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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Beaute Cosmetics Lips Review

Happy Caturday, Lovelies! As some of you may or may not know, I love anything for your lips! I discovered Beaute Cosmetics , a Canadian brand based out of Alberta. 

Beauté is more than just a line of cosmetics. Beauté seeks to uncover the nuances of a womans personality. From tactful temptress to brash exhibitionist, Beauté has a mix for every motive. (from Beaute Cosmetics website)

They were kind enough to send me a sampling of their lip products to try. The packaging was very elegant indeed, suggesting luxury as well. 

(from left to right) I also have swatches below.
Liqui-gel Stains for Lips and Cheeks in Neon: Now when I first saw this I was a little shocked. It is that bright and electric orange no less. I was not really sure what to expect from this colour.

Weightless Lip Creme in Masochist : A bold red for a bold red lip.

Luminous Volume Gloss in Medusa: A classic nudish pink.

I really how they sent me colours that are in my comfort zone, colours that pushed it a little, and a colour that was out there!

Swatch time!

On the far left I have swatched Neon and blended the far right swatch. It actually is not as bright as it looks in the tube on ky skin. It actually makes a pretty nice orangey blush shade. It had a sheer effect on my lips as well.

In the middle is Masochist. This is definitely a highly pigmented red lip creme. It was non-sticky and felt like it was barely there while delivering maximum colour.

On the right is the Medusa gloss. Instead of a wand, it comes with a brush to put on your lips. The colour output was amazing and the shine was just a perfect. Only a little sticky on the lips but real easy to work with. I had a pretty good pout going when I wore this :)

Lovely Lip products! What's your favourite lip product(s)?
Check out Beaute Cosmetics.

These products were sent to me for review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are mine own. Pucker up ;)

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  1. The consistency of the red one looks really nice, though I don't think I could pull off any those shades, so pigmented! I mean I know you say it's more sheer on the lips but it's hard to tell and they look pretty bright to me. It's nice to get stuff outside of your comfort zone though, especially a Canadian brand, yay :)


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