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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tashodi Shower Creme and Body Scrub review

Who's that under the coffee table? Why its Onyx! What a sneeky little girl! This is her 'come pet my belly and receive claws' look. I fall for it all the time :( Today, I want to share with you my review of a few more Tashodi products. You may remember my review of Tashodi's Hand soap and cream. I have a few more products to share with you! 

This is Tashodi's Shower Cream in the scent pure lavender. Now I'm not the biggest lavender fan. Its not one of my top favourite scents. I mostly think its a little overpowering and it doesn't appeal to the olfactory in me. So when I received this for review, I was incredibly skeptical. But one shower later.....woosh! Wow! The cream is incredibly indulgent. My skin never felt that good after one wash. It must be the shea. And the scent. Well, my nose rather welcomed it. It was not strong at all, like I was in a lavender flower patch but not yet ripe for picking. I enjoyed using this shower cream. The only complaint I have is that the dispenser was too small for the bottle and the liquid's thickness. It took a long time to dispense the amount I wanted onto my shower poof.

This is Tashodi's Body Scrub in Ocean Minerals. This scrub was incredibly gritty. That's the way a scrub should be if you want the job done right. I also discovered this is a salt scrub. How did I discover? I accidentally got some in my mouth. It was salty! (and I'm not really sure how I got it in my mouth) I like to use a cloth with my scrubs to help exfoliate. This scrub was great in that it didn't leave a lot of oily residue on my skin or the bath tub walls. Followed up with some lotion and I was all set! Here is a close up of the scrub:

I enjoy Tashodi products and I hope you will check some out too! Tashodi

I was sent these products for the purposes of review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are mine own.

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