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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Get the Soap!: Pure Naturalis Soaps review

Lovelies, I have come to appreciate the handmade soap. I truly appreciate the fact that my skin is nourished and not irritated after using a bar. I appreciate the time and care put into each creation. I've come to appreciate that soapmaking is not just a science (saponification) but also as an art form. I like to look at bars of soap just to admire them. They are like useful little pieces of art. Today I invite you to gaze and admire at a few of handmade soaps from Pure Naturalis. The pictures I took don't really do these any justice :(

At the top left is the Fresh Air Soap : Sea salt, eucalyptus, mint, and rosemary. I like how it has distinct layers and it looks like a real rock that you'd find on some rocky beach. It's gritty texture is also great for exfoliating.

At the top right is the Star Anise Soap. Made with clays and star anise essential oil. This smelled strongly of black licorice! I like me some licorice from time to time. You can even see little pieces in the soap.

At the bottom is the Lavender and Oatmeal Soap. Made with Organic Oatmeal and Lavender essential oil. Oatmeal not only is good to eat, but is great for your skin. I find myself choosing soaps with oatmeal in them more often.

At the top is the Milk and Honey Soap. Made with fresh full fat milk and honey. It looks like it should be hanging on the wall somewhere! And it was such a treat to use. Honey is also one of nature's little hidden gems.

At the bottom is the Olive and Oatmeal Unscented soap. It really doesn't smell like anything. It also contains organic oats. This soap would be perfect for people who don't like scents with their soap. Good for sensitive skin.

Thank you, Slavka, for letting me try your beautiful soaps. Please check out her shop and buy your own little piece of art! Use code NEW10 to get 10% off your order! 

The products were sent to me for review and the enjoyment of my skin. All opinions are mine own.

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