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Sunday, 12 May 2013

eScentials Wellness Foam Facial Cleanser and Naturoil Review

 eScential Wellness

Welcome to my first oH Canada! post. I will be using That phrase at the beginning of my post to indicate that this is a proudly owned Canadian business. Let's support our Canadian businesses and artisans!

Today I will be reviewing  eScential Wellness Foaming Facial Cleanser and Naturoil.

eScential Wellness is headed by Nancy Scott. She manufactures her products herself, right in Burlington, Ontario.
Here is their Philosophy taken right from their home webpage:

eScential Wellness is committed to making products that are safe to put on your skin, and effective in what they do. Many of life's small irritations can be soothed by nature's pharmacy - therapeutic grade essential oils. All products are made in small batches, so are fresh, and use only natural Vitamin E as a preservative. Component ingredients are purchased as certified organic, and fair trade, when possible and where noted.

Foaming Facial Cleanser

I like foam. I've always had a fascination with foam and bubbles and making them as a child and it has carried on into my adulthood. So when I had a chance to try the Foaming Facial Cleanser, I was thrilled. I have been using the cleanser for a little over a week now. I'm surprised at how little I need. It usually takes only a pump or two for a good clean lather to cover my face. The cleanser is vegan friendly. It is very very mild on the skin. No irritation or redness on my face! I don't get that slathered in soap feeling I get with store-bought cleansers. It contains organic oils of coconut, olive and hemp that has been saponified. The scent is just a hint of rose geranium. Its great that after rinsing, my skin doesn't get that dried out, tight feeling. Its just clean. Fantastic! To someone whose skin feels like that all the time after cleansing their face, it feels more than great. Definitely a cleanser for you if you want something gentle.

Naturoil For Normal & Combination Skin

After cleansing I follow up with Naturoil Facial Moisturizer. Naturoil is made up of 13 oils. The list can be found on the product listing. The oil itself has kind of a citrus scent to me. The product does settle so you have to shake it before every use. A dab will also do ya. So I had expectations before trying Naturoil. I thought is is just going to be like any other facial oil I've used: really heavy, really oily, and will leave my skin oily for awhile. Naturoil blew those expectations away! It is really quite light. And it absorbs into my skin very fast, leaving no oily residue or feelings. I can put it on before bed and not have to worry about getting it soaked into my pillow. I was thoroughly impressed and will definitely be picking up another one!

Please support a Canadian business and check out eScential Wellness. You can also contact Nancy with any questions you may have. She is super nice and super knowledgeable. Thank you, Nancy! 
Also check out their Facebook Page: eScential Wellness and give them a like! :)

I was sent these products for review. The thoughts, experiences, and opinions are my own honest, raw feelings.

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