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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Black Sheep Lacquer Subscription Review

Happy Caturday, Lovelies! This first Caturday of June, I thought I'd introduce you to a brand new nail lacquer subscription. They ship to Canada and are partly based in Canada! Lovelies, I give you Black Sheep Lacquer. It is run by Erin and features some kick-ass, hand made lacquers. And now you can get a new one delivered to your door every month! Look at the cute little sheep on the packing tape! Hehe, such a cute attention to detail. Erin sent me a mini questionnaire to get to know what kind of scents and smells I liked or disliked. I received my box and was not disappointed! You receive a full sized nail polish, a new never before seen mini polish, a handmade beauty product, and other surprises.

I received Zig Zag Stardust, a cool handmade soap, a silver holographic polish mini and a funky chunky glitter ring! Erin even wrote me a little tip on the back of the business card: try these lacquers over black polish. The pics I took aren't the best:

 This is Zig Zag StarDust over a black nail polish. It kind of reminded me of a picture of the galaxy with all the stars! I have it swatched by itself on my index finger if you can't tell. I think it looks way better over another polish. 

This is the silver holo over black as well. I think I liked the Zig Zag Stardust better as the shimmery green added an extra layer of colour and dimension to the overall look.

Check out the etsy shop as well! So many great colour combos and polishes!
The Black Sheep Lacquer subscription per month is $18 and includes shipping. I think this makes an excellent gift for yourself or your fave polish lover :) You can sign up here and soon on their website. I will update this link once the changeover happens. Thank you again Erin, for letting me share this fun monthly gift with everyone!


  1. This sounds great, maybe something I'll have to check out. I think the silver holo is really pretty.

    Blueariel's Beauty Spot

  2. I love holos! But I do prefer not to have to layer polishes... I'm lazy that way :)

  3. the holos are gorgeous!
    very interesting subscription that i haven't heard of before - not surprising since i always discover new ones from you!

  4. Thanks so much for the review! :)


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