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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Demeter Fragrance Library Review

Welcome to my first-ever official product review! I hope it goes well!

Ever since I received the Demeter Fragrance Library's Cherry Blossom roll-on fragrance from my BB5 from Christmas, I was loving it. It was such a simple yet elegant scent. Not too over powering, and not irritating my skin. I had to have more!  
The Demeter Fragrance Library has a pretty extensive scent collection. They don't have enigmas for names either. If its called Rose, it will smell like a rose. It takes the guess work out of wondering what it is.

Demeter Fragrances also do not irritate my skin like a lot of other perfumes out there. I often discover this too late, and people get concerned about the huge red splotch on my neck. I have to say, 'oh, its just my cologne burning my skin'. :( Not with these. My skin is not irritated or red or burning or anything. It just smells good, like its supposed to.

What I love about their fragrances is that they trigger olfactory memories. Its amazing how one whiff can send you down memory lane. Both good and bad. Demeter Fragrance captures those feelings in bottle.
 Simple, subtle, singular scents. And I'm loving it! I am going to review two scents for you. I received Peony and Golden Delicious.

Peony Pick-Me-Up Cologne Spray

 Now, to be perfectly honest, I had maybe smelled one peony in my entire life and it was in a bouquet with other flowers. So I knew this would be new to me. I sprayed it onto my pulse point on my wrist and let it dry before I wafted the scent to me. It was a light, floral I could tell. It brought me back to my wedding planning days of going to florist shops to inquire about pricing. And I also thought of the springtime with flowers blooming and how pretty a pink peony is. That was all from 2 deep breaths!

Golden Delicious Pick-Me-Up Spray

The Golden Delicious this is referring to is the apple variety in case anyone was wondering. Apples are one of my favourite fruits to snack on. I have one almost everyday and I love when they have different varieties at the market. I don't normally buy Golden Delicious apples. I sprayed this onto my wrist and....I'm taken back to being a kid, apple picking in the orchards with my family. It was a Fall thing we did every year. I'd pick every colour of apple, and start eating a Golden Delicious apple right in the middle of the trees. It smells so accurately like a golden delicious apple, my mouth watered a little after. 

Trying these scents was really a wonderful experience, made me think of things I had not thought of in a long time. I will definitely be coming back for more. Check out the collection. Do you have any Demeter scents? Where do they send you?

I was sent these products for review. The thoughts and opinions are my own honest, raw feelings.

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