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Friday, 28 September 2012

It's Friday!:September 2012, Beauty Box 5 and StarBox

Good evening Lovelies! We've made it to another weekend! I've got to play catch up with my boxes this post so here we go!

Beauty Box Five September 2012

Looking at other posts and my own experience, BB5 has come quite a long way in a short time since their launch this past February. My first box was last month. So I was hoping this box would also make me smile.

And I did from ear to ear! Look at this month's goodies!
Going from Left to Right:
1) NuMe Hydro Punch Hydrating Tube: I had received this before in my first Glymm bag. I didn't find it all too amazing. I gave it to my sister to try. Sharing is caring!
2) Top: Nastassaja Skin Enzyme Facial Peel: I'm excited to try this one! Never had a peel  before.
2) Bottom: Silk Naturals Eyeshadow in Sierra: this was a dark drown shade
3) Bottom: Goat Haus Dairy Bath Melt
3)Top: H.Wood.Beauty Lip Shine in Poppy:Full size!  Here's a peek at the colour:
Happy with this box!

Starbox September 2012

I had been snooping around forums and there were some leaked hints that this month would have double the amount of full size products then a normal Starbox. The Starlooks Look Book is actually a sneak peek at what could be inside this month's box and I had heard many rave reviews about it. I was good and didn't peek at any reviews before I opened mine. I'm really glad I did though! What a pleasant surprise!

This is one of the Starlooks Signature Eye Shadow Palettes. It contains five full sized eye shadows. WE also received a little tube of Eye Jewelry from Swarovski crystals. We also we received a pot of Clear eye shadow primer. This box came just in time! I have a wedding to get gussied up for tomorrow and this will come in good use! I do quite like the quality of this makeup line as well. 

All in all, I was pretty impressed with these boxes. :) So many goodies!

I had another box to show you Lovelies but I think I will save it for our Saturday Mystery Box Theatre tomorrow. ;)

Have a great night! Keep it real! :P hehe


  1. hey stranger, :) thanks for commenting on my blog. Okay for some reason I have been holding off on getting the beauty box 5 but the more I see the more I am thinking of taking the plunge. Although I need to figure out what I get monthly see its alot.

    I am anxiously waiting my starbox and after seeing two blog posts about this I am dying for it to come in.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. look at that lipstick! bam bam haha the boxes looks good! :)

  3. Oooh! I am now excited to see what's in my BB5!


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