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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Green Cream Review

Happy Hump Day, Lovelies! Life's a bit crazy right now so if there is a lull or weird pattern to my posts, you'll know why.
Onyx is pawing the product I'm going to share with you today. This is The Green Cream by Graydon Clinical Luxury by Nature. and oH Canada! This is a Canadian skincare company :)

The Green Cream is a salad for your skin. It actually is green and contains veggie extracts. (from the website)

Infused with cold pressed broccoli seed oil which is a rich source of sulforaphane as well as avocado, coconut, aloe and chlorophyll this light feeling cream is like a salad for your skin.
Aromatic essential oils of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme will wake up your senses and help stimulate your lymphatic system.
While my first instinct is to use this on my face, it can be used anywhere on your body that needs some extra moisturizing. I used this after my normal cleansing and toning routine morning and night. And don't worry about the green colour. It blends in transparent once you put it on. 

The smell was actually the one thing that stuck out with me. I had never tried a cream with vegetables in it. The smell of the cream is kind of like a lemon-parsley. It took me some getting used to. The creams I usually go for are fruit/flower scented or not scented at all. The cream did a wonderful job keeping my skin moisturized and feeling healthy. 

So I guess my skin is vegetarian, haha! Please check out Graydon Clinical Luxury by Nature.

This product was sent to me for the purposes of review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are mine own.

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