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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Scrubuxry Review

Lovelies, sometimes a little attention to detail can take something from nice to luxury! I'd like to introdue you to Scruxury. Run by Maggi Bruce and based in Saskatchewan. Scrubxury specializes in handmade scrubs and skin care products. Check out her etsy shop and I dare you not to find yourself watering at the mouth. Maggi sent me a few samples for me to try and I think she spoiled me!

On the left is Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Salt Scrub. I had never actually used a salt scrub before. From her store, I learned that salt scrubs actually provide a better exfoliation than sugar. They can also be used as bath salts. Strawberry Rhubarb pie also screams summer! I found it grittier then a sugar scrub which was great. My skin also felt soft and very clean after.

On the right is French Lavender Sugar Scrub. This sugar scrub was actually a little more solid so it was easy to use. The aroma also delighted me to my surprise. I like lavender but I don't love it so this was pleasant.

I also had a chance to try (not pictured) Earl Grey Tea Whipped sugar scrub. In my opinion whipped sugar scrubs provide the best of both worlds. You get great exfoliation and the softness of a gel or cream. I don't drink Earl Grey tea all that often but I sure can show an appreciation for it now!

I also had a chance to try (not pictured) a Love Spell Sugar Scrub cube. The aroma that came from this little guy was amazing considering it fits in the palm of my hand. I was able to hold it in the shower and get a good scrub on all over. I like the convenience of the cube. It could also help you waste less if its already cut into portions.

Please check out Scrubxury and treat your self :) Also great pampering gifts!


  1. Oh my, I love shower scrubs. I'll have to try a couple if these. Thanks for introducing me to something new.

  2. Scrubs are my weakness! Thank you for introducing me to another Canadian company!

  3. I need to buy myself a shower scrub asap! :D

  4. These sound wonderful! Yum. (they also sound tasty...)


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