! (from insert card)

 From Left to Right

Deep Steep Natural Body Wash in lavender and chamomile. I hadn't actually heard of this company before. Shea and cocoa butters hydrate your skin while antioxidants moisturize and tone. Sounds good to me!

Gourmet Body Treats Natural Eye Shadow in Island. This is more of a light neutral shade. I have a close-up pick below.

Zen-ful Natural Rose Bath Bomb. I'm pretty sure I have received this before. Just not sure where.....

Priti NYC Natural Nail Polish in Mermaid Rose. Lucky me, another yellow polish, haha! I'm not really sure what part of of the mermaid or the rose inspired this colour. 

This has been the most beauty products I've seen in a month of SeasonsBox. Now I know there's been some talk of the company changing hands or moving. My shipping notice came from Atlanta, GA. I really hope this is still a Canadian company as its one of the reasons I signed up. SeasonsBox, please take some time to explain the situation for us! The sign up for SeasonsBox can be found here.

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  1. Nice boxes! I really like this edition of the Seasonsbox.

    One of my cats is dominant towards the other too! So I too am always astonished when I find them resting close to one another! :)

  2. In my Ipsy bag I got the "Buff" concealer which is way too dark for me. I'm not sure they looked at our beauty profiles at all!

  3. I got the Urban decay shadow too! I was VERY pleasantly surprised!

  4. oh sweet! your ipsy bag is slightly different from mine - i think i would've preferred your yellow Zoya polish since i've been wanting a yellow and ended up with a neutral :)
    your other yellow polish is pretty too! haha

    and yay for the UD shadow!


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